Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

Instead of going to an indoor cycling studio, this bike brings the indoor cycling studio to your doorstep. It gives you a great riding experience while at the same time helping you save some cash. If you are still wondering whether this indoor cycling bike is worth investing in, go through our in-depth review and learn everything about it.

What to expect from Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio

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Nordictrack is a well-known brand that makes unique home fitness equipment. This manufacturer produces not only treadmills but also stationary bikes that give you enjoyable riding experience. Nordictrack commercial s22i studio is a great model from the company that offers smooth rides and comfortable experience.

Since the bike makes use of innovative technology, you should expect a lot of customization options from it. The set up can, however, be a bit hard for new users. If you are buying a indoor cycling bike for the first time, consider getting a second person to help you assemble this bike. Most users reveal that they have problems trying to attach the stabilizers for the first time.

The key features in Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle


One of the things that most stationary exercise bikes focus on when buying indoor cycling bikes is the weight of the flywheel. This is a crucial factor that determines how realistic and smooth the ride can be.

As you compare the flywheels of different indoor bikes, you should consider the heavier ones since they are often better than lighter ones. This is because the additional weight can build more momentum as the bike’s flywheel spins.

This extra momentum enables the flywheel to continue indoor cycling during pedal strokes. It, therefore, minimizes any lag between the pedal strokes, giving you a smooth fluid feel. Nordictrack commercial s22i studio indoor cycling bike comes with a flywheel that weighs 32lbs.

Though it takes some effort to get the wheel indoor cycling, the extra momentum can come in handy during your workouts. You should, however, be extra cautious with this indoor cycling bike when using it for the first time since it requires a little effort to stop it. You can use the knob that is located at the bottom part of the handlebar to slow the flywheel manually.


Easy to maintain indoor cycling bikes make use of magnetic resistance. That is what you should expect from choosing the Nordictrack commercial s22i studio indoor cycling bike. The problem with most of the indoor cycling bikes available in the market have a tension knob but lack precise resistance settings.

This makes it hard for one to measure or regulate the resistance. Choosing a stationary exercise bike that has detailed resistance settings allows you to select a specific level of resistance, giving you accurate wattage stats. This offers silent operation and comes with at least 24 resistance levels that you can adjust according to your skill levels.

Most cyclists report that it makes one feel as if they are riding an outdoor bike. The use of magnetic resistance also extends the lifespan of this bike since it prevents the flywheel from wearing out quickly. Feel free to adjust the resistance levels of Nordictrack commercial s22i bike manually on its handlebar or use the touchscreen.

Apart from the magnetic resistance, the belt drive system also minimizes high noise levels when you are using this indoor cycling bike. The problem with some of the indoor bikes is that they use the regular chain drive system, which makes such bikes noisy. If you don’t like a loud bike, then Nordictrack commercial s22i is for you.


You should also compare the seats of different bikes before choosing one model since this determines how comfortable your ride will be. Nordictrack commercial s22i comes with the standard seat that is found in most road bikes. Most users reveal that they find the seat to be quite uncomfortable and small.

If you are an experienced cyclist, this may not be a big issue since you are probably used to such seats. New cyclists, on the other hand, don’t like the seat of this indoor cycling bike since they find it to be uncomfortable, especially when riding for long periods.

Feel free to add a standard gel seat cushion on the bike to make it more comfortable. Though the comfort level of this bike is not the best, its seat is fully adjustable. You can adjust it either vertically or horizontally until you find the best seating position.

The adjustability can, therefore, minimize the risks of an injury, which is often caused by an uncomfortable seat. Do not pull the seat very close to the bike’s handlebars since this can lead to the improper alignment of your knees.

You should ensure that your knees are in line with the midline of your feet during indoor cycling. You can also move the saddle stem either up or down. Ensure that the saddle is about your hip height as you stand next to this bike, especially if you are a tall rider.

All the adjustment areas come marked with some colored inch measurements to help you find the best position every time you want to ride this bike. Focusing on the proper alignment of each part can prevent you from any experiencing any injuries.


Do you have sensitive wrists? If yes, you should pay attention to the handlebars of the stationary exercise bike you wish to buy. A good indoor bike should come with comfortable handlebars that you can hold on for long without any problems.

Nordictrack commercial s22i bike is known to offer some multiple grips. You can use the narrow grip if you prefer riding while seated or the wider grip if you like cycling while standing.

Since the handlebars are quite thick, most users find them quite comfortable during workouts. You also get the option of adjusting the handlebars vertically so that you can find the best position for working out.

These adjustable handlebars also provide room for people with different heights to ride the bike. The left handle contains some buttons that you can use to control the decline and incline of your bike.

