Concept 2 Bikeerg Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

Concept 2 is one of the respected manufacturers of exercise bikes in the US. It continues to produce high-quality bikes that suit both beginners and experienced cyclists. Concept 2 bikeerg is a durable product from the company that is made with a lot of attention to detail. It comes with enough features that can help you enjoy your workouts.

What you should expect from Concept 2 bikeerg

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It gives you the chance to cycle indoors as you do it at any convenient time. Even if you are new to indoor cycling, you should enjoy the smooth rides that this bike offers. It can easily support people with different skill levels. You should also expect to save some cash by choosing this indoor bike since it is cost-effective.

One of the issues that customers of indoor cycling bikes keep on raising is related to an assembly. If you want a stationary bike that does not come with a complicated setup, you should consider Concept 2 bikeerg.

You should be able to set up this bike without professional help within a few minutes. Your package comes with a manual guide that makes the assembly a breeze.

Most of the parts come pre-assembled thus simplifying your task. The only parts that you have to set up on your own include the pedals, seat, base support, monitor and handlebars. The manufacturer also offers free shipping services to customers who live in different regions. You should expect to receive the bike within 7 days after placing your order.

The key features of Concept 2 bikeerg


The bike comes with an aluminum grade that makes it quite durable. You can use this exercise bike for years. The durable aluminum frame also makes it lightweight and easy to transport. If you don’t want to lift it, you can always use the available wheels to move it from one room to the other.

This compact indoor equipment features the regular road frame design common in other bikes. It therefore provides room for people with different heights including both short and tall cyclists.

Having it at home gives every family member an opportunity to enjoy good cardio workouts from time to time. The frame design also keeps things such as humidity and sweat off your bike. Since there is adequate space between the exercise bike and the floor, you can easily reach the floor below your bike without necessarily moving the bike.

It also comes with a heavy-duty 3-piece crank system that enhances its safety. With this bike, you don’t have to keep on mounting or dismounting each time you wish to pedal indoors. Most users of this bike find it to be sturdy due to its structure specifications. Its simple design also makes it easy to maintain and care for.

PM5 monitor

Unlike in the past when exercise bikes for indoor cycling only came with standard features, you can now get a bike that gives you immersive riding experience. Concept 2 bikeerg is one of the bikes that is equipped with all the right features to help you enjoy cycling indoors.

It comes with a PM5 performance monitor which can give you a lot of data feedback such as watts, calories, cadence and pace. Such statistics are then stored in the monitor’s memory for future reference. Since the internal memory of the PM5 is quite big, it can store up to 1000 workouts.

The PM5 also has options such as ANT+ and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The bike therefore gives you the chance to connect to third-party apps for a more interactive cycling experience. You can therefore compete with other cyclists online. Feel free to share your fitness journey and show your progress on different social media platforms.

Some of the apps which are compatible with Concept 2 bikeerg include Zwift, LiveRowing, RowPro, BoatCoach and Erg IQ. The monitor is also compatible with different operating systems including Android and iOS. If you wish to save your workouts on a flash drive or charge your smart devices, you will like the presence of a USB port.

Once you have saved your workouts, feel free to upload them to the Utility app for you to analyze your performance from time to time. If you are using Concept 2 bikeerg with your partner, both of you can track workout stats on different USBs then compare the progress later.

This LCD can give you all the feedback you need for you to boost your performance in cycling. You can either use the ‘just ride’ mode if you are a beginner in indoor cycling or set up some workouts If you have some experience.

This performance monitor also makes use of D-cell batteries and generates its power from the flywheel during cycling, thus saving on battery life. The bike not only comes with different workout modes but it is also self-powered making it quite superior.

Q-factor and the pedals

The Q-factor is the distance between your legs when you are sitting on an indoor bike. If a bike has a lot of distance between its pedals, it can keep your legs too wide. This can prevent your knees, hips and feet from staying properly aligned during indoor cycling.

The lack of proper alignment can exert stress on the joints. This is therefore a crucial factor to consider when comparing indoor exercise bikes.

Concept 2 bikeerg is an ideal bike that prevents you from such issues since it comes with a narrow Q-factor that measures 155 mm. It, therefore, makes you feel as if you are pedaling a regular bike. The narrow Q-factor prevents you from experiencing joint pain and increases its comfort level.

When it comes to the pedals of this bike, they are not SPD compatible. It comes with flat pedals that have a non-slip surface. They give you the chance to train with regular shoes during cross-training. If you however prefer indoor cycling in clipless cycling shoes for enhanced power transfer and long rides, you can utilize it as long as you change the pedals.

