Stationary Bike RPM For Weight Loss (Everything You Need to Know!)

Stationary bike RPM for weight loss

If you are planning to start an exercise program for weight loss you should definitely consider purchasing a stationary exercise bike or joining a gym that has it in use. Using this equipment is popular as it is fun and entertaining to train with. Types of stationary bikes In general, there are three types of … Read more

Can You Use a Wattbike Atom with Zwift (Everything You Need to Know!)

Can You Use a Wattbike Atom with Zwift

Zwift is an application that is used by Cyclists, Runners or Triathletes to exercise when the weather is not too favorable for outdoor cycling. Beginners and professionals will benefit from using Zwift because apart from the cycling exercises they also get to interact with the provided 32 CGN workouts. Even more interesting is that users … Read more

Muscles That Stationary Bike Works (Everything You Need to Know!)

Muscles That Stationary Bike Works

An exercise bike offers the best cardio workout that really gets your heart pumping. Depending on your preferred intensity a cycling routine has many benefits. For an exhilarating cardio workout that will have oxygenated blood flowing and your blood pressure maintained, go for a biking routine. If you also want to lose weight, riding a … Read more

Recumbent vs Upright Road Bike (Which one is better?)

Recumbent vs Upright Road Bike

If riding in a bike sounds difficult or intimidating, then you must not have seen or heard about the recumbent bike. The recumbent bike, just like the road bike, is a cardiovascular machine and it basically gives you a similar workout to the bike. The Recumbent vs upright road bike article focuses more on the differences in … Read more

Why Is Indoor Cycling So Hard? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Why Is Indoor Cycling So Hard

You probably love cycling and going out for bike rides whenever you can. So you automatically assume that taking an indoor cycling class will have the same freedom that outdoor cycling gives you – only to discover that it is not as easy as you thought. As much as it can be challenging, it does … Read more

How Much Is A Keiser m3 (Everything You Need to Know!)

How Much Is A Keiser m3

Keiser m3 is good quality,  high-performance indoor cycling bike; For most people, the new bike from the manufacturer can be very expensive but you can get a second hand machine at retail price. The features incorporated enable high performance and comfort during use, and as we will see below, you will realize that the high prices … Read more

Treadmill vs Bike (Everything You Need to Know!)

Treadmill vs bike

Treadmills and exercise bikes are very popular exercise equipment that you can use in your home and the gym. They’re both effective in providing a great cardiovascular workout and different levels of resistance to help you progress in your training. However, each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so you’ll find some significant differences in … Read more