Best Indoor Cycling Shoes (Everything You Need to Know!)

Looking for the best indoor cycling bike shoe for your workout session? Here are 6 of the most recommended shoes to help you benefit effectively from your workout and get rid of discomfort

If you take your indoor cycling seriously, then it’s time you ditched your regular shoes for indoor cycling bike shoes. You ask why? Because working out with the best indoor cycling bikes shoes makes your work are safe, comfortable, and efficient. Unlike other regular shoes, indoor cycling shoes have a stiff sole to ensure maximum transfer of more power from your foot to the pedal. Also, they are made of breathable material for maximum comfort when working out.

If you play sports, experts recommend you buy shoes made specifically for those sports. Having the right shoe for indoor cycling can make a huge difference. You feel connected to your bike, and on the other side, your pedal becomes balanced, thus enabling you to achieve the most from the workout.

Remember, the best indoor cycling shoe not only align your body when exercising, but they also reduce the risk of knee and hip injury. Grab yourself a pair of indoor cycling shoes because this can either make or break your workout.

What You Should Look Out for In An Indoor Cycling Bike Shoe

Size and Fit

You need to get a indoor cycling bike shoe that fits well. Having the right fitting shoe allows you to be comfortable working out and consequently, benefit more from it.

Having the wrong shoe can stop you from having a long workout due to pain and discomfort. So, you want to buy a pair of shoes that is of the right size, weight and material to enjoy ridding even for long.

Shoes come in different sizes. You can know which shoe fits you perfectly by identifying the number of your feet and matching it with the number of the shoe. However, you have to be aware that we have different shoe sizing system used worldwide, for instance, US size, Euro size, and UK size. But this should not worry you; you can use the online conversion chart calculator to convert the sizes.

It is imperative to measure your feet size before making that order. How do you that? Place your foot on a piece of paper and use a pen to mark. To get an exact width of your foot, ensure you measure the widest point. This is crucial because a lot of people have either narrow or wide foot and therefore, length alone is not an accurate indicator of your shoe size.

Pro tips: Take your feet measurement in the afternoon or after days’ work because that’s when the feet are at their largest.

Stiffness of The Sole

The sole of your indoor cycling bike shoe should be stiff and durable. A stiff sole lets you have an effective workout because it distributes the force you put on the pedals around your foot and block the foot from bending uncomfortably on the edge of the pedal. With a stiff sole, you exert and transfer more power to the pedal.

Most indoor cycling bike shoe soles are made from nylon, carbon composite, or full carbon. The stiffer the sole, the more expensive it is. Carbon soles are the stiffest and therefore are the most expensive. This is the reason why carbon sole shoes are common with elite cyclists.

Notwithstanding, you should consider the comfort of the shoes above everything. Even though shoes with stiff sole are power efficient, shoes with a flexible sole may feel more comfortable to some.


You don’t want a shoe that literary burns you instead of helping you burn those stubborn calories, right?

A shoe with ventilation is good for your health as it protects you from hot spots, skin inflammation, and sport-related injuries caused by overheating.

If you are planning to get an indoor cycling shoe, it is imperative to go for a shoe made of breathable material or one that has a perforation on the upper or underneath the shoe. This is essential because, with a cool shoe, you enjoy working out even for longer.

A well-ventilated shoe also makes it easy to clean and maintain. It can last longer and look great.

Closure System

How you close your shoes is critical when buying an indoor cycling shoe. Different shoes have different ways of closing. From the traditional lace closing system to high tech BOA closing system.

The best indoor cycling bikes, however, come with an efficient way to close to ensure comfort and excellent riding experience. The best indoor cycling shoes from the top brands will have BOA, Velcro strap, or buckle closing system while others may have a combination of both.

From our experience, BOA and Velcro closing system are great because they secure your feet comfortably and are easy to fasten on the fly.

Type of Cleat

First, before buying your indoor cycling shoes, you need to confirm the type of cleat on your indoor cycling bike pedals. The cleats help you work out better and productively. They increase the power you exert on your pedal and make you more connected to the bike. More so, you get to exercise significantly more muscles in your body, thus making your workout better and effective. They also keep you safe too.


