Peloton Bike vs Wattbike Atom (Everything You Need to Know!)

The best thing about an indoor cycling bike is that you get to go anywhere and run through different terrains without leaving the house. You also interact with a gym class and instructors from the comfort of your home. And what benefits do you stand to gain from doing all these exercises? Well! There are the health and physical benefits, and the first and most important is that you burn calories, works on the joints.

Stationary exercise bikes do not discriminate against age, gender or lifestyle, and that is why manufacturers have built indoor cycling bikes to cater to different types of users, and that is the professional riders, beginners and trainers. The Peloton bike comes out more like a professional piece when compared to the Wattbike atom. However, they both offer intensive training sessions via the resistance features.

Change is the only thing that is constant, a fact that the Peloton community knows only too well, by purchasing the bike, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee, to access all the relevant features. And the good thing about it is that apart from choosing the best class that suits your goals, they have also introduced other exercises that don’t require the use of the bike such as Yoga and cardio among others.

We will, therefore, compare the features and performance of the Peloton and the Wattbike Atom and see which one stacks up best against the other.

Comparison table

Peloton Features
Wattbike atom features
Features up to 90 live weekly classes with a real-time instructor
Provides accurate data
Users interact and work out with members of the Peloton community
Made with a tablet holder
Users are able to monitor and see their progress in realtime
Incorporated 22 gears and a 25% gradient range
The saddle is adjustable
Users can access the wattbike hub and download training plans and pre-programmed sessions
Equipped with a resistance knob for an easy transition
Uses Magnetic resistance
Stabilizer bars with Levelers for stability and comfort
Users are provided with a pedal effective score
Features an interactive and responsive 22-inch touch screen tablet
Compatible with different smart devices


pelotone bike review

The Peloton bike incorporates sturdy material in its manufacture, which justifies its price; the mechanics have been well covered for your safety and that of your kids. Users of different sizes can use the bike because it is customizable to fit almost any size rider. Indoor cycling with increased resistance levels makes riders soak in sweat and since your feet are secured in shoes, you are likely to encounter problems with the handlebars and that is why the Peloton bike is equipped with grippy handlebars.

Unlike the Wattbike atom where you have to use your own tablet or phone, the Peloton comes incorporated with a sweat-proof responsive tablet. The interactive device will provide you with different statistics such as the current speed, cadence, and distance covered among others.

Users can also see the changes in rank as they pedal, even more, interesting is that the leader board is customizable to only present to you the information that you are interested in. And the reason why it is a community is that you can follow friends who take the same class or own the cycling bikes. You can also post your rides in Fitbit Profiles, Facebook and Strava.

What’s more, is that you can purchase a peloton membership and access the company’s application, though it can only be used by IOS users. The feature allows you to stream both the cycling and non-cycling classes, and the non-bike users are allowed to use the feature for free, for a period of up to 2 weeks.

Recommended and why

The Peloton comes highly recommended first because it offers value for money, how? The realtime interactive classes and the non-cycling classes are sure to boost your energy levels and provide mental stimulation in the early hours of the morning. Another advantage is that you get to interact with other Peloton riders whether a trainer or pro the bike will suffice.

Important to note though is that if you don’t pay for your subscription then the bike becomes less significant, but to counter this downside you can use it with other members of your household and might even share the cost that is if you will not be using it often.


  • Features an interactive and intuitive interface
  • Comes equipped with a touch screen tablet
  • The device is Wi-Fi enabled
  • Can stream both cycling and non-cycling classes under subscription
  • Features a customizable saddle


  • Occupies a lot of space
  • Expensive to install

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The Wattbike Atom

The Wattbike atom does not feature a sleek design like the Peloton but serves its purpose, the atom was designed to level up with the other high-end cycling bikes and this goes even to pricing only that the atom recently lowered its prices and added some extra features.

For connectivity and broadcasting the Wattbike just like the Peloton uses Bluetooth connectivity, and you can also access your heart rate data after you have connected your tablet or Smartphone to the bike and downloaded their application. The Wattbike also comes with customizable handlebars, saddle, and pedals.

The latter feature is a bit different from the Peloton because you cannot swap them with your own but rather need to purchase the Peloton shoes or one that is listed as LOOK DELTA or SPD-SL, riders who have wide feet and narrow feet can check out the Shimano.

Recommended and why

The Wattbike Atom stacks up well against the Peloton, and what makes it stand out is its ability to provide users with accurate data. Its creation has been a step by step innovative process that eventually led it to be used to select competent riders.

The indoor bike just like the outdoor is performance-oriented and the technology integrated therein can stand as proof. Different versions of the Wattbike come integrated with unique features such as the polar view, the resistance systems and the sensational pedaling that enables a road-like feel.


  • Gives users accurate data
  • Fairly priced
  • Features a stable structure
  • Upon purchase, it comes assembled
  • Pedals can be customized


  • Currently available in the UK only

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The Peloton bike and the Wattbike both have earned their rightful positions, however, the Peloton seems to be costly to purchase and maintain. Wattbike manufacturers have recently lowered their prices and slapped some new significant features on the rider. It is, therefore, easy to maintain only that it does not offer real-time cycling classes.