Best Exercise Bike Under 200 – Top Indoor Bikes For Home Workouts

There are three different types of exercise bikes, which are the recumbent, the upright and the indoor cycling bike. They all offer different work out strengths. The indoor cycling bike, mimic’s the outdoor bike and aims to offer a similar exercise. The bike is mostly used by cyclists or people who want to work on their Abs, calves, and thighs.

The recumbent bike has back support and will have your legs positioned at an angle, the sitting position is convenient for people with back problems, as they aim to achieve an effective cardiovascular exercise. The upright exercise bike, on the other hand, features a high placed handlebar such that your sitting position is upright.

The difference between the upright and indoor cycling bike is their sitting position, the indoor cycling bikes will have you riding in a bent position when compared to the upright bike. Enough with the varieties let us now focus on the best exercise bike under 200 that will help you burn up to 750-1000 calories with regard to your fitness level, weight, and gender.

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Apart from having some of the most significant features, the Marcy foldable exercise bike occupies little space because of its ability to fold. The bike is budget-friendly but very functional and has been made with durable material.


  • Features a computer screen display
  • The frame design folds up
  • Made with adjustable foot straps
  • Can be adjusted to fit different heights
  • The seat has incorporated a high-density foam

A well-toned body portrays an enviable physique and to achieve it you have to know which exercise combination will be effective. The type of training machine has a lot to do with getting the right results, and to this end, the Marcy exercise bike comes equipped with a manually adjustable resistance; the feature will enable varying degrees of exercises for your body goals.

Most people are used to timers when working out or some would set time to perform a specific workout, the downside of this process is that you won’t be able to know the exact calories that you have shed and since you will be alternating between exercises, keeping track of your workout routines and progress could be a challenge.

The reason why the Marcy exercise bike has incorporated the LCD panel, which will display for you the number of calories burned, the time, speed and distance covered with regard to your workout routine and you can also easily monitor your progress.

Marcy exercise bike has been constructed with a 14 gauge high-quality frame, a feature that encourages resiliency against your body weight, thus enhancing the durability of the bike. The pedals have been made with foot straps that will hold your feet in place as you work out. Important to note is that the foot straps are adjustable to fit your foot size.

A well-padded exercise bike seat contributes to comfort and extended working out hours; compare that with a less padded bicycle seat. You will barely go two blocks if you are riding for exercise because your bottoms will either become numb or sore, which will make cycling a nightmare. The same applies to a less padded exercise bike seat.


  • The exercise bikes help tone the legs
  • Has eight preset levels of magnetic resistance control encouraging varied workouts
  • The foldable nature allows easy storage
  • The pedals are counterweighted complete with adjustable foot straps for comfort
  • The exercise bike comes at a fair price


  • Though padded the seat comes out a bit hard thus uncomfortable
  • Seat height adjustment is not convenient for tall people


Marcy exercise bike can help you achieve your body goals considering the combination exercises that the machine can handle. The eight preset levels complete with magnetic resistance control allows users varied workouts with regard to resistance.

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Body Rider Fan Bike

After incorporating the right diet, you will need a good working out stationary exercise bike bike that will help you tone the muscles, prevent cellulite and also sculpture your Abs among others. The body rider fan bike can offer you the above and a lot more.


  • Features a knob to help adjust the tension
  • Incorporated a fan wheel
  • Made with a digital display
  • The frame of the bike comprises of a sturdy steel
  • The handlebars are dual-action

Given the design of the body rider fan bike, no one expects it to feature a fan but guess what! You won’t be sweating the entire time you work out, because the manufacture of the body rider has incorporated a fan that will help cool you off. You can also track the progress of your routines and the calories that you have managed to burn through the digital display.

Your weight in relation to that of the stationary exercise bike is a matter of concern because if it exceeds the amount that the bike can handle then you won’t be able to reap the full benefits. The body rider can, therefore; handle up to 250 pounds maximum weight. The bike also features a sturdy steel frame that can comfortably support different heights.

Another interesting functional feature is the dual-action handlebars, which will work on your upper and lower torso during training. Whereas, the cycling comes in handy for the elliptical exercises, works on the whole body more so, on the upper torso. The adjustable seat and handlebar enables users to combine and alternate varied workout exercises


  • The resistance levels are easy to adjust
  • The updated cushion offers comfort
  • The bike is stable given the sturdy steel h frame
  • Comes at a fairly affordable price
  • The bikes ergonomic design also works on the arms and upper body


  • High-intensity exercises will have the bike wobble
  • Makes clunking and chunking noise during use


The best thing about the body rider fan bike is that it cools you off as you work out, the incorporated features work on the various parts of your body and the study h steel frame will have you achieve a successful work out session.

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Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike

The Sunny SF cycling bike comes convenient for the days that don’t include hitting the gym. For one it does not occupy a lot of space and the wheels enable it to be mobile, you can, therefore, move it to any room or location of your choice.


  • Features a smooth chain drive mechanism
  • The flywheel is a recommended 30 pound
  • Maximum weight capacity is 220lbs
  • The seat and handlebar are adjustable
  • The steel frame and crank are heavy-duty

Among the many indoor cycling bikes that you will come across the Sunny SF will surely catch your attention, because the incorporation of the heavy-duty crank and steel frame makes the bike stable enough for you to carry out a myriad of exercises for extended hours.

What’s more, is that the adjustable seat allows people of different heights to successfully achieve their workout routines. The handlebars are also adjustable and offer comfort during workouts; people who live in apartments know how annoying it can be when your neighbor wakes you up at 4 am in the morning with the sound of a training bike.

