Schwinn 130 vs. 170 (Everything You Need to Know!)

Are you torn between choosing an outdoor or indoor bike? You should think about your specific cycling needs. Though an outdoor bike can help you explore different regions, an indoor bike can help you keep fit any time without worrying about bad weather or the risk of falling off the bike regularly.

If your main aim is to keep fit, then you need to settle for an indoor cycling bike. Once you start shopping for one, you will discover that such bikes come in different forms. You can either choose between an upright exercise bike or a recumbent bike for indoor use.

Choosing an upright exercise bike is wise since it can provide you with better and more consistent workouts compared to the other type of exercise bike. This is because the bike puts you in the same riding position each time. It helps you enjoy diverse workouts and forces you to challenge your body out of your comfort zone.

One of the popular manufacturers of upright exercise bikes in the US is Schwinn. This supplier has been making such bikes for years now.  The company has come up with different models, including 130 and 170. Though these two models have some similar features, they differ in certain ways.

Understanding how these two models compare can help you choose the right one for your exercise needs. That is where we come in. We will give you a comprehensive review of both models and discuss how they compare. Read on to learn more.

Schwinn 130 vs. 170

Schwinn is known for delivering high-quality exercise bikes at affordable prices. Before we tell you how models such as 130 and 170 differ, we will look at each of the bikes separately to boost your understanding.

Schwinn 130

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Riding an upright bike such as this one can encourage you to engage different body muscles, including the shoulders as well as abdominal muscles. It is a bike that can, therefore, help you lose excess weight and even tone your body. The bike comes with at least 2 LCD monitors which can display up to 13 elements related to your workout.

During cycling, you can check the distance that you cover, the speed, how many calories you burn as well as your heart rate. Monitoring such elements can help you keep track of your progress if you take your indoor cycling workouts quite seriously.

Every bike from the company comes with a unique seat that tries to boost comfort, especially during long periods of indoor cycling. This specific model has a padded seat that can quickly achieve that.

If you want to use any smart device during your work out, you will appreciate the inclusion of a USB port that can help you charge your device from time to time. Feel free to connect any other device when you wish to download data from the bike.

An excellent upright bike should feature different workouts that can guide you during your sessions. That is what you get from choosing Schwinn 130. It comes with at least 22 workouts that come in handy, especially for beginners.

One of the things that make indoor exercise bikes quite useful in training is the ability to adjust the resistance. This specific model comes with at least 20 resistance levels that you can keep on changing depending on your experience in indoor cycling.

When pedaling, you should keep on increasing the resistance so that you can burn more calories each time you cycling. If you are worried about how to move this bike across the room, you will like the wheels included in it.

They enhance portability so that you don’t have to keep on lifting the exercise bike every time you are shifting it from one point to the next. It also gives you the chance to set individual goals since it includes goal track capability.

The bike also makes use of magnetic resistance, which enables you to enjoy smooth and quiet workouts. Customers reveal that maintenance is also a breeze. The handlebars of this bike are comfortable and adjustable. They come with a fan, which keeps them cool as you pedal the bike.

Feel free to play any music you like during indoor cycling without necessarily depending on headphones. This is possible since the bike includes speakers.

It comes with a weighted flywheel that makes pedaling smooth even when you are moving fast. Schwinn 130 can support anyone who weighs below 300 lbs. It also includes safety features such as toe straps on the pedals

Schwinn 170

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Since this specific model is also from the same company as the previous one, you should expect to see some similar features. It, however, differs in that it comes with additional features that lead to a higher price tag compared to Schwinn 130.

Schwinn 170 is an upright bike that contains two LCDs, which allow you to check different elements during cycling. It is unique in that it offers Bluetooth connectivity and comes with more than 29 fitness programs.

Choosing this indoor bike, therefore, gives you great opportunities to experiment on various riding techniques for you to figure out which ones suit you best.

Through the display, you can check the distance you cover and also how many calories you burn per session. You should also be keen on the duration of your sessions and try to increase it every time. Most users like its contoured seat since it is easy to adjust according to your comfort level.

The bike also features forearm rests and ergonomic handlebars that allow you to pedal for hours without experiencing excessive fatigue. Its handlebars also come with heart rate sensors, which allow you to monitor your heart rate more closely.

During intense cycling, you need to stay hydrated to replace the water you lose from excess sweating. Make use of the water bottle holder included in this bike by bringing along a water bottle with you every time you want to cycle.

The bike also includes transport wheels that enhance mobility and at least three-piece cranks. The incorporation of a three-speed fan also enables you to remain cool during pedaling.

If you are an experienced cyclist, you will also like the 25 computer-aided resistance levels featured in Schwinn 170. It contains different resistance quick keys and heart rate programs.

