Best Cycling App For Apple Watch (Everything You Need to Know!)

Nowadays, cycling has more flair to it. For instance, buying an Apple Watch can greatly enhance your workout sessions. It is designed with all the advanced tech features you would want in a fitness smartwatch. Right off the bat, an Apple Watch has almost all you need for an exhilarating cycling session. It has an accurate GPS sensor to map your sessions and it also has a heart rate sensor that is accurate. Together, you can use these features to accurately check on your fitness progress.

Deciding to choose a cycling app for your Apple Watch can therefore seem all a bit too much. While the watch does come with all you need for a rewarding workout, downloading some apps on it would not hurt. Eventually you might need a cycling app to bring back some spice to your workout sessions. Cycling apps also often collect important data that will be useful for you to track your fitness journey.

This article highlights all the best cycling apps that are favorites among people with apple watches. They each have their own quirks but are ultimately well-suited for all kinds of cyclists from amateurs to pros. As there are many cycling apps in the market, these have been finely analyzed to make sure they fit the bill.

Best cycling app for apple watch

Apple Workout App

Best cycling app for apple watch

Apple has its own cycling workout app that performs exceptionally well on an apple watch. You can also load your running, swimming, walking and hiking session on it.


  • Free for iPhone and Apple watch
  • Tracks your progress and saves your workout history
  • Loaded with multiple fitness programs like indoor cycling and yoga as well

Apple Watch comes with its own workout app. With this app, you can load all kinds of workout sessions ranging from yoga to hiking and swimming. Cyclists are also not left out as you can track your biking sessions on the app.

The Apple workout app is ideal for a number of reasons. First, GPS is accurate to the letter. You can therefore expect accurate analysis of your fitness progress. Secondly, the Apple workout app allows you to multitask with other products. You can easily swipe to change the music you are listening to or even keep tabs on other screens.

To add, the Apple workout comes equipped to inform you about your exercise progress. It has real time monitoring of your pace and distance covered. You can use this data to assess whether you are improving with time. To access cycling on this workout app, simply turn on the digital crown on the watch. Go to the workout app and tap on cycling as the type of workout you want. For better results, tap more to set your goals and then start cycling away. Once you have done this, the app begins to track calories burnt as well as distance and time covered already.

While this app has many noteworthy features, it still has its fair share of drawbacks. For instance, playing music or switching between screens is not easy when cycling. Actually, you can end up in an accident while trying to do this. Secondly, it does not work accurately to capture distance covered when you have been doing indoor cycling.


  • Gives analysis on fitness level; calories burnt and heart rate are readily provided
  • Works best for beginners especially
  • Latest watch version is designed to track elevation levels


  • Exporting data can be a pain


While it is not grand enough to blow away professional cyclists, you can be assured of an exhilarating workout on this app.

Endomondo Apple Watch app

Best cycling app for apple watch

Launched in 2007, Endomondo has slowly risen through the ranks to be one of the go-to workout apps. It is designed to be versatile enough for multiple uses with an emphasis on cyclists.


  • Multi-faceted features to suit cyclists as well
  • Generates planned workouts.

Endomondo is one of the best apps in the market. In fact, it is almost like having your own personal trainer who will motivate and push you to be the best version of yourself.

Its free version comes loaded with all you need to monitor your fitness progress. It has a router planner and a GPS system to track your movements. To admit, it has social media and activity tracker to keep you up to date constantly. Endomondo also generates your planned workouts once you have loaded in your goals and how often you are willing to work out. The app usually gives updates according to your plans listed and progress made towards it.

Another plus feature is that it is easy to share your progress and activities on other apps. You can choose to do this so as to have backed up data. The GPS is also engineered to be as accurate as possible.

Sadly, this app has its own downers. For example, the latest updates have come with their own stability issues. Updates have also taken away free functionality. Finally, the app works well when synced with your iPhone in certain sectors like its GPS.


  • Post workout data can be downloaded once done with the cycling session
  • Easy to use
  • Free version is jammed with all you need for a proper cycling workout
  • Allows for easy data sharing between apps
  • Works just fine on its own without an iPhone nearby


  • Requires use of an iPhone for proper GPS analysis


Endomondo has many features that make it stand out. It is particularly the best buy for people who struggle for motivation. This app is fitted with all you need for constant training even when you hit a lull.


Strava Cycling App

Strava is well-known for a variety of workout sessions including running and cycling. In all, it offers detailed fitness analytics so that you are able to track your fitness progress.


  • Workout data can be synced via Bluetooth
  • Offers in-depth fitness analysis
  • Audio cues to update you on your progress as you cycle along

This app is fit for use on an apple watch. It comes equipped with all you need to fully monitor your fitness progress. For example, you can easily load your cycling, swimming and running session on it. Once you have done, you get a proper analysis of it. This is done by its Power Zone Analysis that is top tier. On it, you are able to get indicators on your training intensity, your weighted power as well as your power curve.

Secondly, Strava is known for the audio cues it comes with. Every so often, the app gives you updates on your pace and distance covered during a certain activity. This gives you more motivation to keep cycling in case you work out on your own. Thirdly, Strava comes in handy because it alerts you to move about in case you have been sitting for long. This can be set your preferred intervals or you can let the app do the notifications on its own.

Finally, Strava has its own large community of fellow cyclists. If you are looking to engage with other cyclists this is the app for you. This app allows you to get into competitive cycling with your friends. With such challenges often, you are adding to your competitive edge as well. The app even has a section called Segment Data. On this, you are able to monitor your progress compared to other cyclists who use the same route as you.