The flywheel

While most of the traditional indoor bikes feature 50-pound flywheels, this specific indoor cycling bike has a lightweight flywheel. This also contains fan blades that can create inertia and momentum needed for a bike with air rather than weight. The light-flywheel mechanism leads to minimal pressure on the bike’s bearings, leading to less maintenance.

It is also designed with an enclosed drive that makes cleaning a breeze. The flywheel cover is anodized and painted black to provide an attractive exterior. You should also notice a full guard around this feature that protects the flywheel from any harm during transportation. It also prevents anyone from constantly touching the flywheel at home.


Most of the elite riders like Concept 2 bikeerg due to its unique air resistance system. The bike provides unlimited levels of resistance for you to engage in challenging workouts.

The resistance keeps on increasing when you indoor cycling fast and decreases when you reduce the speed of pedaling. Unlike most of the indoor bikes, you cannot adjust the resistance of Concept 2 bikeerg through a knob.

This bike is unique in that it features a damper which can you modify from 1- 10. It lets you regulate the flow of air into the bike’s flywheel. When you use the high damper settings, you allow more air to get into the bike’s flywheel housing.

Though the air resistance system of this bike is quite effective, it makes the bike noisier compared to indoor cycling bikes that rely on either magnetic or friction resistance. If you don’t mind the noise, you will enjoy riding this bike.

Seat and handlebars

A good indoor cycling bike should be comfortable to ride especially if you train for long periods. You can confirm this by focusing on the seat and handlebars of your bike. Concept 2 bikeerg comes with a unisex seat that can accommodate people with different seating allowances.

You will also like the feel of its handlebars since they are quite smooth. The bike comes with 4-way handlebars that you can adjust accordingly for enhanced bike tuning.

You can make the saddle angle adjustments using a wrench, though this does not come with the bike. Both the handlebars and the seat contain a lever system that facilitates quick adjustment.

According to most customers who are not new to indoor cycling bikes, these levers are easier to use compared to indoor cycling bikes that come with adjustment knobs. You only need to push the lever so that you can adjust the handlebars or seat vertically.

You can even do the adjustment even when you are already on the bike. Feel free to adjust the seat either backward or forward depending on your preference.

The handlebars and seat are also made using PVC cover and anodized aluminum that make them sturdy and long-lasting.

One of the reasons why Concept 2 bikeerg stands out from the rest of the indoor cycling bikes is the presence of drops and hoods which are hard to find in traditional bikes. Its pro handlebars give you the chance to target various body muscles during indoor cycling.

Gear ratio and drivetrain

If you are not experienced in indoor cycling, you should get familiar with the forms of drivetrain before you start shopping for an indoor bike. You can either choose one with a fixed wheel or freewheel mechanism.

Though most of the indoor bikes come with a fixed wheel, these are not the best since they prevent you from stopping abruptly since the flywheel and pedals stop turning together.

Just like an outdoor bike, Concept 2 bikeerg is designed using the freewheel drive system. This gives you the same experience you get from riding a regular outdoor bike. It produces the same sound of bearings and offers your feet relief when you stop pedaling. It is therefore better than most of the indoor bikes available today.

Apart from this, you should also not overlook other good features available in Concept 2 bikeerg such as the high-quality poly groove belts that use the self-tension system for enhanced durability.

This also enhances performance and minimize servicing. They also lead to a quiet operation. Concept 2 bikeerg has a maximum weight capacity of about 300 lbs.


You can gauge the quality of an indoor bike by looking at the warranty. Since this bike comes from a reputable supplier, its frame has a warranty of up to 5 years. The rest of the mechanical parts are covered for at least 2 years.

The five-year warranty applies to parts such as the seat, flywheel, handlebars, cranks, flywheel cover and main box frame. You don’t have to spend more trying to repair your bike if some parts get faulty before the duration is over. Choosing Concept 2 bikeerg therefore gives you value for your cash.


  • It comes with a backlit display
  • The aluminum frame makes it durable and lightweight
  • You get clear instructions and pictures to guide you during the setup
  • It features stepless lever adjustment
  • You can connect different apps and fitness devices to track workouts
  • Low maintenance
  • The dynamic resistance gives you challenging workouts
  • Self-powered generator


  • The lack of SPD elements prevent you from riding it with cycling shoes
  • Some users find the horizontal adjustment of the seat to be time-wasting
  • The fan flywheel makes it noisy
  • It does not include a tablet holder
  • There is also no bottle holder

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Concept 2 is known for creating great indoor bikes for both residential and commercial use. You should consider choosing a great bike from the company such as Concept 2 bikeerg.

This makes use of advanced technology to offer a realistic riding experience from the comfort of your home. If you are searching for a professional cycling bike with advanced features, then Concept 2 bikeerg is for you.