There are some products where the price is not a significant determinant of quality. However, with indoor cycling shoes, there is a strong correlation between price and quality. The more money you are willing to spend, the better the quality of shoe you get. But that’s not to say you can’t get a decent pair of indoor cycling shoes at an affordable price. The type of material used to make the sole and the upper of an indoor cycling shoe influence the price. For example, Nylon soles are relatively less expensive, while carbon soles are the most expensive.

Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe – Carbon Reinforced, Microtex, Fine Tune

If you are looking for a shoe that’s robust but easy to put on, adjust, and remove, then Fizik-R5 is a good choice. These shoes use the BOA closure, which makes it easy to adjust to your level of comfort by simply turning the dial. Additionally, the shoes have power straps for hook-and-loop. These features are essential because they provide your feet with support much needed when working out.

The sole made is made of carbon-reinforced nylon (Nylon composite) which make them stiff and optimized for efficient power transfer. Another advantage of a stiff sole is it put more power on the pedal and less strain on you.

The shoe is padded at the back of the ankle to give your foot with exceptional support. If you are worried that you have wide feet, these shoes are well designed and fit well in wide. Of course, you need to buy the right number that fits your foot.

The upper of the shoe is made of microfiber; therefore, you can be sure that the ventilation is exceptional. The only downside is it does not have ventilation of the sole. All-in-all the ventilation on the upper is enough to keep your feet cool. The shoe is strong and durable.

The company have them in a variety of colour. I prefer them in black and grey. However, they are available in other colours ranging, e.g. white and different striking colours. If you are the kind who love functional yet good looking things, then these are a good match.


  • Made of a stiff sole for effective pedalling
  • Comes with BOA closure system which makes them easy to adjust
  • It is durable
  • Has a good classic look
  • They’re padded to give extra comfort


  • It’s expensive considering they are not 100% carbon sole
  • Not comfortable for walking


These are well-designed shoes with a stiff and robust sole. If you are looking for shoes that make it easy to pedal and have a better transfer of power, then these shoes are worth it. Not forgetting, you will find the shoes BOR closure system convenient when you want to put on your shoes, adjust, and remove. However, you might find they are a bit pricey considering they are not made of 100% carbon. All in all, it is comfortable and looks great.

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Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Cycling Shoe

These shoes are ideal for indoor cycling bikes because they are compatible with SPD, SPD-R, SPD-SL, and look. The 2-bolt cleat gives you the freedom to use most of the pedals in the market such as Crank brothers and MTB pedals. The shoes are available for men and women.

These shoes are lightweight. This is an essential feature in indoor cycling shoes because it makes it easy to use and work out. Gavin MTB shoe is well ventilated to give you a cool workout session. The shoe is made of synthetic microfiber with breathable mesh panels. Also, the shoe comes with a perforated insole which is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to dry. The insoles are easy to remove and wash. These might be a good option for those who sweat a lot and would want a shoe with insoles that dries quickly.

The shoes come with a padded collar and anti-slip lining so you can be comfortable when riding. The shoe is designed with hook-and-loop straps so that you can concentrate on your workout worrying less of foot slips.

The sole is made of fibreglass-injected nylon sole is rigid and transfers power well. This makes it sturdy and durable


  • Fibreglass-injected sole for stiffness
  • Compatible with SPD
  • Has an insole for additional comfort
  • perforated insoles dry fast when cleaned
  • has a padded collar for comfort


  • They are narrow and require to order a size up if you have wide foot
  • Cleats not included


This is a versatile indoor cycling shoe compatible with most of the bike pedals. You can be confident that your shoes will fit with most bikes in the gym or the bike at home. The shoes are well ventilated and cool. Another good feature is that it comes with a removable, easy to clean, and quick to dry insole. I appreciate this feature because I sweat a lot and would love a shoe that is easy to clean and dry before I hit the gym the following day.

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Shimano RP2W SPD-SL Women’s Shoes, Black

Shimano RP2W comes with a sole made of glass fibre that is reinforced with nylon. The reinforced nylon adds to the stiffness of the sole, therefore increasing power transfer from the foot to the pedal. The shoes are compatible with 2-bolt and 3-bolt cleats. This makes it versatile and convenient for you if you work out in different indoor cycling bike or if you are not sure of the type of pedal used in your local gym or indoor cycling class.

