Keiser M3I Indoor Cycle Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about buying an indoor exercise bike, and are probably considering purchasing the Keiser M3I bike – but are not sure whether it is worth it in the first place. However, it is definitely worth the buy, as we will see in this review below.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle
  • Bundle includes: Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle, Media Tray, Stretch Pads, Floor Mat
  • Industry’s First V-Shape Frame: Enables M3i to mimic different road-bike frames by allowing seat and handlebars to be raised in conjunction to adjust for riders of all sizes, from 4-foot-10 to 7-feet tall
  • Bluetooth-enabled Interactive Cycling: Riders can connect to the Keiser M Series app and train with real-time graphs for power and heart rate, cadence range dials, FTP zones and more for a limitless array of workouts
  • Durability and Beauty: Simple, elegant design makes the M3i extremely durable, virtually maintenance-free, and a sexy showpiece for your home or gym
  • Made in the USA: The M3i is ONLY indoor bike built in the United States, ensuring the tightest quality control

What to expect

This model is a groundbreaking entry within the market of indoor cycling bikes and indoor cycling, as it features quite a number of things that are absent in other models. It is considered as an upgrade of the M3 Plus and Keiser M3 models, as it has better features compared to them.

For instance, it is among the first indoor cycling bikes that feature a Bluetooth wireless computer that is great for several aspects regarding your fitness.

Key features

Some of the features to check out include:

Drive system

Regarding the drive system, this model features the belt drive mechanism – which is why it operates quietly and fits a residential area without causing too much disturbance. The ride will also be very smooth, and reduces the maintenance burden on your end, unlike the bikes that use a chain drive system.

The belt drive also requires no adjustments for it to operate effectively. This is because the belt will transfer the power to small pulleys from the big one, and this forces the flywheel to turn. This will eventually result in a high-gear ratio that makes the feeling of using it similar to a road-ride bike, and the light flywheel also contributes to the comfort when you do moderate or light-intensity sessions.

Bike consoles

When you check out indoor exercise bikes, consoles are highly important to getting the best bikes because it helps you monitor your progress as you use it. similar to the other Keiser M indoor cycling bikes, this specific model has a digital display and light sensor (just in case you have days when the whole room goes dark, ad you need some backlight).

However, the display is not a touch-screen design, and it does not have any buttons. As long as the pedals work and you are using the machine, you should be able to see what your workout results look like and monitor your own progress.

Resistance levels

This bike has 24 magnetic resistance levels. This caters for various levels of cycling from intense, to medium, to light training sessions. Just to keep this in perspective, many indoor cycling bikes will have 20 resistance levels at most, or even less.

The exact system is Eddy Current magnetic mechanism, which means that the flywheel will not come into contact with anything, and maintains the quiet and smooth motion. As you increase the tension, the surface of the flywheel will increasingly be covered by the magnets on the sides of the flywheel – there are two magnets of about quarter-size.

In addition, the magnetic resistance means that parts will not wear out due to friction – rather than the brake pads and friction pad mechanisms that generate a lot of noise.

The LCD display will also show you the current gear as well as the gear shaft. You will notice in many indoor cycling bikes that the resistance adjustment method is through a knob, but this is very hard for many riders to go back to previous comfortable resistance levels because the levels are not indicated anywhere. However, the Keiser M3I model has a shaft that is located at the lower end of the handlebars, so that you can change gears easily if you want to.

The LCD screen also displays the gear levels, which is very useful if you want to go back to previous levels of want to use the emergency brakes. To use the emergency brake, jus adjust the shaft upwards and hold it in place. This will stop the flywheel from turning due to increasing the tension levels.


This model has a steel flywheel that weighs 8 lbs. This is not necessarily the smoothest when you are pedaling, but it manages to go past this problem through the use of the magnetic resistance and belt drive system, which makes use of small and big pulleys to create smooth motion as you cycle.

Note that it will not be freewheeling either, so that means the pedals and crank arms will turn as the flywheel turns – regardless of the direction. This will give you the advantage of a 360-degree stroke that maintains a fluid state of motion, rather than up and down.


The strong steel frame of the bike means that you can use it in a commercial setting such as a gym, as it can handle multiple users within the span of a few hours. It is not surprising, therefore, that it has some of the best steel frames you can find.

The dimensions will help you remain steady as you use it, even when you are doing very intense exercises. The parts are also quite durable, thanks to their aluminum com[position, while the frame that is in a V-shape allows you to get on and off the bike easily when you need to and protects it from sweat. All of these factors allow you to use the like for many days without it requiring heavy maintenance.

You will also notice four feet at the base, which gives it that much-needed stability on an uneven surface. Three of these are non-adjustable, but one is adjustable, through using the leveler’s foot (on the left corner of the base area). You can adjust the base through rotating this foot clockwise or inwards.

Basic maintenance involves:

  • Wiping off the sweat after every session
  • Monthly lubrication of handle threads
  • Checking the crank pedals and arms weekly (for the entire first month)
  • Monthly waxing of areas that come into contact with sweat
  • Checking battery life weekly
  • Weekly cleaning with a soft towel and warm water


  • Multi-resistance system
  • Easy to adjust the handlebars
  • Durable frame
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Good console


  • Handlebars cannot adjust horizontally


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This particular bike will make one of the best exercise bikes for you, as it helps you to get the most out of your workouts through the most advanced features.

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