By looking at the sturdy frame of this upright bike, you can tell that it is well constructed. It is designed to maintain stability even when you are cycling fast. The bike can support the weight of up to 300 lbs.

You can also entertain yourself while riding this bike by listening to some cool music since it features built-in speakers. Make use of the USB port available when you want to charge some of your electronic devices. The indoor bike can also sync with different fitness apps and allow you to transfer data accurately.

Feel free to adjust the padded seat of this bike based on your height so that you can ride comfortably. It also comes with some adjustable handlebars. You should pay attention to safety when cycling indoors. To boost this, the manufacturer includes toe straps on its pedals. Its weighted flywheel also ensures that you enjoy smooth rides.

Schwinn 130 vs. 170- features and differences


One of the factors you have to be keen on when choosing an exercise bike is its structure. If you are tall, you should go for a large bike that is more stable.

A short person can focus on a compact bike. Schwinn bikes provide room for people of different heights. Though these bikes may use magnetic resistance, they differ in terms of their construction.

Schwinn 170 comes with a heavier flywheel that gives it enhanced stability compared to Schwinn 130. Most tall people find Schwinn 170 easier to ride.

When it comes to ergonomics, Schwinn 170 still stands out since it has a unique 3-piece crank mechanism. This gives it enhanced clearance during indoor cycling. Schwinn 130, on the other hand, has a one-piece crank system.

Resistance levels

If you have a lot of experience in indoor cycling, you have to focus on the resistance levels that a stationary bike has to offer. Choosing a bike that has more resistance levels can allow you to challenge your body by engaging in more challenging workouts, which can help you achieve your fitness goals quickly.

Most experienced indoor cyclists choose Schwinn 170 while beginners go for Schwinn 130. This is because Schwinn 170 is considered more superior and challenging since it comes with at least 25 resistance levels. Schwinn 130, on the other hand, has 20 resistance levels.

Syncing capabilities

Schwinn 170 is a more recent model compared to Schwinn 130. The manufacturer, therefore, included more features in Schwinn 170 compared to 130. For instance, while Schwinn 170 comes with Bluetooth connectivity, this is absent in Schwinn 130.

Choosing Schwinn 170, therefore, gives you the chance to sync it with different fitness apps to make your workout even more enjoyable. This bike also contains other unique features such as heart telemetry. Schwinn 130 is considered to be a more traditional upright exercise bike.

Level of comfort

The features of an exercise bike can help you assess how comfortable it is. When we focus on Schwinn 170, we find out that it comes with forearm pads, oversized pedals, and a padded seat that can easily move both backward and forward.

Most people find this bike more comfortable due to such features. Schwinn 130, on the other hand, comes with a padded seat that only moves vertically. The lack of forearm rests in this bike shows that it may not be as comfortable as its counterpart.


Though the consoles of both bikes are not very different, Schwinn 170 has a backlit one. This, therefore, makes it easy to read, especially in low light conditions. Since both of the bikes have dual displays, you can always see one of the displays when you are using a book holder.

The difference between the two Schwinn bikes is that the 170 model comes with an additional seven workout programs. Both bikes allow you to customize the user profile.

Though Schwinn 130 only allows two profiles, Schwinn 170 allows up to 4 profiles. From such specifications, it is safe to say that Schwinn 170 offers more room for experimentation

Pros – Schwinn 130

  • It comes with a built-in fan
  • Long term warranty
  • Features dual screens


  • Some users reveal that the toe straps can interrupt you when you are not using them.

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Pros – Schwinn 170

  • It comes with at least 22 preset workout programs
  • You get a USB port for charging devices
  • Has a fan
  • The wheels move easily


  • It is expensive

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Working out indoors can be both fun and effective if you have the right equipment. You should consider choosing an upright bike since this can help you achieve your workout goals. Its structure allows you to support your own body as you balance on the small seat so that you can engage most of your body muscles.

One of the reputable suppliers of upright exercise bikes is Schwinn. This supplier creates models such as 130 and 170. When you look at the description of these two bikes from our discussion above, you realize that they have a lot of similarities.

For instance, they come with dual LCD monitors, the same weight capacity, a padded seat, and a USB port. Despite these standard features, the differences are also quite clear.

From our comparison, we discovered that Schwinn 170 is a more superior bike compared to its opponent due to its heavier flywheel, syncing capabilities, backlit console, and high comfort level.

If you are on a precise budget and don’t need advanced features, you may be comfortable choosing Schwinn 130. Experienced cyclists looking for advanced features, however, go for Schwinn 170 despite its high price since it can give one value for their cash.