Best Indoor Cycling Bike Under 500 – Top Exercise Bikes For Home Workouts

Indoor cycling bikes are great equipment to maintain your health, especially when you are busy and cannot afford the time to go to the gym. They are also gentle on your body. However, they can be expensive and getting a good bike for less than 500 dollars can be a daunting task.

Have you been asking whether you can get a good indoor cycling bike without spending thousands of dollars? The answer is a resounding yes. Yes, you can.

Indoor cycling bikes have become extremely popular and to meet the demand; the market has become saturated with cheap bikes that are unstable and poor in performance. We understand that you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a high-end bike, on the other hand, we see your determination to own an indoor cycling bike that will help you achieve your health targets. That is why we have spent hours reviewing these bikes so you can be a proud owner of a bike that is cheap, comfortable, stable, and functional.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Indoor Cycling Bike Under 500


The flywheel is the wheel located on the front side of an indoor cycling bike. It is connected to the pedal by either a belt drive or a chain so that when you pedal you make the flywheel rotate.

When you are buying an indoor cycling bike, you must pay close attention to the weight of the flywheel. The weight of the wheel affects the quality of your ride and work-out in general. It is popularly accepted that a heavy flywheel gives you a natural smooth ride.

A light flywheel can make your pedaling shaky, subject your joints to enormous pressure, and make you prone to injury. On the other side, a heavy flywheel gives you a smooth riding experience and prevent your joints from injury. Besides, large and heavy flywheel demands more efforts to turn when working, which makes them ideal for strength training. Most indoor cycling bikes come with a flywheel of 30lbs to 50lbs.

Seat and Handle Adjustment

Even when you are shopping for a bike under 500, you shouldn’t compromise on comfort. The adjustability of the seat and handlebar determines how much you can adjust the bike to accommodate your body structure. Indoor cycling bikes come with seats that are adjustable in 4 ways; up, down and sideways. However, most users will be content will one that is adjustable up and down only.

An adjustable handlebar is also crucial for changing the height so it can accommodate your body when standing or leaning.

If the indoor cycling bike is going to be used by different people, ensure you get a bike that has an adjustable seat and handlebar. This allows adjustment to be made to fit every member, whether small or big.


Resistance is the most critical feature of an indoor cycling bike – It is what determines the value you get from your work-out. We have two types of resistance, namely magnetic and frictional. Friction resistance has a pad touching the flywheel while in magnetic resistance, a magnet moves near to the flywheel. However, in magnetic resistance, the magnet doesn’t touch the wheel – which is great because it does not cause noise nor tear and wear.

A quality bike will have multiple resistance levels. This allows you to reduce or intensify your work-out at your pace. Also, a good bike should have adjustable resistance that let you adjust the tension progressively – it should not take you from easy to difficult abruptly.

When you think of resistance, think of changing gear on an outdoor bike. Changing gears makes the bike easy or difficult to pedal. In the same way, look for an indoor cycling bike that enables you to set resistance from easy to hard smoothly and quickly.

Display and Statistics

Most indoor cycling bikes come with LCD monitors. This digital display helps you track time, distance, speed, and Calories Burned During Your Work-out. These statistics can be useful in monitoring your progress.

Ease of Movement

Most indoor cycling bikes come with a transportation wheel to make it easy for you to set up and remove after work-out to create space. If you have limited space and require to move the bike after every work-out, then you should check whether it has wheels.

1. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

If you are looking for indoor cycling bike that will keep you fit but not break your bank, then you should go for Yosuda indoor bike. It comes with great features and makes good value for your money.

Made with a heavy-duty steel frame and 35lbs flywheel, this bike provides you with the much-needed stability when working out. With a belt-driven system, the bike lets you enjoy a smooth and quiet ride. You will love the beautiful shape painting on the bike that does not rust easily. This because they use advanced car-grade paint to furnish it.

To give you a comfortable riding experience, this bike has 2-ways non-slip and adjustable handlebars and a 4-ways padded seat.

