Nordictrack s15i Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

If you are an experienced indoor rider and are searching for a new bike to replace the old one, you should check out the latest models that come with a sleek design.

Launched in 2020, Nordictrack s15i is a good looking bike that is designed to help you train your lower body and even strengthen it. This bike gives you the chance to work out with the guidance of fitness experts. Read on to learn more!

What to expect from Nordictrack s15i bike

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Nordictrack s15i is a well-built bike that comes with all the features you need to enjoy exercising from indoors. You should expect a high level of comfort from it and challenging workouts.

This is a unique bike that makes you feel like you are riding on an actual road bike. Most customers are impressed with the capabilities of this bike. Both veterans and beginners can benefit from using Nordictrack s15i.

You should expect on-demand classes and live streaming capabilities from this indoor cycle. It gives you the energizing atmosphere you get from an indoor cycling studio without leaving your house.

Though the price tag is high, this bike can provide you with value for your cash. With this bike, you don’t have to keep on paying lots of money to indoor cycling studios every month. It is also convenient to use at home.

Here are the key features of Nordictrack s15i

Weight capacity

If you are not new to such indoor cycling bikes, you probably have seen most of them having a maximum weight capacity of about 300 pounds. Nordictrack s15i is, however, unique since this can accommodate users who weigh up to 350 pounds. It is, therefore, suitable for the entire family. The weight capacity is also a clear indicator of its quality.


When choosing an indoor cycling bike, some people make the mistake of looking for the most elegant looking one rather than paying attention to the construction. Focusing on how a indoor cycling bike is made can help you determine if it can give you excellent service for a couple of years or not.

Nordictrack s15i is engineered using welded steel, which makes it quite durable. Its construction is also corrosion resistance to make it last for years without needing constant servicing.

A common issue that some cyclists report when riding certain indoor cycling bikes is instability. For you to choose an indoor cycling bike that does is not likely to wobble, you have to check for features such as feet levelers. These are common in Nordictrack s15i.

You can ride the bike intensely without experiencing such issues since it is quite stable. The feet levelers of this bike are even adjustable. Even if you want to ride it on an uneven surface, it still remains stable.

Nordictrack s15i is also constructed with easy mobility in mind. It comes with two huge wheels that facilitate transportation. The problem with cheap indoor cycling bikes is that they come with fragile wheels that tend to break quickly or even scratch the floor during movement.

Choosing Nordictrack s15i can save you from such issues since it is designed with quality wheels that are safe and easy to transport. You should, however, beware that this indoor cycling bike weighs more than the rest. The weight, therefore, makes it inconvenient to keep on moving around. Experts recommend that you assemble the bike from the position you want to use it from so that you don’t struggle to move it around.


Digital workouts have transformed the way people cycle indoors. Nordictrack s15i comes with a touch screen monitor that displays sharp graphics. Since this bike operates on AC power, it prevents you from spending more money on buying batteries.

Though you don’t have to keep on charging any batteries, you cannot use this bike if you don’t have an electrical outlet socket. Most people prefer indoor cycling very early in the morning or during late evenings after work. Since the screen of this bike comes in full color, you can work out comfortably even in low light conditions.

One of the things that makes Nordictrack s15i a unique bike is that it comes with a rotating monitor. Since the monitor can rotate up to 360 degrees, you can tilt it up and down. Whether you are tall or short, you can easily adjust the angle of this monitor until you get a great view.

Its screen also features a swivel design that enables you to turn it left or right. If, for instance, you want to train using the dumbbells, you can quickly turn the monitor in any direction and continue watching the upper body workouts displayed on the screen.

The monitor also features some small speakers that are built into it. There is also an extra auxiliary port that can help link it to a different sound system when you want to listen to the indoor cycling class workouts.

Most users also appreciate the Bluetooth connectivity of Nordictrack s15i. Since this indoor cycling bike is also wifi-enabled, it gives you the chance to connect it to heart rate straps or the iFit app. Some are, however, disappointed with the fact that it lacks the HDMI port.

This prevents you from connecting it to your computer or smart TV if you wish to follow indoor cycling classes from a larger screen. Though you can benefit from the iFit plan, this bike does not give you the option of connecting to other cycling apps such as Zwift.

It is not the kind of bike that lets you interact on different media platforms. The board does not contain some in-built workouts that you can follow. Some people, therefore, find Nordictrack s15i limiting due to the lack of such functionalities. Despite this, it allows you to create fitness goals manually.

Since this bike is designed with smart electromagnetic resistance, it allows iFit workouts to change the resistance automatically to give you uninterrupted training. This is a great feature that makes your bike align with the terrain you choose to ride on iFit.

When you are going uphill or downhill, the resistance of the bike keeps on varying, thus giving you a more enjoyable bike. Since this bike is iFit enabled, you don’t have to attach your phone or tablet for you to follow the iFit workouts.

