Lifecore Recumbent Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

Lifecore is a reputable company that seeks to produce affordable, quality healthcare products. Its series of stationary bikes are exactly that. These innovative bikes include Lifecore 860RB, 900RB and 1060RB among others.

Engineered using modern technology, Lifecore Recumbent bikes are guaranteed to enhance your workout experience at no cost to your comfort. They are all comfortable with various resistance levels to enhance your endurance.

What should you expect from Lifecore Recumbent bikes?

Lifecore Recumbent are quality, sleek bikes that primarily come in matte black. The designers at Lifecore have considered customer reviews and need to come up with high standard products. All their efforts have resulted in durable products that are backed with warranties.

You can also expect bikes that are developed with innovative technology. For instance, some models have music systems and USB ports. These make your experience all the more fun despite how strenuous a workout can be. If you are looking to have exciting, challenging indoor workouts to tone your lower body and burn calories, Lifecore Recumbent bikes are all you need.

As already stated, some of the bikes in this series include the 860RB, 900RB and 960RB. Here is a detailed guide on these products.


Lifecore Recumbent reviews:

860RB is a comfortable, recumbent bike designed for indoor use. It is specifically designed to be low impact enough to minimize discomfort or any strain. However, you will still be able to hit your calorie burns and targets.

What are the key features?

Adjustable settings

To ensure this bike is a good fit for all kinds of people, it has adjustable features. For instance, the seat has six different settings that can be adjusted depending on one’s height. The angled pedals and three-position lumbar also enhance the same.

Multiple Profiles

Lifecore Recumbent can save the progress of multiple users who use the bike. This makes it a particularly good fit if you have a family. The console also allows all the multiple profiles to give feedback on their experiences.

Preloaded Workout Programs

Lifecore 860RB has 22 workout programs that are already set-up for you. Each program is set to various goals like strength building, fat burning and hill workouts. You can keep track on your progress through the LED screen that has is clear with data such as calories burned and total workout time among other things.

Comfortable Ride

LifeCore 860RB has a foam padded seat with a mesh set for airflow and comfort. It also has a cup holder to keep your bottle of water close by. Its step-thru design also makes this bike easy to use.

Modern Tech-powered

You can connect your iPod to the 860RB and play music through the bike’s speakers. 860RB also has a holder for your phone or tablet.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame, 3 years on parts and 1-year labor warranty
  • Well-built and elegant
  • Takes up little room and is non-imposing


  • Not easily portable
  • Assembly of the parts is quite difficult and takes time

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Lifecore Recumbent

This Lifecore bike weighs 119.5 lbs. and measures 55.8 x 26.7 x 50.4 inches. Compared to other bikes in its price range, 960RB is highly durable as it is designed for daily use.  Besides its sturdy construction, it also has notable features like the USB port and MP3 jack that make it stand out from the rest.

What are the key features of Lifecore 960RB?

Innovative Technology

960RB is packed with all the modern-tech you might need. It has an MP3 jack and a USB port which you can use to play music. It also has a smartphone/tablet holder that you use to always be connected and synced with your gadgets at all times. These features ensure you are always updated and entertained even as you power through a challenging workout.

Design Quality

The revamped Lifecore 960RB has been remodeled to meet all expectations. The bike has been redesigned with a black, sleek matte finish that is high- performance. It is a good looking bike that can be placed anywhere in your home. It is also developed using advanced technology making it a favorite with tech-savvy people. The console also has a bright orange backlit display.


  • Elegant, sleek finish
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Highly durable

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Lifecore Recumbent

Lifecore 900RB is yet another good quality bike designed by Lifecore. It is an easy to use product as it can be easily assembled at home and the company also offers good customer service when called on. Here are some other notable features of 900 RB

Comfortable Training

960 RB has oversized pedals that are comfortable for all kinds of people. The straps can be used to make sure the pedals are a proper fit if you are on the lower end of the weighing scale. It also comes with a legal stabilizer designed to make your experience all the more comfortable and light.

Workout Programs

960RB is sold complete with several, improved workout programs.


  • Easily portable

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Lifecore Recumbent

This is a good looking quality stationary bike by Lifecore. It is suitable for amateurs and professional athletes to get their workout done. This is because the system progresses from your first day testing your endurance.

Pre-Loaded Workouts

Compared to other bikes by this manufacturer, 1060RB is jammed with up to 47 pre-set workouts that keep you pushing harder than ever. As it progresses depending on your endurance, this bike is highly suitable for a wide range of people.


1060RB allows you to play music as it has an in-built speaker. It also allows up to 3 different users loaded into the system.


  • 32 resistance levels
  • Comfortable and has a cooling fan with adjustable variables

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Final Thoughts

Lifecore has been in the equipment industry since the 1990s. Since then it has designed good quality indoor bikes. Some of these include the LifeCore 1060RB and 960RB which have 32 resistance levels. It is important to carefully read through each product, to make sure your desires and needs are met.