Like all other products, Strava has a few areas it is lacking in. For instance, auto-pause is easy to trigger when cycling or running. To add, the display is not easily customizable to your preferred setting. The standard font that comes with this app can be a bit hard to read for some.


  • A versatile app that can be used to track run, Nordic ski, walk, and treadmill workouts
  • Offers meaningful insight to delve deeper on whether current training is delivering results
  • Easy to use with HealthFit app for more health tips


  • Not easy to log workouts
  • Takes way too long to sync workout data with phone


While Strava took a long time to be used solely on an apple watch, it has come with many unique features. You can easily check on your fitness analysis when need be as it is available throughout and post your workout session. With more money, consider investing in the premium version for even better analysis. Strava Summit (premium edition) gives real-time feedback, maps out future rides and gives detailed post-workout analysis.


Cyclemeter for Apple Watch

cycling app for apple watch

For the advanced cyclist, Cyclemeter is one of the best purchases to make. It is developed to give detailed data reports on your fitness progress according to workouts loaded on it.


  • Displays in-depth analysis of your fitness status
  • Can be easily customized and tweaked to your preferred taste
  • Comes integrated with maps for navigational purposes

Unlike other workout apps, Cyclemeter goes over and beyond in analyzing workout data. In fact, it works just as well as Garmin’s computers that have dedicated to cycling analysis. Once you have loaded your details on the app, the next workout session will come loaded with fitness data. This data is usually presented in the form of graphs, stats, summaries and maps.

You also need not worry about data encryption. This app is private and secure for its users only. It does not store any passwords or login details on the phone.

To add, Cyclemeter makes the cut because of its simple yet sleek design. This app has been made even more elegant with the introduction of dark mode. It is also rather easy to use considering all the features behind it.

Cyclemeter has a few drawbacks though. For example, it is not entirely free as you need to pay for some premium options.


  • Data can be exported to third-party services
  • Has an elegant look to it
  • Secure and private
  • Easily customizable


  • You need to pay for some premium options


If you are looking to take your cycling workouts a notch higher, Cyclemeter is one of the best products. The amount of data it collects and analyzes rivals dedicated cycling computers. Along with the option to add sensors, Cyclemeter might just be the best cycling app for an apple watch.


apple watch

Beyond its many impressive features, Aaptiv is commonly known for its audio-only classes and great music selection. If you are looking for a bit more motivation to workout, Aaptiv is the best option.


  • Smart, innovative design with audio-only classes
  • Wide hub of classes (hardcore included) to choose from
  • Multipurpose app for yoga, elliptical training and outdoor running as well
  • Offers constant inspiration and motivation to keep you moving

Aaptiv is another contender for the best cycling app for apple watches. It has unique, impressive features that make it stand out. For instance, it comes loaded with motivational messages, tips and techniques on how best to reach your fitness goals. It is almost like working one on one with a professional trainer.

Secondly, Aaptiv comes in the form of audio classes. These classes are a wide variety ranging from yoga training to hardcore exercises. There are more than 1000 exercises to choose from with new ones loaded every week. This makes Aaptiv all the more enjoyable to use. It also has a great music selection to get you pumped and cycling. It has music for all kinds of people. The music collection includes classic tracks as well as fresh hits that are perfectly paced for an exhilarating workout.

To add, Aaptiv creates its own community of cyclists so as to be a constant motivation to each other. Through the app, you can share your progress photos (selfies) with fellow cyclists. You can also show support to those you are rooting for.

The only imperfection is that this app does not place a lot of focus on data analysis. You also need Bluetooth headphones if you want to control the music exclusively from the watch.


  • Works without an iPhone
  • Recent versions have visual enhancements and the bugs fixed
  • Creates its own cycling community for motivational support
  • Comes with perfectly paced songs for pumped workouts
  • Challenging for both pros and amateurs as well


For a fresh addition to your workout routine, Aaptiv is the way to go. It has a smart and fresh design to draw anyone in. The music selection, professional trainer guide and visual enhancements work together to give you amazing and exhilarating workout experience.



Best cycling app for apple watch

named Human as it can be used as another way to understand your daily activities better. The app basically does real-time tracking of your activities for fitness analysis.


  • Comes with motivational messages and beautiful themes to keep you interested
  • Real-time activity detector
  • Easily customizable according to your own taste

Armed with a real-time activity detector, Human is one of the best apps to track your cycling sessions. It works to give you stats on your fitness progress. It does this on a customizable display screen. You can therefore make the app your own and easily monitor your fitness progress. For example, you can set the background image to something that will motivate you harder.

The app also comes with motivational messages and beautiful themes as well. These are designed to keep you encouraged even when you might feel like the workouts are really getting to you.


  • Helps you understand your daily activities
  • Multipurpose for cycling, running and walking as well


  • Might be a bit too simplistic for pro cyclists


For an efficient tracker of your daily workings, Human is the best app. Using its real time activity detector, the App helps you track the distance and time you have spent working out. It is also able to assess the number of burned calories. This app also stands out because of its beautiful layout and the motivational messages it comes with.


Cycling is one of the most rewarding ways to lose weight, tone your muscles and improve your general health. Hitting the pedal is also a proper cardio workout to make sure your heart remains fit and healthy.

As cycling can get a bit boring on its own, apps have been developed to bring back the fun to it. This guide has highlighted all the best cycling app options that you can use on an apple watch. All the apps stated have their own pros and cons. As well as the feature that makes them stand out. Before going for a premium subscription on any, make sure you have fully understood the benefits they come with.