Is Indoor Cycling Considered HIIT? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Is Indoor Cycling Considered HIIT

 Though indoor cycling looks just like riding an outdoor bike, it can be more intense and fun. When you join a indoor cycling class, you will realize that the breaks are minimal. This is different from when you are riding a bike outdoors where you have to slow down as you approach cars in motion. … Read more

High Resistance Cycling Benefits (Everything You Need to Know!)

High Resistance Cycling Benefits

For a newbie especially, it is sometimes difficult to choose between going for a full on pumped session or slow pedaling. Contrary to what many people would think, fast pedaling does not necessarily translate to more burned calories and overall fitness. In fact, indoor cycling at low resistance levels at really high speeds might just … Read more

Is Cycling Good For Saddlebags (Everything You Need to Know!)

Is Cycling Good For Saddlebags

 The human body changes at different stages of life. When young, most people do not realize how slim their bodies look until they get older and start accumulating fat deposits at weird spots. While most men grow taller, muscular, and leaner, lots of women get curvier with age. If you don’t take care, there is … Read more

Can You Stand Up On Exercise Bikes? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Can You Stand Up On Exercise Bikes

With indoor cycling, there are many types of exercise bikes. Broadly some of the classifications are upright exercise bikes and the seated exercise bikes. There are also different types of bikes that are designed to accommodate the needs of all kinds of users. For example, an upright bike uses electromagnetic induction to create resistance. There … Read more

Sole sb700 vs. sb900 (Everything You Need to Know!)

Sole sb700 vs. sb900

Are you searching for a stationary bike you can use indoors? Keeping fit should be your priority, and an indoor bike can help you perform cardio workouts. The market offers a lot of indoor bike brands that can make your search difficult. You should, however, focus on getting the right bike from a reputable company … Read more

Can You Use a Wattbike Atom with Zwift (Everything You Need to Know!)

Can You Use a Wattbike Atom with Zwift

Zwift is an application that is used by Cyclists, Runners or Triathletes to exercise when the weather is not too favorable for outdoor cycling. Beginners and professionals will benefit from using Zwift because apart from the cycling exercises they also get to interact with the provided 32 CGN workouts. Even more interesting is that users … Read more