The shoes come with a cushion pad that makes it comfortable for you when training. It also has three hooks and straps for secure fastening. .

It has a great look, and the company makes women-specific design if you want to have a feminine touch to your workout.


  • Comfortable and fits well if you have wide feet
  • Velcro closing system – make loose or tight for added comfort
  • Fair price
  • Compatible with Peloton


  • Shoes don’t come with cleats, therefore, have to buy them separately


A good looking yet comfortable indoor cycling shoe. It has a women-specific design which is great considering women have different foot structure from men. Its straps are sturdy and effective in relieving tension, allowing you to have a comfortable stress-free workout.

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Tommaso Milano Indoor Cycling Bike Shoe

If you like keeping it old-school, then you might like Tommaso Milano indoor cycling shoe. This shoe has a lace-up closure system that let you secure your feet solidly. It has a feel of a tennis shoe but with the stiffness and design of a indoor cycling shoe.

A great feature of this shoe is it has recessed cleat that allows you to move from cycling to walking. Unlike other indoor cycling shoes, you don’t have to worry about damaging your home or gym floor. This dual feature can be crucial if you are searching for a shoe you can indoor cycling with and still walk with. Also, you don’t have to buy two pair of shoes when working out, especially on gyms that don’t allow walking with protruding cleats on their floor.


  • Versatile – You can cycle and walk in them
  • Has recessed cleat for less damage to your floor
  • Comfortable and relaxed
  • Compatible with 2-bolt cleats


  • Comes with lace-up closure


If you love your shoe laced up, then this shoe is for you. Moreover, if you are looking for a show you can cycle and also commute on, then Tommaso Milano is worth your money.

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PEARL IZUMI Men’s Select RD IV-M Cycling Shoe

best bike shoes for spin class

This cycling shoe is compatible is SPD and SPD-L cleat compatible. The upper part of the shoe is made with light material with mesh ventilation for maximum breathability.

It has an insole that is removable to give you added cushioning. More so, the insole has perforation near the toe that let your feet breath from the underneath the sole. This feature makes Pearl Izumi such a cool indoor cycling shoe. Literary.

The closure system of this shoes is notable. It has a hook-and loop-closure with a mix of BOR. You need to dial to lock and keep your feet in place. This offers outstanding support to your feet.


  • Has anatomic closure to prevent hot spots
  • SPD and SPD-L compatible
  • Sole made of composite fibre which makes them stiff and light
  • Comes with insole for comfort and support
  • Velcro closure for even pressure distribution


  • Clips not included


Overall, this shoe has excellent closure system with Velcro well situated on angles that get rid of pressure points. The shoe is well designed for ventilation guarding you against hot spots. You will have, however, spend extra money on clips.

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Gavin Velo Road Bike Shoe

best men spin bike shoes

If you have been struggling to find an indoor cycling shoe that fit well on wide foot, then you might want to try Gavin Velo shoes. This shoe is made of a rigid Nylon fibreglass sole that has air-flow vents to keep you cool when indoor cycling.

The breathable mesh on the upper part of the shoe keeps you cool when pedalling.

The shoes come with hooks and loop straps to let you close and adjust your shoes quickly and easily. You can fine-tune them until you achieve the level of comfort and performance. They are easy to adjust, even when you are in a rush.

They are not easy to walk in. After all, they were designed to give you the best experience when indoor cycling, not walking.


  • Fit well on a wide foot
  • It has a well-placed strap for comfort and easy adjustment
  • Have a stiff and rigid sole for power
  • Lightweight
  • Works well with Peloton


  • Not easy to walk in


These shoes have straps well placed in a neutral place which is great because it allows even distribution of pressure for comfort. They might also be a good option for those who have a wide foot and want a fitting.

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Final thoughts

All these are some of the best indoor cycling bikes shoes in terms of functionality, durability, and comfort. However, Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Cycling Shoe stands out from the rest because it has great features all coming at an affordable. These shoes give you value for your money. It has mesh panels for ventilation, and the sole is stiff for more transfer of power. If you love your shoes clean, Gavin MTB is easy to wash and dries quickly. So which best indoor cycling bike shoes are you going to grab to have your heart pumping?