Does Cycling Make Your Legs Thinner? (Everything You Need to Know!)

 If you are not new to indoor cycling, then you must have heard a lot of controversial stories surrounding this physical activity.

While some people claim that indoor cycling can bulk the thighs, others reveal that it makes the legs slimmer.

Due to such differing views, knowing the exact results, you should expect from your indoor cycling sessions can be difficult since the outcome is not seen overnight.

Before you join an indoor cycling class, you should, however, have all the facts at your fingertips so that you can avoid any disappointments in the future.

We can help you out by giving you the facts about what you should expect from indoor cycling. This form is a form of aerobic exercise and not a strength training exercise.

Being a form of cardio means that indoor cycling should not bulk you up. On the contrary, it can make your legs appear thinner after some time. Read on to find out more!

What exactly is indoor cycling?

For the newbies, this is a great workout that involves pedaling a stationary bike. It may help you tone those legs and make them look more defined.

Though indoor cycling has a lot of health benefits, our discussion today focuses on how it can help your legs. Most of the indoor cycling classes consist of at least 20 participants on indoor bikes.

Even though you can cycle from the comfort of your home, doing it in a gym in the company of others can give you the morale you need to work out more effectively.

The indoor cycling classes are set to last for a particular duration, and music accompanies your session. Riders enjoy indoor cycling sessions not only because of the atmosphere but also due to the indoor cycling bike itself.

This comes with a flywheel that picks up the speed during cycling. You can adjust the handlebars and seat according to your height.

It gives you the same feeling of riding a real bike while eliminating the fear of falling. You also get a knob that you can use to change the tension.

You can make the pedaling harder to challenge your body more so that you can burn more calories. The pedaling can change the appearance of your legs tremendously.

It not only tones the legs but also strengthens your thighs, calves, and glutes.

Does cycling make your legs appear bigger or thinner?

spinning make your legs appear bigger or thinner 

Experts reveal that developing big thighs from indoor cycling is a myth. This form of exercise is intended to trim your legs and make them appear tighter and slimmer.

Cycling on an indoor cycling bike involves very light resistance. Due to this, you can pedal for at least half an hour without feeling too exhausted.

If you compare this form of exercise with things such as squats, you can see how light it is. Doing squats for about half an hour is not easy for most people.

For the body to bulk up, it needs heavy strength training through exercises such as squats. Such exercises make use of fast-twitch muscle, which can quickly increase in size.

Indoor cycling, on the other hand, does not fall into the category of strength training. It involves slow-twitch muscle, which does not increase in size.

If this were possible, then all marathoners would have bulky thighs. indoor cycling is an endurance-based form of movement that burns calories in the body fast.

It raids most of the fat reserves in the body for recovery energy and performance.

This means that if you indoor cycle a few times a week and maintain proper nutrition, you will start developing smaller and shapelier legs as opposed to bulkier ones.

If the bulking of thighs was true, you would find numerous bodybuilders in indoor cycling classes.

As you attend indoor cycling classes, you should expect to lose body fat on different parts of your body and not the legs only.

Some women do not notice the difference in the size of their legs from indoor cycling. Even if your legs maintain the same size, they will look firmer and more attractive due to muscle definition.

This exercise works both the hamstrings and quadriceps of your thighs to give you a balanced look. For you to achieve the desired effect, ensure you maintain a consistent indoor cycling schedule.

Which tips can boost your indoor cycling sessions?

spin class

When you are not used to indoor cycling, you should follow some tips that can boost your experience. Start by assessing the comfort level of your stationary bike.

Most riders complain about the bike seat not being too comfortable. You can solve this quickly by cushioning your seat before the indoor cycling session begins.

As the leg muscles become firmer with time, you should get used to the seat.

Apart from using seat covers to cushion the bike seat, you can also put on padded shorts that are specifically meant for indoor cycling.

During indoor cycling, the body sweats a lot as you burn excess calories. This means that you need to stay hydrated throughout the session and afterward.

That is why most indoor cycling bikes have a bottle holder to help you with this. Ensure you always carry with you a small bottle as you go for your sessions.

You can also bring along a small towel to wipe off excess sweat from your face. Most people who have problems with lifting weights find indoor cycling much easier.

Even if you join a vigorous class and are still getting used to the activity, you need to pedal at your own pace. Do not overdo it before your body is used to the activity since it can cause an injury.

You should also try to form a good relationship with your instructor. This can help you get the assistance that you need, especially when you are still attending indoor cycling classes for the first time.

If you are not comfortable with your instructor, feel free to look for another fitness center. You can even get an indoor bike for you to work out from home.


Indoor cycling has a lot of benefits to your overall health. It can boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories than other forms of workouts.

When it comes to the legs, indoor cycling can make them appear thinner and more defined. If you don’t like the size of your thighs, join a indoor cycling class today and enjoy the great transformation.