Can You Use a Wattbike Atom with Zwift (Everything You Need to Know!)

Zwift is an application that is used by Cyclists, Runners or Triathletes to exercise when the weather is not too favorable for outdoor cycling. Beginners and professionals will benefit from using Zwift because apart from the cycling exercises they also get to interact with the provided 32 CGN workouts.

Even more interesting is that users don’t have to rely on the applications work out plan and have thus been given an option to create their own. After training, you can get your ride report and evaluate your performance. Zwift can be used by anyone as it has no restrictions on training and besides even professionals use the application to enjoy some free rides or just race for fun while at home.

Wattbike Atom can be used with Zwift because it has the necessary features that make it compatible with the Zwift application, and all you need is an interface, most probably an iPad, connectivity, and access to the Zwift application.

What to expect from Zwift

So, let us first get through the basics of using a Zwift application, first you need to get the application and this you will do by paying for a monthly subscription. Now with your Wattbike ready to hit the road, you will first get a speed sensor, whose purpose is to pass information to Zwift, on how hard you really are cycling and this will be done via a computer, an iPad, a tablet an iPhone or a Smart TV.

Even better is if your trainer has a power meter, the device will communicate your accurate power results to Zwift. Some indoor cycling bikes have been fitted with a smart trainer that will communicate to Zwift how hard you are pedaling and it can change the resistance of the pedals with regard to the program running on Zwift at the precise moment.

The best thing about using Zwift is that both runners and cyclists have been accommodated, as it provides users with a pre-structured program. However, you don’t have to stick to it, as you are given the option of a customized plan to suit your body and exercise goals. The creators of the application had their users in mind when coming up with the application because the customized plans have been carefully prepared by world-class professional coaches.

Users also get structured workouts and you don’t have to sacrifice work or family to train in the Zwift application. Therefore, if you miss a workout, you can always access it later, Zwift provides you with a variety of routes in three different worlds, first, you have Watopia that will expose a user to 8 different routes and 42km of road distance.

You also get to interact with the real world and the virtual world, in the real world you get to choose what course you want to ride in such as the UCI World Road Race Course and here riders can choose between the four routes but will only cover 19kms. The second one is London, and here you will get to interact with the London courses or get the countryside feel covering up to 27 ½ km of road.

Not all the courses are available for riding and you are thus provided with a calendar that shows you which courses are available for you to ride on. The provided mobile application is responsive and easy to interact with, so if you want to customize your riding experience you are free to change direction.

Key Features

Now that you do have the Zwift application, you should be ready to get blown by some of its unique features. Since riders can see their fellow cyclists using the Zwift application in real-time, they are allowed to communicate with them and here; you could send them a message, wave or give your competitor a thumbs up.

Cyclists can also switch their view from the phone application thus experience riding from different angles. Indoor trainers are meant to work on various weak points so that when you go out on an outdoor bike, you are able to compete in a flawless manner. To this end, Zwift provides you with up to 32 GCN exercises that are meant to improve your speed in flat roads, your endurance when climbing or riding.

Riding speed on flat roads can also be improved including sprinting and in preparation for a race. If all the above services do not suffice then you can import your workout sessions from a different site and use them on the Zwift app. Information on the calories that you have burned, your heart rate, the distance that you have traveled among others will be provided in your profile.


  • Zwift can be used anytime of the day and even at night
  • With Zwift you get to train on a trainer that you are used to
  • Zwift has a community and you, therefore, get to train with other people
  • With the different terrains and resistance changes, riders get the same benefits as those training outdoor
  • Zwift gives you 32 additional workouts and you can also get a customized session


  • Installation is expensive and the application has to be paid for on a monthly basis
  • To work out users will have to be indoors

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The watt bike connects to the Zwift application via the software or by using the Zwift phone application. To perform some of the functions like waving or chatting with a fellow rider, you will have to use your phone as a remote control to the software. You will, therefore, control all your rides in the comfort of your watt bike atom.

The Zwift application caters to indoor riders and cyclists, apart from the watt bike, other users with different stationary exercise bikes that have incorporated a computer interface can enroll on the monthly subscription and enjoy the training sessions any time of day and in different roads and countries all without leaving your home.