Nordictrack commercial s22i bike, therefore, mimics going down or up a hill due to its incline and decline capabilities. You can decline this bike up to a grade of 10% or incline it to a grade of up to 20%. Some users reveal that this functionality makes the workouts harder so that you can burn more calories every time you cycle.


A great indoor cycling bike should also come with a robust frame that can enhance stability during riding. You don’t want to purchase an indoor cycling bike that keeps on wobbling too much during indoor cycling.

To prevent this, the manufacturer of Nordictrack commercial s22i bike designs it with a heavy-duty steel frame, which makes it stable. The bike also comes with large stabilizers at the front and rear part which prevent it from moving even when you engage in intense workouts.

While some of the indoor cycling bikes have a maximum weight capacity of 300 lb., Nordictrack commercial s22i bike is more robust since it can hold cyclists weighing up to 350 lb. The bike itself is quite heavy since it weighs around 200 lb. when it is fully assembled.

This is an advantage since heavy bikes don’t wiggle easily during workouts. The weight limit indicates the frame quality of this indoor cycling bike. Despite this, the bike has a compact footprint; thus, it does not take up a lot of storage space. It stands at 55 inches long and 57 inches high.


Most of the indoor exercise bikes contain pedals which are compatible with cleats and sneakers. Nordictrack commercial s22i bike comes with the regular toe cage pedals that allow you to work out with different sneakers. You can even use non-cleat shoes during your workouts.

The bike also gives you the option of switching out the available pedals for clipless ones since it is compatible with any regular bike pedal.


Apart from the hardware of a indoor cycling bike, you should also focus on the monitor. This specific indoor bike comes with a smart touchscreen monitor. It makes you feel as if you have a small TV or big tablet attached to your indoor cycling bike.

You can easily make your preferred selections by touching the screen of this monitor. One of the reasons why the Nordictrack commercial s22i bike stands out is because its monitor can rotate.

This allows you to watch workouts from the bike’s monitor even when you are not in front of it. Nordictrack commercial s22i bike is also unique in that the monitor is quite big compared to what other indoor cycling bikes have. Most users also like the clear graphics of this HD touchscreen.

This monitor can easily pair with the company’s fitness app known as iFit. Using this bike can help you boost your indoor cycling skills by following the instructor-led workouts available through the app. You should, however, be prepared to pay for the monthly iFit plan for you to continue enjoying these workouts. The plan is, however, free for the first year.

When you pay for iFit, you can get access to more than 1000 prerecorded workouts. The incline and resistance settings of the bike change automatically according to the exercises you are doing. You, therefore, don’t have to keep on changing such settings when you are following the instructor guided workouts.

If you don’t want the entire iFit experience, you have the option of skipping it and use the manual mode. This is, however, not as interactive as following the iFit workouts. The classes are updated continuously so that you always have a variety to experiment on. You should have a reliable wifi connection for you to run this program.

At the top part of the screen, you should also notice a status bar that is responsible for displaying different readouts for things such as the wattage, duration, calories burned, and speed.

Under the screen, the manufacturer also includes two fans to keep you cool during intense workouts. Next to the fans are four power settings that you can use from time to time. Your purchase also comes with 3lb. dumbbells that you can use to conduct upper body workouts.


A good indoor cycling bike should have a long term warranty that covers most of the parts. This can prevent you from spending more money trying to get some parts repaired in case of damages. Choosing the Nordictrack commercial s22i bike enables you to enjoy an impressive warranty.

This covers the frame for at least ten years, and mechanical parts for at least two years. In case you have any issues after purchasing the indoor cycling bike, you should get in touch with the customer representatives of Nordictrack.


  • It makes use of innovative technology
  • Features automated decline/ incline during riding
  • It provides different resistance levels that can help you burn more calories
  • Comes with a 22 inch HD touchscreen
  • You get a one-year free plan
  • iFit include thousands of workouts that you can follow
  • Most users reveal that the flywheel feels quite smooth
  • This bike is stable


  • Some cyclists find the seat to be a bit stiff
  • Others have issues with the positioning of the console speakers

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Lots of home fitness indoor cycling bikes now offer digital workouts to boost the indoor cycling experience of cyclists. Nordictrack commercial s22i bike is no exception. This is a high-end indoor cycling bike that can be used in gyms and homes. It features a heavy flywheel and frame that make it durable and smooth to ride.

Since the seat and handlebars are fully adjustable, you can increase the comfort level. Most users also like the responsive touchscreen monitor that allows the streaming of iFit workouts. Nordictrack commercial s22i bike enables you to access studio classes from your home at a pocket-friendly price.