Best Exercise Bike Under 300 – Top Indoor Bikes For Home Workouts

A well muscle toned body is a good confidence booster and sure to turn heads in the streets; we all like to have that perfect body that features a flat stomach, cellulite-free thighs, a well-sculptured face, and non-flabby underarms.

The weight-loss craze and muscle toning has therefore led to an insane increase in gym prices, though there are some affordable gyms, the unprecedented economic crunch barely allows one the time to work on their bodies. And that leads us to the best exercise bike under 300 that also turns out to be effective for indoor workouts.

Since many people work multiple jobs or are busy during the day; they tend to spend a lot of their free time at home and that is the reason why purchasing the best exercise bike will help with a weight loss program. If used at home in the morning hours, or in the evening, a exercise bike will help strengthen the Abs, calves, shoulders, thighs, and hips.

We will, therefore, review some of the best exercise bikes under 300

Sunny Health & Fitness Cycle Bike

The quality of a product will inform you if the company is out for profits or if it really cares for its clients, the latter has thus been achieved by the Sunny Health and Fitness indoor bike.


  • Has a belt drive mechanism
  • Made of a Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Features Adjustable seats
  • Incorporated Transportation Wheels
  • Has dual felt pad resistance

Apart from being innovative, the company aims at producing cycle bikes that offer a steep competitive edge to its rivals. Now the one feature that really stands out in the bike is its hardened steel frame.

The quality of the frame that is home to other component parts should be made of stable material to withstand the intense work out sessions. Once an individual starts working out, they are bound to get addicted especially when they get positive results.

Also, the heavy built individuals need a exercise bike that can effectively contain their weight without getting damaged and that is why the Sunny fitness bike comes recommended for different weights (not above 275lb) and intense work out sessions. Bike riders know the importance of a heavy wheel in enabling smooth riding, the reason why the sunny indoor cycle has been made with a 49-pound heavy flywheel.

The sunny indoor cycle riders will, therefore; experience a natural and smooth riding motion that will enhance their experience. They are also safe from attaining joint injuries that usually results from the choppiness of the up and down movements caused by the change in speed. The more intense a work out can get the more resistant the parts should be.

The Sunny cycle has incorporated a resistance knob and its positioning allows one to shift its workout intensity with ease. The seat cushion is also of significant importance, less padding could be uncomfortable and so will be too much padding. The sunny indoor bike’s seat has been minimally padded to allow comfort as you work out.

What’s more is that the seat is adjustable, and this is usually a problem with many exercise bikes. People rarely fit on a bike that has a fixed seat, the different heights, therefore, call for an adjustable seat that can be raised or lowered, or moved forward and backward. All the above adjustable features are present in the sunny cycle, and you are therefore guaranteed of reaching your fitness objectives.


  • The seats can be adjusted to match the leg inseam length of the user
  • The steel frame enables different cycle workouts as it can support up to 274lb
  • The bike can be moved outdoors using the incorporated transportation wheels
  • The flywheel is 40lb for intense workout sessions
  • Made with adjustable multi-grip handlebars for different riding styles


  • Not convenient for an uphill exercise cycle
  • Makes noise when being used thus not convenient for night use


The best work out times is evening and morning, and since the sunny fitness bike makes some noise when in use you could invest in a lubricant, to help minimize the noise.

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PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Stationary Bicycle Exercise Bikes

One of the most significant health benefits of using a exercise bike is improved metabolism; the body converts the foods that we eat or drink into energy. And the biochemical processes, therefore, enable beverages and foods to be combined with oxygen, which then releases energy to the body.


  • Has a monitor display counter
  • The foot pedals are caged
  • Made with an anti-skidding handlebar
  • Features a bottle holder
  •  The bidirectional flywheel weights 35lbs

The Pyhigh cycle bike features an important feature that will help you monitor the number of calories that you burn when you work out. And that is the monitor display; the feature will inform you of the distance that you have covered, the speed that you are working on and the time taken.

The bidirectional flywheel incorporated in the exercise bike weighs 35 pounds thus offers you the needed balance for easy riding. An adjustable resistance knob has also been incorporated in the manufacture of the bike, which ensures stability as you alternate your workout intensity.

There is the misconceived perception that everyone who goes to the gym wants to lose weight when actually some people go there to grow their muscles. The Pyhigh cycling bike can cater to the above two objectives and you can also easily move it to any area within your house using the incorporated wheels.


  • The quiet and smooth felt fabric brake pad helps increase and decrease resistance
  • The adjustable covers prevent the foot from slipping
  • The PK belt and the TPI bearing enhances the stability of the bike for long use
  • The work out sessions can be tracked enabling the achievement of goals
  • Foot slip is prevented by the incorporation of the aluminum alloy pedals


  • The seat cannot handle heavyweight individuals
  • Tall people can only run a limited number of styles


The Pyhigh cycling bike has incorporated the necessary features to help you achieve your fitness goals; however, tall people need to watch their exercise combinations as they may rip off some parts of the bicycle.

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L Now Indoor Cycling Bike

The only way to know that you are making progress in your fitness workouts is through the use of the Lcd screen monitor. The feature helps monitor workout progress and one that the manufacturers of L-Now Cycle have incorporated in their exercise bike.


  •  Incorporated the belt drive system
  •  The seats and the handlebar are adjustable
  •  Comes with a metal holder
  •  Equipped with transportation wheels
  •  Features a digital monitor

The cycling bike also features a belt-drive system that minimizes noise and enables smooth pedaling stroke offering a good riding experience. By incorporating the belt in the making of the cycling bike, requirements of maintenance have been prevented when compared to using a chain.

The flywheel weighs about 22lbs, a bit higher than the fit leader, however, the recommended weight of a flywheel is 30lbs, you might be wondering why? Well, the reason is to enable a natural cycling motion, just like you are biking outdoors.

