Can You Put An Indoor Cycling Bike On Carpet? (Everything You Need to Know!)

To get the most out of workout sessions on an indoor cycling bike, there a few accessories you can purchase to make it work better for you. Largely, indoor cycling bikes come with all you need for set-up and ready to use. Once assembled and adjusted according to your height, you can begin to cycle away. However, there are a few additions you can make to get the best out of your experience. This is because indoor cycling bikes have a rather simple design and take a minimal approach. Some personal touches here and there are good.

One thing you can consider for a better indoor cycling experience is an exercise carpet/mat. So, the simple answer is yes. You can put an indoor cycling bike on carpet as long as you take a few factors into consideration. This article has been designed to be a one-stop read on all you need to know about an indoor cycling bike on carpet. First, it highlights all the reasons to have an indoor cycling bike carpet as well as all the available designs for you.

Types of carpets for an indoor cycling bike

carpets for a spin bike

There are different kinds of mats you can use on an indoor cycling bike. Some of the popular materials are plastic, rubber and foam.

Some of the quality options are Super Mat Heavy Duty P.V.C Mat, Balance From Go Fit High-Density Mat, Wahoo KICKR Multi-Purpose Floor Mat and Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat. All of these carpets range between plastic and foam materials.

Reasons to have a carpet for yourindoor cycling bike

Designed in the 80s, an indoor cycling bike is one of the most common indoor trainers. They are well loved all over particularly because of the highly intense workouts they offer. Indoor cycling bikes do this because of the front flywheel that is heavy and made entirely out of steel. They are also highly popular because they have an adjustable saddle and handlebars.

Despite all these noteworthy features, they still have some faults. For example, they can cause a lot of damage to your floor. This is because of either friction, dust build up or spillages like from the chain drive. You can save yourself the anguish of damage by using an exercise carpet. Having a proper carpet also secures your bike in the proper position. A good mat prevents unnecessary gliding.

When you have a fitness bike at home, you would naturally want to do all you can to protect your floors. One way you can do this by using it on a carpet to reduce scratches that may come about from moving the bike around. Indoor cycling is also a rather intense and vigorous workout. Your bike is likely to move around even if minimally while you are pedaling. This can cause quite the damage on your floors especially if they are made of wood.

Beyond protecting your floors from scratches, another reason to use an indoor cycling bike on carpet is to offer protection against any dust or lubricant that might fall to the floor. For indoor cycling bikes, the friction created during pedaling gives off little dust. With accumulation this might pose a challenge unlike for magnetic resistance bikes that have minimal wear and tear. Most indoor cycling bikes are also either a chain drive or belt drive. Both kinds also lead to some spillage with regular pedaling.

A carpet also soaks up any water spills to protect your floor and bike as well. If you always go for intense workouts, a carpet also takes in any sweat that drops. You can be quite surprised at the puddles that might form after really hitting the pedal hard.

A carpet also helps with less noise production. Indoor cycling is quite noisy especially if you easily move about the place. If you live with others or you have a small apartment, muffling the noise from your bike is something you should consider for your neighbors. With a well-padded carpet, you will not have to worry about bothering other people as you pedal away.

Using a carpet also helps for better balance. If you do interval training especially, having a carpet or mat is important.  Without one, it can become quite uncomfortable and unsafe to get into highly pumped workouts. While it might not be necessary, a carpet is a good investment to prevent such damages.

Things to consider when buying a carpet for an indoor cycling bike

For you to know whether a particular carpet is a perfect fit for use on an indoor cycling bike, there are a few features to look out for.

First, the thicker the better

For a better job at protecting your floors, go for the thickest carpet possible. They are also useful because thick mats remain flat easier. Thin mats easily move around or curl up when they do not have a substantial weight on them. Thick mats are also way more comfortable.

If you are limited on space and you might not have space to stow away the carpet after use, you can go for a slightly thinner size.

Material and overall quality

If you are to put a carpet on your indoor cycling bike, you need to really check on the durability of the carpet. A proper pick is one that is made of sturdy materials so as to be able to withstand regular wear and tear.

Also, some materials are easier to clean than others. Who would not want a quality carpet that is also easy to keep neat and proper? Some of the quality options are carpets/mats made out rubber, vinyl, foam,

A word of caution is that all these materials have their own drawbacks. For instance, a plastic indoor bike mat usually has a strong, repugnant smell when it is brand new. Foam carpets on the other hand do not do a stellar job at repelling any liquids that fall on it. It wins out by being ample protection for your floors. The foam also soaks up a lot of noise so you can be assured of a near-silent workout while indoor cycling.



Indoor bike carpets come in a variety of sizes. While an indoor cycling bike is rather small compared to other equipment in its range, you will need a carpet that is slightly bigger. Mats are designed to compact and small enough to snuggly fit your bike. This is for added comfort.

To make sure you settle on the right carpet size, take the measurements of your workout area and the indoor cycling bike as well. Once you have this, you can easily go shopping around for the best option. Also, consider whether the carpet you are getting can be easily stored. If you are limited on space, go for a carpet that can be easily rolled up and put away.

While indoor cycling bike carpets are not that expensive, you should save yourself the pain of going for a purchase that will need replacement after a little while. Take your time to find the perfect measurements and choose accordingly. Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat is one carpet that is particularly well rated among cyclists. This is because it is of good quality and offers optimal protection for your floors. It has all the protective features you require.

Also, consider buying a carpet that can be used for other purposes like stretching and yoga. For this, go for a mat that is well-padded for easy stretching or dumbbell training. You can easily do yoga on it, get your indoor cycling workout done then do strength training using dumbbells to finish up.


Indoor cycling bikes have innumerable health benefits. For one, they are the right equipment for a proper workout. They also boost your energy levels, mood and immune system. These bikes have also gained a lot of popularity because they can be easily used at home. Because of their compact size, they are available for all kinds of spaces.

To get the most out of indoor cycling, there a few steps you can take. One is using a carpet on your indoor cycling bike. Indeed, you can put an indoor cycling bike on carpet and save yourself a lot of trouble. A pro tip is to put a plywood sheet under the bike than have the carpet over it. By doing this, you will be adding to the benefits of having a carpet. For instance, you will have a stable surface that does not easily rock about.

Armed with this sheet and a carpet you will also be protecting your floors from any scratches. A carpet also helps keep your working area neat and clean. With constant training at high resistance, you can end up making quite the mess.  A carpet also soaks up any water spills to protect your floor and bike as well.

In a nutshell, you can put an indoor cycling bike on a carpet. Consider all the factors stated above so that you settle on the best option for you. Get yourself one and throw yourself into an intense workout without any worries.