Sole sb700 vs. sb900 (Everything You Need to Know!)

Sole sb700 vs. sb900

Are you searching for a stationary bike you can use indoors? Keeping fit should be your priority, and an indoor bike can help you perform cardio workouts. The market offers a lot of indoor bike brands that can make your search difficult. You should, however, focus on getting the right bike from a reputable company … Read more

Can You Use a Wattbike Atom with Zwift (Everything You Need to Know!)

Can You Use a Wattbike Atom with Zwift

Zwift is an application that is used by Cyclists, Runners or Triathletes to exercise when the weather is not too favorable for outdoor cycling. Beginners and professionals will benefit from using Zwift because apart from the cycling exercises they also get to interact with the provided 32 CGN workouts. Even more interesting is that users … Read more

Stationary Bike RPM For Weight Loss (Everything You Need to Know!)

Stationary bike RPM for weight loss

If you are planning to start an exercise program for weight loss you should definitely consider purchasing a stationary exercise bike or joining a gym that has it in use. Using this equipment is popular as it is fun and entertaining to train with. Types of stationary bikes In general, there are three types of … Read more

Indoor Cycling Bike vs Cross Trainer (Everything You Need to Know!)

Indoor Cycling Bike vs Cross Trainer

When on a tight budget and you do not want to compromise on your comfort; you are often left with choosing between an indoor cycling bike and a cross trainer. These are two types of indoor trainers that are highly effective for a real calorie-burning workout. With different levels of intensity, these bikes are good … Read more