Best Exercise Bikes with Programs (Everything You Need to Know!)

Many people who work from home have one challenge, which is staying physically fit. Some may decide to go to the gym in the evening for a change of environment, but a big percentage prefers to ease out by watching some thrilling action movies or comedy. And as much as people would want to work out at home, they mostly lack the best exercise combination routines to help achieve their body goals.

Tracking the progress of your exercises and realizing that you are actually burning calories can be a great motivator. Therefore, by adopting an exercise bike with preset programs, people who rarely leave the house can achieve their health and body goals. And for those who have limited time during the day, they can use the programmed bikes in the morning or evening.

Therefore, to get you set on the path of attaining your body goals, we will sample a few of the best exercise bikes with programs. Important to note is that indoor cycling does not only help in shaping your body but also to enhance your metabolism, reduce stress and improve your immune system through the production of T-Cells, which also contributes to a longer lifespan.

Schwinn 130

The Schwinn 130 stacks up well among other exercise bikes with programs and all you need is some background music that will help averse the strain that you experience on your muscles and joints.


  • Features 20 levels of resistance
  • Incorporated 2 dual track LCD displays
  • Comes with 22 preset programs
  • Made with a USB charging port
  • Comprises a media tray and speakers

In order for you to achieve the results that you want when using an exercise bike, you have to factor in the number of resistance levels provided, the catch here is the more resistance levels, the more intense the exercises and the greater impact it will have on your body and muscle development.

Schwinn 130 therefore, provides you with 20 levels of resistance, so as you work out you can push it up, stand and initiate a pump, which will be great for aerobic and anaerobic benefits. The intense work out sessions that are carried out on an exercise bike, demand for it to be comfortable and sturdy, which in the end will enhance stability and lead to greater performance.

The Schwinn has thus been made with a padded contoured seat for comfort and one that you can easily alternate with a different rail, seat or clamp. We understand that you are busy and rarely have time to come up with a list of useful exercises that will impact your body positively, and that’s why we chose the Schwinn 130 as it comes with up to 22 preset exercise programs.

And to access them with ease you have been provided with a dual-track LCD screen display that will also help you in goal tracking. You can also monitor your heart rate because the adjustable handlebars have been equipped with a contact heart rate monitor and are padded to provide users with a comfortable riding position.


  • The sturdy frame offers stability during a workout and integrates 2 levelers
  • The features incorporated are user-friendly
  • Offers a wide range of workout options
  • Users can set individual exercise goals using the goal track capability
  • Fairly price given the features


  • The seat is not very comfortably
  • Not effective for short people


The Schwinn 130 is a good workout bike for people who spend most of their time indoors but would like to lose some weight and shape up. You also get to use the preset programs and the heart rate monitor, to help you in your journey.

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Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment

The Kettler Home Fitness equipment has incorporated 12 preset programs and heart rate control programs, to help you with exercise combinations as well as maintaining the right heart rate during an intense and less intense workout.


  • Equipped with 32 levels of resistance
  • Heart rate programs can adjust the resistance to retain heart target
  • Built with an LCD computer display
  • The saddle is thickly padded and 7” wide
  • The aggressive grip pedals are rubber coated

The manufacturers of the Kettler Home Fitness equipment had their clients in mind when they included a heart rate monitor that automatically adjusts the resistance that you had set to maintain the target heart rate. The feature is essential as it will ensure that you are working out within safe levels for your heart and body.

The exercise bike has included accommodations for different height individuals by enabling an adjustable seat of up to 11 positions. The saddle measures 7” wide for comfort as you work out, and the thick padding obliterates numbing and soreness even when using the bike for extended hours.

Grip pedals and toe cages contribute to an effective work out session, for one your foot is protected from sliding to the other side especially during an intense exercise session and holds your feet in place. As you work out you are bound to sweat, so that means you will rarely get a good grip on the equipment, which is actually very risky as you risk sliding and hurting yourself.

