Keiser m3i vs Stages sc3 (Everything You Need to Know!)

The competency that is translated to the cycling road has much to do with an effective indoor cycling bike and the combination of exercises therein. Look at the cyclist in a race for example; they have to contend with both smooth and rough terrains. Climb steep roads and go down on the slopes, the difference in resistance requires a well-built muscle that has gotten used to different resistance levels and exercise combinations.

Indoor cycling bikes have been made to cater to different levels of cyclists that are the beginners and the professionals. However, with the health and physical benefits that come with using the indoor bikes any other person can use them, and they just need to find one that has features that will resonate with their body and health goals.

The Keiser m3i and the Stages sc3 are stationary cycling bikes that have been built for both professional and non-professional users, who want to remain physically fit. We will, therefore, sample and compare their features and performance levels and see how they stack up against each other.

The Keiser m3i

Cyclists would want a cycling bike that gives them the real road-like experience, one that has adjustable features especially in the seating area, the saddle, and the handlebars. For an effective workout session, a user should be able to customize the bike so that they are within a safe distance from their interactive devices and the pedal.

The Keiser m3i has indeed taken indoor cycling to the next level, but still faces stiff competition from the likes of Peloton. Individuals using the Keiser bike have, therefore, been provided with the M Series application which is free and enables riders to track their progress by logging in details of their workout sessions.

And for people who lack the motivation to work out in the morning, you might have to watch out because by using the Keiser bike, you might be waking up to a competition. The instructors in the M series group app, like to keep the spirit of the riders high, they inspire and encourage them to train.

The group cycling class instructor sets the riders against each other, to see who performs the best, so if you are beaten today, you can redeem yourself tomorrow.

Manufacturers of the Keiser m3i have designed the bike to accommodate “all riders,” this is because there have been cases of bikes not fitting tall and sometimes short riders or even the heavyweight. The incorporated V-Shape frame, therefore, gives enough room for comfort while working out, and caters for the different sizes riders.

The design of the rear wheel is to ensure that your bike serves you for a long period and by not coming into contact with sweat, it is protected from corrosion. Magnetic resistance reduces wear, a technology that has been used in the manufacture of the Keiser m3i that also encourages repeatability.

And just because you have fitness and body goals, doesn’t mean that the whole household is in the same space as you are and you can, therefore; minimize the noise that comes with high resistance pedaling. So for the silence feature, Keiser m3i is equipped with a single belt drive train and a caged pedal to secure the foot in its place during work out.

Recommended and why

With the Keiser bike, the only other thing that is lacking to make it one complete whole is the individual with the right motivation to match the energy that the bike exudes. The features incorporated are sure to guarantee success in the work out sessions, because for one you are equipped with technology, and it also offers resistance to build your muscles. The bike can also be customized to fit any type of user, and that is why it comes highly recommended.


  • Transportation is easy because the bike is light in weight
  • The seat is adjustable four ways
  • Has a water bottle holder
  • Keiser offers Education and Certification


  • The bikes specialized tools are not easily available
  • Moving parts tend to wear out quickly

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The Stages sc3

So unlike the Keiser m3i V design, the stages cycling bike does not seem to give a lot of room for all sizes of users, but you do get a 10-year warranty, so it must be a good deal. Let’s dig into some of its outstanding features.

The bike is equipped with a stage sprint shift that allows instant macro-level resistance changes, which means you don’t have to keep turning the dial. There is also the three-stage lever complete with custom workload settings that give riders autonomous and instant control. Riders who are into interval-based workouts and HIIT, can increase or reduce resistance without having to sacrifice the custom micro-adjustments.

The incorporated fit loc lever can be customized to meet your daily requirements, handle adjustments are also possible, and the features take very few minutes compared to the standard twist to lock system.  I must say that technology lives in Stages sc3, the reason being that you don’t need external energy to power up your bikes console.

As you workout on your bike the power that you generate will keep the console display running, the flywheel hub is the host of the generator and the wired connections have been neatly tucked in the handlebar stem. Riders can also check their effectiveness and efficiency of their training via the console which provides details of the rider’s stage, average, and current data.


  • Riders will not be charged for maintenance or replacement of the chain or poly-v drive
  • Equipped with an intuitive console that does not need external power
  • Features fore and aft adjustments
  • The Fit Loc lever helps achieve the required height


  • Antlers are oversized
  • The seat comes a little too hard for indoor cycling

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Final thought

The Stages cycling bike is the only professional bike that features a power meter technology, a feature that sets it apart from the Keiser m3i. That is not to say that the Keiser does not feature technologically advanced features, so what makes it stand out, is its re-designed bike pedal and the incorporation of a bottle holder that obliterates the breaking of sessions to get hydrated.

Both Keiser and Stages have incorporated features that would comfortably accommodate different types of users, size-wise I must say that Keiser takes the cup, but when it comes to maintenance, warranty and innovative features that will put a brake on a person’s finances then the stages cycling bike takes the lead.