Another thing you will like about this bike is it comes with an LCD monitor that lets you keep a record of your speed, distance, time, and the calories burnt. This will help you track your performance and monitor progress.

The bike has a strong resistance bar. It also gives you a wide range of resistance which means you can adjust the level you are comfortable.

If you are concerned about the safety of this bike, the bike model has SGS certification so you can be assured of your safety. More on safety, the bike has anti-skid cage pedals to prevent your feet against slipping when pedaling. It has a stable VA structure and has an emergency brake to avoid injury.


  • Has a phone holder to place your phone and enjoy music and movies while ridding
  • Easy to install – should take you less than 1 hour
  • You can be able to adjust the resistance
  • It has cage pedal to prevent slipping when working-out
  • The flywheel is paired with a smooth belt to give you a silent ride
  • Made of heavy steel for stability


  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 270lbs


If you are looking for an affordable bike with features that come with a high-end bike, then this is the right choice. The heavy-duty steel frames assure you of stability so you can work out hard without fear of breaking. It is SGS certified for safety and comes with an anti-skid pedal for added support to your feet.

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2. PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

The bike is fitted with a 35lbs bidirectional flywheel to give you more momentum. This is ideal for you if you want a bike that gives you a challenging workout experience.

At a low price, this bike comes with most of the features present in high-end bikes, for instance, LCD monitor and odometer. The monitor allows you to see your work-out time, speed, distance and the calories burned.

This bike has a maximum user weight of 280lbs, which is sufficient enough considering most people don’t weigh that much. Pyhigh bike is ideal if you are looking for a bike to help you burn those extra calories and for cardio.

The adjustable seat which you can move up and down, forward and back enables you to relieve pressure and set the angle and height you feel is comfortable for you. Besides, it comes with non-slip handlebars to give you a firm grip.

At the same time, the bike comes with a knob you adjust to either increase or decrease the resistance level. This means that you can choose a different level of tension from the simple to more challenging. The more challenge you set, the more you burn more calories.

The bike is compact and has a broad base that keeps your bike well-grounded on the floor while protecting your carpet and floor. The design on the bike support allows it to fit even on an uneven floor.


  • Has anti-skidding handlebar
  • Fitted with an oversized padded saddle for added comfort
  • Equipped with heavy-duty wheel for easy movement
  • The seats are 4 way adjustable
  • Fair price with good features
  • It has a phone holder


  • The resistance is mechanical
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 280lbs


You should consider this bike as an option if you are looking for an indoor cycling bike that will give you challenges and resistance but on a low budget. This bike lets you set the level of resistance you need when working out. You can start from low to high.

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3. Sunny Health & Fitness

This bike comes with great features at a low price. Furthermore, you can use the bike with the Peloton app. How cool is that?

With a silent belt system, this bike lets you have a smooth work-out without disturbing those around you. This indoor quit indoor cycling makes it practical and convenient. With a 49lb flywheel combined with a solid steel frame, this bike will give you a stable and sturdy ride. The bike will appeal to those riders who like having a real riding experience.

This bike is designed with all users in mind. It has a 4-way fully adjustable saddle and handlebar which, when adjusted, enable the bike to accommodate most type of people. The downside is that if you are incredibly tall, you may find the handlebar to be too low when leaning and ridding.

To keep you cool and hydrated, the bike comes with a water bottle holder. It is built in a place that is easy to access along the frame of the bike.

Adjustable resistance with top press down brake. – But it is mechanical as opposed to magnetic. What this means is that resistance is created when the pad rubs the flywheel. This creates friction and slight noise, notably when you ride on high resistance. This also led to wear and tear.

The bike is equipped with transportation wheels to make it easy for you to move it. This will enable you to set up your bike quickly and remove it when you are done working out to create space.


  • You can use it with Peloton app
  • Built with steel making it sturdy
  • 49lb flywheel gives you a smooth ride
  • Has ergonomically designed handlebar for comfort
  • Has transport wheel to make it easy to move
  • Pedals have toe-cups for support


  • The resistance is mechanical
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs


We like this bike because it can be used with the peloton app. This is a great feature if you want to enjoy peloton services but cannot afford the expensive equipment. The bikes come with a 49lbs flywheel which is a great bargain. If space is an issue, you should consider this bike because it has a great transport wheel that makes it easy to move.

