How Much Is A Keiser m3 (Everything You Need to Know!)

Keiser m3 is good quality,  high-performance indoor cycling bike; For most people, the new bike from the manufacturer can be very expensive but you can get a second hand machine at retail price. The features incorporated enable high performance and comfort during use, and as we will see below, you will realize that the high prices are actually warranted but can’t say much for the used m3.

Training bikes are not only supposed to be comfortable but functional and assist the user in achieving their set goals. Keiser m3 features the latest technology that involves group cycling, which works well with people who lack the motivation to work out in the morning; they are also convenient for people who work from home.

With the M3, you are guaranteed to stay fit even in bad weather, as you just have to join your online team and work on your goals.

What should you expect from Keiser m3?

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It might interest you to know that despite the high prices, Keiser m3 sales are high unlike other indoor cycling bikes, and you will rarely hear people complain about the m3. The materials used in its manufacture are durable and the bike is very reliable when used indoors. So what you should expect in terms of performance?

For starters the m3 features a V-shape frame, which makes it easy to climb in and out, different heights and sizes can easily access and use the bike, you don’t have to make unnecessary jumps or lift your leg abnormally high just to get on the stationary exercise bike. The structure of the bike can either encourage or discourage you to work out and that is why the m3 has incorporated a simple but functional design.

With the high price, you should expect your m3 to last a lifetime and it sure will because the hardware used in manufacture is rust-resistant (stainless steel). Remember that as you work out you are bound to sweat, and with a poor quality material rusting is a reality. When it comes to cleaning you might also have trouble with material that isn’t rust-resistant.

The m3 will last longer and you can clean it as much as you want; you also don’t have to worry about sweat dripping to various parts of the bike. The console should, however, be protected from sweat and water; the purpose of the belt drive system is to provide users with a smooth ride, however, most of the indoor cycling bikes incorporate the chain system that is prone to maintenance issues and noise.

The m3 resistance belt drive system does not only guarantee a smooth ride but also relieves the user from maintenance issues. Working out early in the morning doesn’t have to be a community affair because the Keiser m3 doesn’t make too much noise. In addition, you do get the outdoor road like experience courtesy of the incorporated magnetic resistance feature.

How you position yourself in the bike will either help you reach your goals or attain injuries, so to obliterate the latter, the m3 users have been provided with a 4-way adjustable seat. So you can adjust your height, so that you don’t strain when trying to reach for the pedals and you can also move the seat fore or aft, for proximity to the handlebars.

The bike is light in weight just in case you need to move it and you have also been provided with wheels so that you can easily relocate it when you need to. Comfort and stability are what you should expect when using Keiser m3, it is not uncommon for the foot to slip while inside the pedal during a cycling session, the reason why Keiser innovated their pedal and introduced the M series.

The new model will hold your foot in place during a workout session and also prevent it from slipping towards the front. And as a bonus Keiser has fitted the computer used to interact with the outside world with a power output tracking device, the computer has been made in such a way that it uses smart backlighting.

Unlike Zwift that provides users with all the information on one screen, Keiser’s m3 console features two windows which enable the cyclists to save their information. The Power console contains five windows and if you want to view the information on a personal computer then you can use the e-chip.

The warranty is conclusive given the high price; the company, therefore, gives cyclists up to 3years warranty service, though the wearable parts are not been covered.

Which includes the Saddle upholstery, the pedal cage, strap, and T-handles? Users are also advised to take care of their bikes because if it gets damaged due to carelessness, then they will bear the cross. Other things not covered by the warranty include failure to properly assemble the bike and end up damaging it, or failure to follow instructions provided in the maintenance manual.

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Key features

Heart Rate Monitor- as you use the Keiser indoor trainer, you will be able to see your heart rate data on the console. For the chest straps you will have to purchase one separately, most importantly is that you will not have to pay extra for electricity as the consoles use batteries.

Water Bottle holder- the essence of a water bottle holder might not be readily apparent but wait until you have to break your training sessions just to get hydrated. There is no easy way to lose morale than to stop exercising just to run upstairs for water. For one you might get distracted or even decide to discontinue, the reason why Keiser has provided you with a bottle holder to either use it for your energy drink or water.

Resistance Levels- cyclists love a wide range of resistance cycling bikes, and when it comes to Keiser it offers digital resistance. You will, therefore, be able to interact with up to 24 tension levels, and the good thing is that both professionals and novice users have been catered for. The light tension levels can be used by beginners and as they get more accustomed they can use the professional powerful tension levels.


Keiser m3 is a revolutionary bike, manufacturers had their user’s interest at heart and that is the reason why it has incorporated unique but seriously functional features. Despite the high prices, Keiser m3 sales have skyrocketed mainly because it is durable and offers cyclists all they need in one package, which includes the outdoor road like experience.