Is Cycling Good For Saddlebags (Everything You Need to Know!)

 The human body changes at different stages of life. When young, most people do not realize how slim their bodies look until they get older and start accumulating fat deposits at weird spots.

While most men grow taller, muscular, and leaner, lots of women get curvier with age. If you don’t take care, there is a high chance of developing saddlebags.

These refer to the extra fat that tends to settle on the thighs and hips of women. It makes it hard for women to maintain an hourglass figure.

Most people who have saddlebags have a pear-shaped figure since the extra fat tends to accumulate on the low part of the body.

People call these saddlebags since the pocket of fats on the sides of one’s body has the same appearance as a horse’s saddle.

This fat can make it hard for you to fit into your favorite jeans or rock in a tight skirt. That is why women use all sorts of techniques to try and get rid of it. If you are on a mission to end saddlebags, read on.

What causes saddlebags?

Most people find the appearance of saddlebags unsightly since the fat can accumulate on the outer thighs or just below the butt and stay there for years. These regions are stubborn to tone.

One of the factors that cause saddlebags is genetics. If your family is made up of pear-shaped ladies, there is a high likelihood that you may develop saddlebags at some point.

Apart from that, gaining excess weight in women contributes to the development of this fat. It happens to a lot of ladies during the reproductive years.

Most women reveal that post-pregnancy fat is not easy to get rid of. Your body tends to hold on to this fat as a backup. You can, however, get rid of it through different techniques.

Though this fat may not cause severe issues such as increasing the risk of illnesses, it can force you to abandon your favorite clothes.

Research reveals that you may not be able to get rid of saddlebags completely, but you can minimize its appearance.

Can indoor cycling help get rid of saddlebags?

spinning help get rid of saddlebags

Spending time on an indoor cycling bike has a lot of health benefits. It is known to boost your cardiovascular health and promote weight loss.

If you are disciplined about indoor cycling each day, you will not only get rid of weight in other parts of the body but also on your outer thighs and hips.

It, therefore, means that indoor cycling can help you get rid of saddlebags. You cannot, however, target such areas alone as you cycle on a stationary bike.

Experts reveal that one of the most effective techniques of toning your thigh area is indoor cycling. It can help you love the way your thighs look within a few months.

For you to get rid of saddlebags through indoor cycling, you have to burn as many calories as you can. Burning at least 3,500 calories from indoor cycling can help you lose a pound.

To achieve this, you need to cycle for at least 60 minutes every day. If, for instance, you weigh 155 pounds, you can burn more than 400 calories from indoor cycling at a rate of 10 mph.

The more consistent you are with indoor cycling classes, the faster you will see a change in your weight and an improvement around your thigh area.

An indoor cycling bike gives you the flexibility of controlling how fast you go by adjusting the settings. If you are very heavy, you can start cycling at an average speed, then increase it gradually with time.

Feel free to adjust the intensity of indoor cycling and always set it so that you can see how many calories you are burning each session. With time, you should notice the less appearance of saddlebags.

You should also engage in interval training for you to tone your lower body. This can help you burn more calories fast and reduce fat deposits on your thighs.

This form of training involves alternating between short periods of fast-paced indoor cycling with your regular paced activity.

For example, you can start indoor cycling the stationary bike at a normal rate for about 4 minutes then pedal as fast as you can for at least one minute without reducing the speed.

This can help your heart pump faster so that you can burn more calories than you are used to. Proceed with this form of training throughout your session, then take a rest.

Adding inclines during the indoor cycling also helps you burn more calories.

spin class

What else can help you eliminate saddlebags?

Apart from indoor cycling, you should also be keen on other workouts that can help you get rid of saddlebags easily. For instance, you can try thigh toning workouts after you are done with the indoor cycle class.

If you want to achieve sculpted thighs, you should do strength training workout at least three times each week. A session should last for at least 20 minutes.

Exercises such as lateral shuffles, lunges, and squats can lead to the buildup of muscle around the thigh area. You can perform these workouts using small dumbbells or your body weight.

Though you can lose saddlebags by indoor cycling alone, other practices can fasten the results. As you work out, you have to observe your diet.

Apart from avoiding fatty foods, you should consume things that can give you enough energy to spin the stationary bike. Some of these include whole grains and lean proteins.


Do you have excess fat around your thighs that make you less confident about your body? Most women have to deal with saddlebags that affect their choice of clothes and even self-esteem.

You can eliminate the excess fat deposits around such areas by indoor cycling. Riding a stationary bike increases your body’s ability to cut calories and leads to the shedding of such fat.

Indoor cycling is, therefore, good for saddlebags. As you take your classes seriously, do not forget to take enough water since the activity leads to excess sweating.