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4. Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike

This bike is solid and sturdy. It is made of a heavy-duty steel frame that you can be confident that it can support up to 330lbs. This is a great choice as the majority of users’ weight does not exceed 330lbs. This is a sturdy indoor cycling bike that can accommodate even the heaviest person wishing to shed some extra calories.

This bike is fitted with a bidirectional flywheel which gives you a real road experience. It comes with a fully adjustable handlebars and seat so you can adjust the bike to fit the size of all your whole family – from the smallest to the biggest.

It is easy to brake and adjust the resistance of this bike using one single knob. You can increase or decrease the intensity of your exercise by turning the knob. Now, if you want to activate the braking system, you press down the same knob. One feature we like about this bike is it allows you to have a smooth transition from low to high intensity gradually.

We also love the aluminum cage pedals that give your feet support and prevent them from slipping. The bike has a tablet and phone holder to keep you entertained while working out.


  • Has bottle cage to keep you cool and hydrated
  • Comes with cage pedal to prevent your feet from slipping
  • The fully adjustable saddle let you enjoy a comfortable ride
  • A resistance knob for quick adjustment of resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Padded seat for comfort during the long indoor cycling ride


  • The bike comes with a cage pedal. You have to buy cleats if you want to clip into


This is a sturdy bike that can support up to 330lbs. You will have a smooth ride because it has a bidirectional flywheel for maximum resistance and smooth momentum. The bike has a well-padded saddle so you can work-out in comfort. If you want a bike that gives you great resistance and comfort for less money, then you should pick this.

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5. Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike

If you cannot afford to spend more than 500 dollars but want a high-performance indoor cycling bike, then you should go for Ancheer indoor cycling bike. It has a 49lbs flywheel which delivers a more natural ride. With this bike, your work-out will be smooth and quiet.

Resistance is one of the essential factors in an indoor cycling bike. This bike lets you adjust the intensity of your work-out by the touch of a knob. The knob is conveniently placed on the bike; therefore, you cannot miss it. This feature is remarkable because it allows you to increase or decrease the resistance with a simple twist. The knob also multitasks as a brake. You press it down to bring the bike to a halt.

This is one best indoor cycling bikes under 500 that employs the electroplating process. This gives the bike splendid texture making it durable, rust, corrosion and wear-resistant. Another great thing about this bike is that it comes with an improved belt drive that makes the ride smoother and quieter. When it comes to comfort, you can adjust the adjustable padded seat by moving them up/down and forward/backward. Comfort and the right posture are crucial when indoor cycling, so its adjustability make you more impressed by this bike.

If you like a bike that provides foot support, then this is the bike for you. It comes with a toe cage and straps to increase stability and comfort. However, you can replace them with clipless pedals.


  • Equipped with a wheel to make it easy to move
  • The Pedals have toe clips for support however you can change to cleats
  • The seats are adjustable
  • Heavy flywheel for a smooth, natural ride
  • Electroplated to prevent rust and wear
  • It has an iPad holder


  • The iPad or phone may distract you as you work-out


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Final Remarks

Indoor cycling is a low-risk and low-impact form of work-out that can improve your health significantly. It helps burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and improve your cardio. However, you need the right indoor cycling bike to enable you to reap these benefits.

Indoor cycling has become extremely popular, and thousand of indoor cycling bikes are being manufactured every day to meet the demand. Some of those indoor cycling bikes that come at a low price either fail to help you achieve your health and fitness target or they cause injuries such as back pain and genital syndrome.

We have done our research meticulously to ensure you make a well-informed decision when buying the best indoor cycling bike under 500. While it was hard to choose, Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike made it to the top of the list because it has a heavy flywheel that delivers a natural ride and is electroplated to give you a durable new look.

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After buying your Best Indoor Cycling Bike Under 500 you could be interested in the following video that shows you how to set up the indoor cycling Bike.