To this end, the Sunny SF incorporates a 30-pound flywheel complete with a quiet chain drive mechanism that will not have you making noise for your neighbors in the mornings and evenings. With this bike, you can also adjust the intensity of your workouts with regard to your body goals via the resistance knob.

The bike also features wide and flat transportation wheels and the foot pedal is caged to offer you comfort thus preventing any incidences of slipping.


  • The seat is adjustable to enable proximity to the handlebars
  • The flywheel enables momentum for extended working out hours
  • The tension knob allows the increase or decrease of resistance
  • Users can incorporate varied routines that help stimulate the muscles
  • The textured foot pedals incorporate different foot sizes with enhanced grip


  • Seat not very stable as it wobbles
  • Manual for instructions is a bit vague


The difference of the Sunny SF to other types of exercise bikes that come at a price of 200 and below is that it has a chain drive system while most of the others comprise a belt. It, however, works well given its sturdy frame and the 30lb flywheel.

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MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser

I must say that drum rolls are necessary for this trainer, not only does it offer versatility but it is affordable and can be used by patients in hospitals.


  •  Made with heavy-duty precision sealed bearings
  •  Features a dual pully belt system
  •  The construction is solid steel
  •  The flywheel is machined
  •  Features a 3piece crank

The Magne Trainer, unlike other exercise bikes, allows the heavyweight individuals to work out on it, the machine might be light in weight but it is for sure compact. It features a sturdy steel frame and a base that is 15inches wide to enhance its stability during use.

In the beginning, I mentioned that the bike can be used in hospitals! Well, that is not easy for everyone to believe; as we all know the hospitals don’t entertain noise that might agitate patients. Not for the Magne trailer however, the reason being the patented magnetic resistance, which apart from providing twice the resistance it also enhances the bikes smoothness during operation.

On the sides, you will see the pedals but don’t stand on them, instead make yourself comfortable by sitting down and insert your foot in the Velcro straps on the pedals. Mind you the pedals can comfortably contain various leg types.

To work on your hands you will use the same pedals that you used when working your feet, and to monitor the progress of your workout exercises. You have also been provided with a single AA battery, which operates an electric monitor and it is here that you will get information on the calories that you have burnt, the distance you have covered and the amount of time that you have used in training.

For a competitive edge, the exercise bike is not destined for home use alone but rather the offices, nursing homes, and the physical therapy offices. It can also be used in assisted living facilities and the chiropractor’s offices. Heavyweight and tall individuals might have to find alternative indoor bikes because the Magnet trainer could be a bit limiting.


  •  Training is bidirectional thus can be pedaled backward or forwards
  •  The pedals feature finger grooves thus the hands can fit comfortably
  •  Offers enough resistance for a cardio workout or the light physical therapy exercises
  •  The Velcro straps easily adjust to the user’s feet
  • The incorporated 5 rotational dial allows the selection of a suitable resistance


  •  The exercise bike lacks traction thus moves on different surfaces
  •  The digital monitor does not work consistently


The best way to make the machine functional and durable is to limit excessive usage, also do not perform intense exercises because it lacks a rubber bottom to enhance traction when placed on different surfaces. By observing the above you can enjoy a quiet working out session as you read your book or watch TV.

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Important factors to consider before adopting an exercise bike

Lean proteins, fats, and carbs have been determined to nourish the body, this then enables intense training; a person’s nutrition greatly determines the amount of training that they can engage in. When people eat balanced nutrition and in the correct portions it will help dictate how much exercise they can engage in and the specific types of workouts that their bodies can comfortably handle.

People who constantly engage in intense working exercises are prone to muscle injuries, therefore, the best way to work out is by reducing the frequency of training with regard to the intensity of the workout exercises.

Each body part gets allocated a set of training workouts therefore if the sets allocated to the different body parts are of a large volume then you might want to reduce the exercise sessions. Also, be mindful to incorporate recovery sessions in your workout plan. The number of activities that you carry out will be used to determine the time that you will require for recovery.

Lastly, gym-goers are fond of using mineral supplements and vitamins, which help them, recover during the recovery session. Therefore, you might want to invest in the Bio-active peptides that will increase the speed at which your body recovers, as they aim to increase the process of protein synthesis and metabolism thus having a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system.

Factors to consider before buying an exercise bike

The first thing that you should look for is the warranty of your indoor cycling bike; this is because the gadgets might develop a problem within the warranty period. So to avoid spending money to repair a new stationary exercise bike, ensure your warranty is functional and covers an extended period.

The construction of an exercise bike has to incorporate durable material that will offer stability as you work out. Also, check on the levels of resistance, fewer levels will mean that pressure is applied on the wheels to increase resistance thus encouraging tear and wear. To counter the problem consider adopting an exercise bike that has magnetic resistance.

The seat and handlebars should also be adjustable to enable proximity to the wheels and to accommodate different arm lengths thus a comfortable working out session. Consider the indoor bikes flywheel, which is supposed to be large to enable a smooth and outdoor like riding experience.

An LCD console will be an important feature to help you monitor the progress of your workouts and the calories that you have burned. The pedals are also meant to be fitting complete with a toe cage; the feature will prevent your foot from slipping out thus improve your workout sessions.

Most probably you will want to clean the area that your indoor bike is stationed, therefore, be sure to find one that has wheels, which will assist in movement either to another location or to clean the surface.


As always cheap is expensive, you may end up buying about three exercise bikes in one year yet you could have saved up and purchased one that is durable and functional. The above indoor bikes have different features, which are all effective and budget-friendly; therefore, all you need to do is choose one that is convenient for your workout sessions and will fit in the available space.