Does Cycling Make Your Bum Flat? (Everything You Need to Know!)

To most people, the bum is an attractive part of the body that they value. If you are not new to cycling, you probably have heard rumors regarding how this activity can affect the size of your bum.

While some people assume that cycling can increase butt size, others suggest that this activity can make your bum flat. Though contradicting views exist, you need to understand the facts regarding cycling.

If you want to shed some pounds, one of the most effective forms of exercise you should engage in is cycling. This can help you get rid of the extra fat deposits around your body.

You should not worry about having a flat bum from cycling since the activity only tones the butt muscles to give you a better-looking ass.

It shapes your bum since it eliminates the fat deposits around this region. Experts reveal that cycling does not change the size of your butt but rather enhances its appearance.

How does cycling work on your butt?


Whether you prefer spending some quality time outdoors on your bike or indoor cycling, you can develop a great body within a few months.

Cycling works on shaping your bum since it has both muscle building and cardio benefits. As you pedal, the vigorous movements work your glutes and legs.

This activity does not, however, last for so long to build the resistance that is needed for muscle growth. It means that altering the size of your bum through cycling is not easy.

Since cycling is a form of cardio activity, it can easily burn the fat that surrounds the glutes. This will make your ass look better since it will no longer have excess fat deposits.

It does not flatten your bum but somewhat tones it.

If you want a better butt shape from cycling, you should ride regularly and keep on challenging your body by increasing the resistance and speed of your bike.

This can help you notice a stronger tush and also give you other health benefits. According to experts, you should cycle for at least 300 minutes every week.

Apart from being a cardio activity, cycling can also be an intense endurance training activity for those taking indoor indoor cycling classes.

Alternating between high and low-intensity indoor cycling increases your metabolism. You will, therefore, see a difference in terms of losing weight around the butt area. It cannot, however, flatten your bum.

People who believe that you can gain muscle around your butt through cycling do not understand how muscle is built.

This only occurs when enough stress is exerted on a muscle through activities such as weight lifting. The extra pressure on muscle tears the muscle, forcing it to repair itself and grow larger and stronger.

Cycling cannot increase your butt size since it fails to place enough stress on the glutes thus does not lead to muscle growth

How can you build a more appealing bum from cycling?

Now that you understand what cycling does to your bum, you should find out what you can do to boost the results. If you are taking an indoor cycling class, it easy for you to get a shapely bum through cycling.

 Start by adjusting the bike before your indoor cycling session

Always arrive for your indoor cycling class a bit early so that you can get comfortable with your bike. Adjust it correctly so that you can provide your bum with a proper workout.

During indoor cycling, proper alignment is crucial since it can prevent you from an injury. If you are new to this form of cycling, let the instructor help you with the set-up of your bike.

Know the right form

During indoor cycling, you need to ensure that your core is always tight. Try to keep your hips back so that you can protect the spine from straining.

While jogging, you can tap your seat lightly with your butt. You should also squeeze the cheeks so that you can activate the glutes.

 Make use of resistance

Tightening your bike helps you challenge your body to ride faster and stronger. This can help you burn more calories and engage your glutes more.

You can increase the resistance when you are riding while seated or standing.

Concentrate on the climb

cycling make your bum flat

Climbs are crucial when it comes to sculpting your bum. During climbing, your legs have to be powerful enough to propel the rest of your body up the hill.

It can, therefore, make the legs and butt stronger and more toned. As you perform heavy standing climbs, you should avoid dumping into the hips since this can cause an injury.


Resting is often part of working out since your body needs sufficient time to recover. You should, therefore, take some time to cool down after cycling.

This allows your body muscles to stretch out. You should also rest for at least one or two days before attending your next cycling session.

Ensure that you combine different types of rides for you to get the most out of cycling. For instance, you can ride on a hilly terrain the first day then a flat course on the second day.

Do other forms of training apart from cycling

Though cycling can boost the shape of your bum, you should also combine it with other forms of workouts, such as lunges and squats.

If you want to increase the size of your bum, then you need to consider weight training classes. Such sessions can improve your overall body strength so that you have more power to cycle.


People have different concerns regarding how workouts affect different body parts. If you cycle, then you may be worried about getting a flat bum from the activity.

Cycling is known to reduce fat deposits around the body, including the butt area. Though it does this, it does not change the size of your butt.

Instead, cycling gives you a better-looking bum since it tones the muscles and gets rid of excess fat on your behind. Start cycling today, and enjoy a more toned bum.