And that is why the handlebars of the Kettler have incorporated rubber-coated grips to minimize the chances of your hands sliding. The handlebars can be customized to different heights and multiple grip positions.


  • Equipped with transport casters for easy movement of the bike
  • The flywheel weighs 40 pounds, which delivers a smooth riding experience
  • The LCD computer display enables monitoring of Time, Distance, Heart Rate and Energy consumption
  • The built-in floor levelers provide stability
  • The powder-coated, high carbon and tubular steel frame enhance the durability of the machine


  • Higher miles not well catered for, as the resistance locks up
  • Getting the right fit is a bit challenging


The automatically adjustable heart monitor is an outstanding feature that is rarely found on other exercise bikes, and apart from that, the bike enhances comfort for users, as it has incorporated rubber handlebars and a steel frame that can counter different weights.

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Schwinn M717 170

The ability to incorporate training applications apart from the already preset workout programs is an advantage to trainers and the reason why you should get the Schwinn M717 170.


  • Incorporated a mixed training reality
  • Offers 25 levels of resistance
  • Features Oversized pedals with large straps
  • Schwinn trainer app accessible via Bluetooth connectivity
  • Made with adjustable handlebars

The Schwinn M717 170 has managed to accomplish our wildest dreams, can you imagine having a real outdoor road experience while in your home! Well, this trainer has incorporated the mixed reality training in its manufacture. You will, therefore, be able to run the application via the LCD interface and travel the world with your friends, while also tracking the distance covered and the pace.

What’s more is that it allows Bluetooth connectivity to the free Schwinn trainer app, where users are free to monitor and track their progress. The exercise bike offers 25 levels of resistance so you are free to incorporate a variety of intense workout options. All types of feet are also accommodated because the bike has been constructed with oversized pedals and toe straps that help secure your foot in position.

The adjustable handlebar also features padded elbow support for comfort; it also comes with an adjustable 3-speed fan to keep you cool as your work out. Another comfort feature is the ability to exchange the seat with varied clamps.


  • Made with heart rate sensors
  • Provided a ride social app
  • Equipped with two blue backlit LCD displays
  • Performance tracking enabled by the Schwinn trainer app
  • Features up to 29 programs


  • The seat does not encourage extended training hours
  • Unable to modify time once the program begins


Schwinn M717 170 gives users varied training options that would especially favor indoor training, so apart from the 29 workout programs, you also get a mixed reality social training application, a Schwinn trainer app to help track your progress and 25 resistance levels that enable a wide range of workout intensity options.

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Nautilus Upright Bike

The Nautilus upright bike has almost the same features as the previously reviewed Schwinn M717 170, but what makes it stand out are the incorporated 2 fitness test, 1 quick start and I recovery test.


  • Made with Dual-track LCD displays
  • Equipped with an adjustable fan
  • The flywheel is perimeter weighted
  • Incorporated in-console speakers complete with mp3 port
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity

Many resistance levels encourage impact on muscle development and that is why exercise bike manufacturers strive to incorporate as many as possible. To this end, the Nautilus gives its users 25 resistance levels, for them to try out a wide range of intensity options.

Have you ever heard of the therapeutic benefits of music while working out, for one it pre-occupies your mind so that you don’t focus on the strain that the exercise is exerting on your body? You can, therefore, play it on your background when at home, but if your exercise bike has an mp3 port like the Nautilus then you just have to find a transmitting device.

The in-console speakers will enhance the sound of music, and the incorporated adjustable fan will keep your body cool during intense work out sessions. The stationary exercise bike has also been equipped with a flywheel that is perimeter weighted to make your riding experience smooth. And to get you out of bed in the morning, the exercise bike features a mixed reality training application.

The feature is a social application that gives you the real road experience, as you track your distance and pace. The company also has a Nautilus trainer application that can connect to your phone via the Bluetooth app and help you set your goal. It will also track and monitor how the training session progresses. The seat is also well-cushioned for comfort and to encourage long training hours.

