Is Schwinn a Good Brand? (Everything You Need to Know!)

The history of Schwinn dates back to 1895 when it was known as Arnold, Schwinn, and Company, and like any other business, it experienced a myriad of challenges and was even on the verge of bankruptcy during the depression years. It, however, pulled through and employed good marketing strategies to grow the brand.

What’s more, is that it ventured into other markets and manufactured kids and youth bicycles. Over the years the company developed more brands of outdoor riding bicycles such as the Schwinn Twinn, Corvette, the Ten Speed and the Sting Ray. Since then the scope of Schwinn products diversified and have thus produced cycling equipment for different niche markets such as the jogging strollers and helmets.

From the above information, it is clear that Schwinn has been in the market for quite some time and has the necessary experience in the cycling business. It is, therefore, safe to say that “Schwinn is a Good Brand.”

Who are Schwinn products meant for?

As earlier discussed, Schwinn is a multifaceted organization that produces cycling equipment that caters to different demography. They do not discriminate and thus produce products that cover both genders, including kids. For example, they do manufacture men’s outdoor cycling bicycles such as the mountain and electric bicycles.

Is Schwinn a Good Brand

They also have comfortable riding bicycles for the female gender such as the women hybrid bicycle (Sierra Step-Thru). The bike accommodates women of all ages and is equipped with outstanding features that will enhance your riding experiences such as the stainless steel spokes that ensure durability and stability.

The Schwinn Sierra Step-Thru also features an attractive Sherbert yellow color that will resonate with many females. The kids have also been provided with the Gremlin boys sidewalk bicycle and the Stardust girls sidewalk bicycle just to mention but a few.

Schwinn indoor products

Is Schwinn a Good Brand

Schwinn has diversified business interests which also includes the Schwinn home fitness products, and here you will find the recumbent and upright bikes, elliptical trainers and the treadmills. They also have indoor equipment such as the rowers, airdyne and the classic cruiser.

What should you expect from a Schwinn Exercise bike?

We will sample one of their best products and discover why it might be a good idea to get it for the rainy days that wouldn’t let you cycle outside.

The Schwinn SC7

One thing with most of the Schwinn indoor cycling bikes and this includes the SC7 is that they do offer adjustability to accommodate different types of users, who are of different fitness levels. And the reason why their types of equipment are durable is that they have incorporated top-notch biomechanics that encourages equipment longevity.

Most important is that the SC7 rarely makes noise and offers a smooth and comfortable experience. For example, the pedals have been equipped with the Morse Taper design that ensures the pedals are fastened to the bike so that users can experience a safe ride.

Key features

Is Schwinn a Good Brand

The Schwinn SC7 indoor cycling bicycle has been made with a heavy perimeter weighted flywheel that enhances resistance and offers stability and smooth rides. While other bikes use chains that tend to require maintenance the SC7 uses a Poly-V belt drive train which is necessary for providing a smooth riding experience.

The structure of the bike features an aluminum frame that is also light in weight and contributes to resistance, durability, and portability. The seat slider is made of durable aluminum material that helps in adjusting the proximity levels to the handlebars and the console. It also helps in preventing the interactive computer from getting wet with sweat, thus ensures effective workout sessions.

The pedal body is large and features a toe cage design that helps to hold the foot in place during workouts; it can also accommodate different feet types thus enhancing comfort and enables the users to attain their goals, the recommended user height for the SC7 is 4’ 11” to 6’ 8.”

Movement of the unit to a different position or for cleaning purposes will not have you dripping of sweat, because it has incorporated small wheels at the bottom frame, so you can easily push them to any location. Users can also adjust resistance during the exercise sessions because the bike has been equipped with an easy to reach the knob.

The handlebars can also be positioned in a number of ways to accommodate the right choreography, what’s more, is that they do have training programs with certified instructors that could guide you through any routine that you want, to help you achieve your body and fitness goals.

The indoor cycling bike features a sturdy frame so you can be sure that it will remain stable when you have a lot of energy to dispense. And since it doesn’t come with an inbuilt console, you will have to use your own device, maybe a tablet or a smartphone. After the sale, services are also provided by the Schwinn service team to help keep your exercise bike in good shape and this mainly focuses on maintenance.


  • Made with a height adjustment feature to accommodate different height users
  • Features a comfortable adjustable seat to ensure the right proximity to the handlebars
  • The handlebars are made of comfortable material that provides a tight grip even with sweaty hands
  • The perimeter weighted flywheel ensures that riders do have smooth and quiet rides.
  • Made of lightweight but durable aluminum for easy movement and long service


  • Does not have a bottle holder, riders will, therefore, have to break their sessions to get hydrated
  • Users have to find their own interactive device


The SC7 indoor cycling bike by Schwinn comes incorporated with significant features to help you reach your fitness goals. Given their wide scope in cycling equipment, your whole family has been catered for and you could get outdoor cycling bikes for both the kids and the youth. Besides the Sc7 can be used by both the older people and the youth, and they only need to customize it to fit the different heights.