How To Pedal Faster (Everything You Need to Know!)

While indoor cycling has been around for quite a bit, you might still find yourself missing out on certain aspects to give you optimal results. For instance, you might want to pedal faster on various resistance levels but you simply cannot.

Fast pedaling at a well-set resistance has many benefits on your cardiovascular health and general wellness. For example, a pumped session boosts your mood and raises your energy levels within a short time.

If you are looking to pedal faster for all these added benefits, here is how to do so with minimal chances of injury or overstraining. These are all minor changes that can have an overwhelming difference in how fast you hit the pedal in class.

Here is how you can pedal faster in an Indoor Cycling Class

If you are as fit as can be but you are just not pedaling fast enough, your stance might be all wrong

Simply changing the way you sit and stand on the indoor cycling bike can have a huge difference in your speed.  If you have an instructor or a workout plan, you should follow the instructions keenly. When on high resistance and high gear similar to climbing a steep slope for instance, sticking to the instructions will make you pedal faster. Often, people stick to low resistance levels and hit the pedal. While this is not always wrong, keenly following your instructor can have you going fast at high resistance levels comfortably.

Therefore, one way to pedal faster in indoor cycling class is to work on your form. You can then easily pedal as fast as possible even at high resistance where it really counts. Powering through the resistance that is like going up a steep slope is a real calorie burner. You can only safely enjoy this by maintaining an upright posture and placing your feet firmly on the pedal.

In addition to working on your form, you also need to consider having dumbbells to work your upper body. Exercise bikes and other similar home equipment often focus on your lower body. For a well-rounded experience, go for the weights once in a while.

Secondly, make sure your set-up is right to pedal faster

You can do this by arriving at class just a little bit earlier to ensure your bike is set right according to your height. For example, to get the most out of your class, your seat ought to be high enough for you. If your seat is too low or simply not set right, you can easily overwork your muscles or get some other sort of injury. One indicator that your seat needs to go high is soreness around your knees and hips. Always make sure your seat reaches your hip level so that you have faster and better indoor cycling sessions. As already stated, failure to modify the seat appropriately you risk unnecessary injuries.

Additionally, the distance between the handlebars and saddle ought to be configured to your body

spin faster

You cannot pedal as fast you would expect if your entire set up is not adjusted to your measurements. Setting the handlebar’s height to be in line with your seat or a tad higher is ideal. Such simple tweaks can help you get the most out of indoor cycling class. To check if your set-up is right, have a pretest and check whether your knees and shoulders are comfortable. For comfort, you should be able to have a 30-degree knee bend when fully extended.

For amateurs and pro cyclists alike, having a professional trainer check on your bike setup won’t hurt. You do not want to unnecessarily strain your body while not hitting your speed goals because of easy-to-do adjustments.

While it might not seem like it, if you do not set your resistance just right, this can also get in the way of your pedaling

It is always recommended to set your resistance according to your fitness level then push yourself to pedal as fast as possible. If you turn up your resistance way up and push hard, you can just lead yourself to strained muscles and injured joints. Setting it too low so that you are pedaling lightning fast only tires you out and has no added benefits to your general wellness.

Having a death-grip on the handlebars can also easily interfere with your performance

To pedal faster, relax your handle on the bars. Also, remember to breathe in and out so that you are not clenching your muscles in an attempt to go faster on higher resistance.

To pedal faster, it is also important to do full body stretches before starting indoor cycling class

This also requires you to show up for class at least 15 minutes earlier. Stretching out your back, hips and arms can have a huge difference in how fast you pedal. Skipping on stretching out can only hinder you from being as fast as you would like. It also interferes with your recovery after the workout. Stretching your body before a proper workout prepares it to hit your targets.

Every so often, I also consider meditating or doing a yoga session before class. Having your body in a relaxed state as can greatly enhance performance.

You also want to consider a gym that has upbeat music that gets you moving

If you are cycling at home, consider taking your time to curate the perfect music flow for pumped workout sessions. In addition to all the factors stated above, a well curated playlist can have you pedaling faster. Music beats that match your tempo are the icing on the cake. Slow, dreary music can really get in the way of you pedaling really fast.

To pedal faster, also try to keep your upper body as still as possible

If you are moving your upper body with every spin, this can get in the way of your speed. While you might not be able to keep perfectly rigid, focus on maintaining your core. In the indoor cycling class, you can easily get carried away by the upbeat music and hit the pedal. For faster pedaling and more efficiency, vibe to the music while reining in your upper body as much as possible. This also helps in toning your abs muscles.

Also remember to keep your head up

While this might sound like a tip on confidence boosting, you will also pedal faster by having your neck in line with your spine. Try to pick something to focus on that will have your neck upright and poised. Such a simple adjustment can greatly add to your speed. Being focused on your feet can limit your momentum after some time. This upright posture helps you give your pedal strokes more power and speed.

Finally, dress well

To hit your targets and pedal faster, you ought to wear clothes that allow you to do so. Baggy sweatpants just won’t cut it in indoor cycling class. Wearing fitting clothes like leggings and shoes that are well clipped can drastically improve your performance. A rigid enough sole on your shoes gives you a better grip to make your indoor cycling class experience as smooth as possible.  A tank top that also keeps out the moisture is ideal.

While it might sound vain, donning proper gear might be the most important tip. Dressing comfortably in fabric that will not get in your way is a must-do. For women, a supportive sports bra that can take in a lot of movement with ease is ideal. You want to be as prepared as possible to hit high speeds without any annoyances. When going out to buy a sports bra, try it on first and jump up and down. For the perfect fit for indoor cycling class, buy one that offers full support with minimal movement.

As a word of caution, remember that while pedaling fast in indoor cycling class has all the right benefits, pedaling too fast is also not good for you.  There are a few signs to know if you may be pushing your body too hard. First, is if your muscles become tense once you are done with your workout. A Indoor cycling class should be a tad relaxing. Loosen your grip on the handlebars and ease yourself into an easy to maintain cycling motion.

Secondly, if your lower body and particularly your hips are rocking and bouncing a lot, you are probably not doing it right. To fix this, slow down your cadence slightly and generate your fuel and power from your hips. Adding some resistance aids in all this so that you are able to cover the circumference with each pedal in smoother strokes.


Some of the ways to pedal faster include working on your posture, dressing well and playing upbeat music during your workout session. To avoid injury while pedaling fast, also make sure your form is poised. Another tip is that you should take a break when you need it. By taking short breaks within your fast intervals, you will definitely be able to clock faster speeds.

Consider all these important factors first so that you do not become labeled as a mere fitness fanatic in class because of how hard you are hitting the pedals.