A heavy flywheel will, therefore, enable the rider an efficient cycling experience, but that does not mean that the L-now is not efficient, as you will still be able to experience a tranquil work out session especially with the adjustable resistance that allows a user to adjust the resistance level. The bike features a resistance knob and a woolen brake pad to assist in stopping the flywheel.

Apart from the seat is adjustable to four different directions, users have also been provided with the opportunity to custom adjust the handlebars and the levelers. Another significant feature that makes the indoor exercise bike to stand out from the rest in the already steep market is the provision of the pulse sensor at the handlebars.

The feature helps in monitoring a user’s heart rate, therefore, by cycling indoors you improve your cardiovascular endurance. And to fully benefit from this exercise you need to work within a specified percentage of your MHR. A heart rate of 65-75 percent comes recommended for the endurance training heart rate monitoring.

The monitor feature by the L-Now cycling bike helps users achieve the best heart rate work out and know when to stop. What’s more, is that the device could be convenient in letting the user know if their heart rate is normal or dangerous.


  • Does not need to be oiled or repaired every other time
  • Switching between intense and easy exercises has been facilitated by the tension resistance
  • Users can track performance via the LCD monitor
  • The microfiber form in the handle enables riders long hours grip
  • Incorporated multimedia stand for your iPad or tablet


  • The led screen cannot be converted to mph only does km
  • Seat not accommodative to heavyweights


As each company aims to attain a competitive edge, the L-Now cycling bike has raised the bar quite high by incorporating the heart rate monitor in the handlebars and the multimedia stand to keep you connected to the digital world while working out.

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Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

The Schwinn upright bike is a mass of significant features that are rarely available in exercise bikes of the same price.


  • Made with an LCD window monitor system
  • Features a USB charging port
  • Comes with 22 programs and 2 user settings
  • Eddy current resistance is 20 levels
  • The flywheel is high inertia perimeter weighted

As you set your fitness goals, consider the number of workouts that the different cycle bikes will allow you. The Schwinn upright, for example, will allow you eight heart rate programs, and nine profiles, a feature that is rare in many indoor exercise bikes. The bike will also let you carry out at least 22 work out programs and two fitness tests.

How best do you measure your work out success, some people do use wrist timers, which might get uncomfortable as you work out because of the sweat. Therefore to ease your work out sessions and enable you to set realistic and actionable goals, the Schwinn upright bike has incorporated an LCD screen.

The feature has dual track capabilities, which will help you track the calories that you have burned and the distance and time that you covered. Even more interesting is that the 20 levels of resistance are computer controlled and the other screens can double up as medial shelves to accommodate your magazines or a tablet.

The feature of comfort in an indoor cycle is an adjustable padded seat, the two go hand in hand because for one people are of different heights and if the bikes come with a fixed height then it will be an inconvenience to a large group of users thus the reason why Schwinn has made the cycling seat adjustable. Less padding can be an uncomfortable experience but with this exercise bike cushioning is up to standard.

The cycling Bike has also been equipped with a USB charging port that you can use to transfer data and if you want to move the cycling bike to another room, you don’t have to break your back. Just use the incorporated transport wheels to move the machine.


  • The machine is equipped with acoustic chamber speakers that enhance sound quality
  • Incorporated a 3 speed fan to help keep your body cool
  • Users can enjoy a comfortable riding position via the adjustable handlebars
  • The crossbar tubing enhances stability
  • Features a grip heart rate for the Heart Rate Program


  •  Seat padding not comfortable for heavyweights
  • The heart rate monitor is not very effective


Since man is rarely perfect, we don’t expect machines to be 100% perfect, therefore, when weighing the pros and cons we do consider a machine that has more pros than cons and that is why the Schwinn 130 upright bike comes recommended for a result-oriented workout program.

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Factors to consider before buying a stationary exercise bike

Warranty- For your peace of mind it would be best to get an exercise bike that has an extended warranty period, what happens is that the expensive models usually have longer warranties as they have been well built to counter intense and regular use. The cheaper models usually have a short warranty period but nevertheless functional.

The resistance levels- A good exercise bike with magnetic resistance will provide good service, and also offer more resistance levels. Cycling bikes with fewer resistance levels will, therefore, use friction resistance, a process where pressure is applied to the wheel to help increase resistance thus leading to early tear and wear.

Adjustable seat and handlebars- An adjustable handlebar will contain different arm lengths and the adjustable seats will be convenient for different heights which enhances comfort as your work out.

Pedals- Though the pedals with no cages work fine, a bike that has a cage will prevent your foot from slipping thus improve your work out sessions.  So as you shop for the perfect exercise bike under $300 check the pedal feature as it will contribute to a successful workout session.

Dimensions- The space that you have set aside for your exercise bike should relate with the size of the exercise bike that you want to purchase. Some of the bikes will take more than the space you had allocated and end up lacking a proper storage position. You should, therefore, be keen on the bike dimensions as you purchase one.

Transport wheels- Moving your exercise bike should not be a head-scratcher, therefore, as you purchase one ensure that the transport wheels have been incorporated to enable cleaning, and if you want to rearrange the house the bike can also be easily moved.

The Flywheel- A large flywheel will give you a natural outdoor experience, while also enabling a smooth ride. Other Important factors that you should put into consideration as you purchase your exercise bike are your nutrition needs that will supply the needed energy, consider the volume of training that you intend to undertake for example if you plan on doing many sets then you should exercise less frequently.


Your indoor work out sessions will probably save you a few dollars, and with the large variety of stationary exercise bikes in the market under 300, you are guaranteed of a lean and toned body. Therefore, invest in one of the above exercise bike and forget about the cosmetic surgeries that will impact your health negatively in the long term.