Keiser m3 Accessories (Everything You Need to Know!)

Once you have been able to save enough money to purchase your favorite indoor cycling bike the Keiser m3, the excitement of hitting the road immediately will most likely have you forget the necessary accessories that you will need for a successful workout session. What’s more, is that when you set up your home gym some of the accessories are a necessary feature.

Have you ever given thought to how you are going to assemble your cycling bike once it arrives? However, not all bikes come in parts, some are usually assembled and you only need to lift it out of the box. What about your hand weights, do you know that they can be accommodated by your m3 cycling bike with an easy to install dumbbell holder.

Well, let’s find out what other accessories are necessary for your Keiser m3 indoor cycling bike.


The M-Series Assembly and Maintenance kit

Keiser m3 Accessories


When you purchase an outdoor leisure bicycle, you are normally advised to service it, but it is impossible to service your bike when you don’t have the right tools to use. The same applies to your Keiser m3 if you don’t have the right tools that you will use to fix it once it arrives; there is a high chance that the bike will be damaged.

And remember the warranty won’t be of any help once this happens, so to be on the safe side you might want to invest in the M-series Assembly and Maintenance kit. The tools will not only be necessary when your bike is new but also useful when carrying out maintenance, some of the necessary tools that you will find in the kit are the torque and crowfoot wrenches.

Dumbell holder

Keiser m3 Accessories

So since you have decided to have everything in place and organized in your home gym, how about you get a dumbbell holder for your two hand weights, the installation will take a few minutes but remember only 5 pounds of weight can be accommodated by the device.

Exercise Bike Mats

Keiser m3 Accessories

Your gym equipment will affect the floor, whether you like it or not and most of the time you will find that the cement may start to chip off. When you work out there bound to be some vibrations from the ground more so if the floor is rugged, and worse still your equipment risks getting damaged if not protected from the cement surface.

So whether you have placed your equipment on top of a carpet, hardwood or tiles you need to protect both the machine and the floor. And that is why the exercise bike mats are a necessary accessory. Also, don’t forget to check the quality of the mats as they are manufactured with different materials that might not be safe for kids or pets.

A good exercise bike mat comes from good quality thick rubber; they will, therefore, reduce the excess vibration, protect your m3 from too much dust, and prevent the chipping of the floor. Also, you won’t be able to see scratches and the noise that comes from an intense workout session will be dampened, you will, therefore, have a smooth and stable experience each day that you work out.

The SPD pedals

The good thing about the SPD pedals is that they let you work out with the clipless cycling shoes. You, therefore, need to get the pedals because not all exercise bikes come with them, but if you have cycling shoes then you won’t be able to use them because the pedals installed can only accommodate the normal athletic shoes.

You will, therefore, find the SPD pedals in various bike shops and are usually not very expensive. While shopping you will probably bump into the road bike SPD pedals or the mountain bike SPD pedals, don’t get confused because there are some that have been specifically made for use on indoor exercise bikes. You will also discover that they have been made in such a way that they can accommodate both the cycling shoes and the regular athletic shoes.

One important thing is that you have to make sure that the threads match.

The seat cushion

Keiser m3 Accessories

You might have experienced numbness or soreness when you attempt to cycle on your exercise bike for extended hours, this is quite an uncomfortable experience that may make you give up on your exercise sessions. Well not so fast because there is a remedy, and you only need to scout the market for the best Gel bike seat covers.

The m3 seat is not as uncomfortable but when you need to put in the long hours as you prepare for a race the cushioned seat might come in handy. Installation of the accessory is very easy, but you have to make sure that the cushioned seat that you have purchased fits the dimensions of your Keiser m3. Even more important is that they are normally manufactured with regard to gender you, therefore, have to be very keen and choose appropriately.

Water Bottle

Keiser m3 Accessories

The Keiser m3 provides users with a bottle holder but no bottle, the first thing that you should, therefore, consider when getting your water bottle from the store is whether it is BPA free. Also, ensure that it fits your bottle cage and does not leak. What’s more, is that water bottles are manufactured to keep the water cold for as long as possible as they feature a double-wall construction.

Hydrating is a must for either light or powerful workout sessions and since you may not want to stop your sessions abruptly, it is best to keep you hydrating liquid on standby. Cleaning your water should be stress-free, and less effort should be used to either remove or put the bottle back to its holder.

Chamois Cream

Keiser m3 Accessories

The cream is totally optional but necessary; cyclists who experience chaffing will greatly benefit from it because it improves your riding experience and takes care of the already chafed or irritated skin. And the good thing is that it does not have any fragrance, it is non-greasy and does not leave residue thus making your workout sessions more comfortable.

Its purpose is to lubricate, soothe and soften an athlete’s skin; the cream is specifically made to cater to the indoor cycling instructors and the recreational road cyclists.