Lemond Elite Indoor Bike Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

A recumbent exercise bike is a stationary workout tool that is designed for indoor use like in your home or office. It works just like the traditional bike does. That is, you burn calories, lose weight and tone your body after a good workout with it. However, bikes like Lemond Elite Indoor come with features that greatly differentiate it from the traditional bike.

If you are looking to enjoy modern technology as you hit your workout, a recumbent bike like Lemond Elite Indoor is the right buy. It is designed to give you an effective workout all the while being easy on your body to prevent any strains.

What can you expect with a Lemond Elite Indoor bike?

The Lemond Elite Indoor Bike is a sleek and attractive product that weighs 116 lbs. You can therefore expect a good looking workout equipment that is subtle enough to blend in almost every room.

Secondly, you can expect a comfortable and fulfilling workout in the comfort of your home. Some of the workout routines in this bike are co-designed by Greg LeMond who won the Tour de France three times. You can therefore expect quality and sophisticated workout programs with this bike. They will challenge your endurance and strength so that you are pushed out of your comfort zone.

Regarding comfort, Lemond Elite Indoor Bile ensures its bikes are tailored to eliminate strains on your knees and back. Its seat and handlebars are also adjustable according to one’s height thereby making it all the more comfortable for all its users. Finally, you can also expect a product developed with state-of-the-art technology. For instance, it has Bluetooth connectivity and a music system. These make your experience all the more fun despite how strenuous a workout can be.

What are its key features?

Lemond Elite Indoor Bike by Hoist has been in the market for quite some time. Known for delivery on quality stationary bikes, Lemond Elite Indoor Bike is no different. Here are some key features that make this bike worthy of your purchase.

Effective Workout

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Lemond Elite Indoor Bike has different resistance levels that are engineered to go from a soft to a hard ride. This builds your endurance every time you use the bike making sure you have an effective workout. To lose calories and tone your body as well as you want, it is good to sign up with good workout programs like the ones loaded onto this bike.


To greatly reduce any straining or injury, most recumbent bikes including Lemond Elite Indoor Bike are ergonomically designed. For example, cycling on a traditional bike can be tough on your back and knees because of poor posture. Lemond Elite Indoor Bike, on the other hand, is developed to ensure you maintain a good posture while using the bike thereby reducing any pulls and strains. The protective covers on the frame also make Lemond Elite Indoor Bike highly durable and comfortable.

Display Screen

To always keep you posted on your progress, Lemond Elite Indoor Bike comes with a built-in screen that shows you a variety of factors. For instance, the LCD computer monitor can update you on workout distance, speed, time as well the calories you have burned. Additionally, if you purchase all the required accessories, Lemond Elite Indoor Bike’s display screen can also inform you of your heart rate and if there is any cause for concern.

Advanced Technology

Lemond Elite Indoor Bike is in tune with the times. Its built-in Bluetooth program makes this product one of a kind. It also comes with a pre-loaded fitness app that allows you to compare and track all your workouts.

Good quality parts

This stationary bike has several parts that are unique to it. For example, its universal seat and handlebar has adjustable settings that make it easily usable with people of all sizes and heights. Lemond Elite Indoor Bike also comes with high-powered pedals that feature pedal cages and SPD clips. To add, Lemond Elite Indoor Bike also has a pre- and post-workout surface for easy stretching and relieving of muscle tensions. All these genuine and high-end parts make this product well-rated.

Product Dimensions

Lemond Elite Indoor Bike measures 116 lbs. with 7.50 lbs. flywheel weight. Its overall dimensions are generally 55 x 24 x 41 inches. This makes it a good fit for users ranging from 147 cm to 198 cm. The maximum weight capacity it can handle is 350 lbs.

Adjustable Settings

Lemond Elite Indoor Bike can be used with right about anyone as it has a wide range for an indoor cycle. This is possible because of the seat and handlebars which can be adjusted according to one’s height. Such features make this bike highly comfortable for all different kinds of users.


  • A smooth, ultra-quiet ride which is especially useful if you live with other people
  • Can be easily moved from room to room because of its wheel system
  • This product comes with; 5 years warranty on the body, 1-year warranty on the pedals and labor, 3 years warranty on barriers and 6 months warranty on accessories for manufacturer’s defects
  • Easy to assemble the product and package comes with all you need for installation
  • 2 water bottle holders


  • Warranties are not comprehensive enough

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Final Thoughts

There are certain things can be certain of when purchasing Lemond Elite Indoor Bike. First, it is a high-quality bike that is designed to fit just about anyone. This is possible because of its adjustable settings making it a good fit for people who are 4’6 feet and those who are more than 6’feet. While the warranties are not tailored to fit all possible needs for a lengthy amount of time, Lemond Elite Indoor Bike is still a good buy for indoor use.