Important to note is that you don’t have to stick to their programs but you can also custom create one that encompasses your training objectives. The pre-set programs include weight loss, interval training, and cardio health.


  • The user interface is intuitive
  • Features a dual track LCD that allows you to multitask by watching your calories and at the same time enjoy the content of your tablet.
  • Users are free to choose from the wide selection of the provided 29 programs
  • The Bluetooth connectivity to the company’s application and the mp3 enabled port provides users with a seamless experience
  • The indoor cycling is equipped with 9 heart rate control, 12 profile and 1 recovery test


  • Putting it together after purchase could be a challenge
  • The LCD computer display not very effective


The Nautilus Company brightens up the workout sessions by allowing you to listen to music, use the computer interface to get a real road feel complete with 25 resistance levels that could make you feel like you are climbing a real mountain.

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Diamondback Fitness 510Ic

The recommended weight of a flywheel is set at 30 pounds and the Diamondback Fitness 510lc flywheel comes at 31 pounds, which means that stability and smooth riding have been enhanced first with the weight of the flywheel and second with the inclusion of the steel crafted components.


  • Offers 16 levels of resistance
  • The flywheel weighs 31 pounds
  • Rider settings can be customized
  • Features 4 heart rate controlled programs
  • Made with a high contrast LCD screen

The exercise bike also offers 16 levels of resistance that are computer-controlled, thus ensuring a smooth transition between intensity levels. Compared to other bikes with programs, the Diamondback Fitness presents a reduced number of workout programs, but then again some people don’t have a wide scope when it comes to working out, so the Diamondback Fitness indoor bike should suffice.

The recommended weight capacity that the bike can handle is 300pounds and you also get your heart rate monitored by the 4 heart rate controlled programs. The handlebars and the seat can be adjusted for comfort and to offer a perfect cycling geometry. You are, therefore; free to adjust the seats and handlebar height, the positioning of the saddle and handlebar can also be switched fore or aft.


  • The exercise bike has incorporated a total of 14 workout programs and 8 preset
  • The heart rate sensor features an Ultra-sensitive contact
  • Onboard computer provides real-time data via the high contrast LCD screen
  • The ride data comprises of ride profile, distance, cadence and heart rate
  • The seat, saddle and handlebar settings can be customized to suit different riders


  • Makes squeaky sounds during high-intensity training
  • Relocating the bike might be hard because it has to be plugged into the wall


The diamondback fitness indoor bike is easy to use especially with the customizable features; people who spend extended hours working out should find other options, as the bike is only meant for light exercises.

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Factors to consider before buying an exercise bike with programs

Noise Some exercise bikes become noisy as you increase the resistance levels, so if you are purchasing from a retail store just try it out. However, if you are getting it from an online store check the reviews before purchasing.

The stability of your bike has a great relation with the weight capacity it can handle and the weight of the bike. You will find that if your weight is above the recommended, the bike will wobble during use, and if the weight of the bike is less then it will not be stable.

You must have realized that exercise bikes have fewer exposed parts, this is to ensure safety for both kids and adults, what happens is that a piece of cloth could get stuck during exercise or kids could stick their fingers in some of the exposed parts and hurt themselves, so check to ensure that the mechanics are not exposed.

A fan, a USB port, and speakers are accessories that would be a good addition to help motivate you to exercise. A bottle holder is also essential or else you will have to break your training sessions to go get water or an energy drink.

Consider the number of programs availed by the exercise bike, do they match your goals and what about the user interface how effective and efficiently does it allow interaction.


The different exercise bikes sampled above relate to different exercise goals, you, therefore, will determine how regular you are going to use and how hard you want to push yourself. As you make your choice invest in an exercise bike that you are going to make the best off and not just leave it lying around. If your scope is not too wide and the training goals aren’t as intense, the Diamond indoor bike should be your choice.