Peloton Bike Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

Did you know that you could use a Peloton bike to live stream a working out class complete with the instructor’s cues and motivation right into your home, sounds fun right? So this brings us to the big question, what is a Peloton Bike? The Peloton is an exercise or cycling bike specifically constructed for indoor use, the bike comes equipped with an HD touch screen display, the interface that you will use to interact with the gym class.

And to achieve the above, you will, of course, need internet connectivity, the reason why the bike comes incorporated with WI-FI capabilities. The purpose of the Peloton bike is to provide its users with a studio-grade workout; the Peloton bike works best for individuals who have the desire to work out in a gym, but rarely get the time or don’t want to leave the house.

The Peloton indoor bike enables its users to improve their heart health, shed fat and boost their muscle endurance. If you have previously involved yourself in some serious work out sessions, you must be conversant with the good feeling that is associated with a successful exercise session. What happens is that at the end of an intense training session endorphins which are the feel-good brain chemicals, are released.

What you should expect from the Peloton Bike

If you have had the chance to look at the Peloton bike you must have noticed its sleek appearance, the reason why it is high end. It features a sturdy structure and can be customized to accommodate different sizes of riders. The normal indoor cycling bike depending on features and materials used in manufacture tend to make noise during use, the peloton might not be 100% silent but the turn of the pedals and flywheel is so smooth that produces little to no sound.

The bike is also electromagnetic resistant, a sensitive and responsive feature that allows adjustment by one percentage point every single time. The tall and short people can both use the Peloton because the saddle is customizable to fit the varying sizes that are in “height and depth.” Users can also, spend extended hours on the bike given the comfort of the saddle.

Handlebars that don’t have good traction will have your hands sliding off when you start sweating. The situation will make your experience uncomfortable and you might have to break training just to wipe off the sweat. And that is why the Peloton bike has been equipped with grippy handlebars that will ensure your safety even when you are soaked in sweat.

If you decide to invest on a Peloton bike you might as well go all in and acquire the Peloton cycling shoes, not that you can’t use other appropriate shoes, but just so that you can ensure that the pedal clips hold your shoes securely onto the pedal, besides clipping and unclipping of the shoes to the pedal is a no brainer. The 22-inch touch screen tablet incorporated in the peloton has built-in speakers to transmit sound from the instructor and can also be used for music.

And since the working out session is a private affair and the bike has been made to accommodate one person, you can minimize the noise for your household members and use the wireless Bluetooth headphone.  Upon joining the live class you should expect to see your fellow riders joining the class, the sessions that they have attended and their performance in real-time as the class proceeds.

If you are engaging in a pre-recorded workout class, you will be able to view the names of the individuals who had enrolled in the class. The intuitive interface will give you information about your rank, which might not be very good, as you can easily divert from your objective and start to compete to attain a top rank. Other options include customizing what information you want to see or removing them altogether to remain with the instructor only.

The Peloton bike via the touch screen tablet runs about 10 to 14 live classes every single day, and their library has over 7,000 cycling classes.  Users have the freedom to choose their instructor and music genre and to enable an outdoor environment, they are provided with 99 scenic rides that include pedaling in the countrysides, on the city streets, and along the coastlines.

Key features of the Peloton Bike

pelotone bike review

The Peloton bike will expose you to the Peloton community of riders and here you will be able to interact with people who take the studio classes, and as you interact, you can post rides in your Fitbit, Strava or FaceBook profiles. Other interactive features that you can access on your tablet are viewing both yours and your friend’s historic stats.

There are many classes that you might find relevant and since you can’t engage all of them at once, you are provided with the option of bookmarking the classes so that you can take them later, or save them to your favorites list. Another key feature is that the Peloton membership allows you access to the Peloton application that gives you the option of streaming the cycling classes and beyond the ride non-cycling classes.

As a development feature, Peloton has included over 300 off-the-bike workouts such as strength training, yoga, toning and cardio high-intensity interval training. The Peloton classes can be accessed by other devices such as an Apple TV, or through an iPad, an iPhone and also on television via their application.


  • Users can work out anytime that they want or when they are free
  • Joining a live class can be motivating
  • Enables bookmarking of classes for later use
  • Riders are able to view their heart rate, the calories burned and their power output
  • Compatible with Bluetooth headphones, so noise is minimized


    • The Peloton bike is quite costly
    • Users have to purchase the look delta cleats for the bikes shoes

Final thoughts

The Peloton bike sure does come with a pricey price tag, you should, therefore, ensure that it is put to good use by including members of your family. And for it to remain significant, you also have to pay the monthly membership fee failure to which its significance will be lost. Getting rid of the bike might prove impossible; however, the good thing is that bike will offer the exact benefits that many riders rise up early to fetch from the gym.