All the workouts from iFit are available from the monitor. You should only ensure that you have a strong wifi connection for you to enjoy them.

iFit subscription plan

One of the reasons why most potential clients choose Nordictrack s15i is because of the iFit program. When you buy this bike, you get the plan for free for the first year. iFit allows you to enjoy live interactive training.

Being a member of this program also gives you access to numerous road cycling workouts and indoor cycling classes. With this program, you also get to enjoy personalized coaching at a reduced price compared to what is normally charged in such physical indoor cycling classes.

Some of the workouts that you can engage in with the help of iFit include dumbbell workouts that engage your full body. Though you can still use Nordictrack s15i bike without the iFit membership, this is not fun since you will not have access to numerous classes, and you cannot save your daily workouts.

After using the iFit plan for one year, you will have to pay a certain amount for you to continue using it.

Q-factor and pedals

The pedals of this indoor cycling bike are built to last and keep your legs in proper position during indoor cycling. Nordictrack s15i features a wide platform and some adjustable straps. If you wish to conduct full-body workouts, you will appreciate the well-designed pedals since they increase stability during training.

If you, however, wish to conduct only indoor cycling workouts using this bike, you should consider replacing the existing pedals with SPD compatible pedals. Such pedals are known to be comfortable and safe to use.

When it comes to the Q-factor, this indoor cycling bike is considered to be quite unique. It has an ergonomic Q-factor that is about 150 mm. This size is suitable for every rider. The narrow distance between the bike’s pedals helps your hips, ankle, and knees to align correctly to prevent strains during intense rides.


A good flywheel should be heavy enough for it to provide smooth pedal stroke and significant momentum. Nordictrack s15i features a 32 pounds flywheel and has a medium gear ratio that enhances its performance. That is why most of the customers reveal that the bike delivers a natural cycling experience.

You will also like the bidirectional fixed gear since it allows you to pedal the bike even in reverse. Doing this can help you work out various leg muscles.

Though the fixed gear is Nordictrack s15i allows for more possibilities, it is disadvantageous in that you have to wait for its flywheel to stop indoor cycling for you to get off the bike.

In fixed-gear indoor cycling bikes, the pedals and flywheel move and stop together. This is different from a freewheel indoor cycling bike, which allows one to stop pedaling even when the flywheel continues to turn.


People also like Nordictrack s15i since it is a magnetic indoor cycling bike that does not need a lot of maintenance. This makes use of the smart electromagnetic mechanism. It comes with at least 22 resistance levels, which you can adjust using the controls on its handlebars or the intuitive touchscreen.

The monitor also lets you check the current resistance you are using, thus eliminating any guesswork during workouts.

Since Nordictrack s15i makes use of magnetic resistance, it does not produce a lot of noise during indoor cycling. You can, therefore, work out without disturbing anyone. Unlike indoor cycling bikes that use friction resistance, the magnetic does not touch the flywheel.

It, thus, prevents this part from wearing out quickly. You, therefore, don’t have to keep on changing the brake pads or lubricating them frequently. The magnetic system of this exercise bike is also not jerky when conducting high-intensity workouts.

This bike also allows you to challenge yourself more during workouts thanks to the incorporation of smart decline and incline adjustment. Take advantage of this functionality to boost your cycling skills and burn more calories every time you cycle.


If you are searching for an indoor cycling bike that can offer smooth rides, you should consider Nordictrack s15i since this is equipped with the belt drivetrain system. It is better than chain drivetrain indoor cycling bikes since it does not need lubing.

The belt is also quieter compared to chain indoor cycling bikes, thus making Nordictrack s15i great for home use. You don’t have to keep on replacing the belt since it rarely breaks down quickly.

Seat and handlebars

Both tall and short riders can enjoy using this bike since the seat is adjustable, accommodating people with different heights. Nordictrack s15i comes with a 4-way seat that you can adjust either vertically or horizontally. The ergonomic seat is also padded to boost comfort.

You will also like the 2-way handlebars since they are also adjustable. Your purchase includes at least two dumbbells that weigh 3 pounds each. Make use of this to conduct upper body workouts. You also get double water bottle holders attached to this bike.


  • The iFit plan is free for at least one year
  • It comes with a long term warranty
  • The bike has a screen
  • You get dumbbells and a holder for them
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity


  • It lacks a phone holder
  • You cannot use SPD cycling shoes
  • It does not have a USB port
  • The bike only works with iFit and not any other app.

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Enjoy the real-road pedaling experience without leaving home by choosing Nordictrack s15i. This allows you to relieve stress after a long day without visiting an indoor cycling class.

Most users appreciate the smart adjustment technology used in this bike and its iFit program. Though the indoor cycling bike does not have all the advanced features, it is comfortable to use and easy to maintain.