Schwinn IC2 vs. IC3 (Everything You Need to Know!)

When it comes to indoor bikes, you definitely want the best possible exercise machine that allows you the best experience in your fitness journey, but that does not mean all indoor bikes will fulfill this purpose. When we say ‘all’, we mean it – there are so many brands out there that are all claiming to offer the same benefits, and it can become difficult when you are not sure what to look at.

However, we have done most of the hard work for you. In this article, we will review two bikes from a famous company, Schwinn, which has been making gym and exercise equipment for years. We will focus on the Schwinn IC2 and Schwinn IC3, and see what is better between the two based on several factors.

Comparison table

Bike model Schwinn IC2 Schwinn IC3
Flywheel (lbs.) 31 40
Pedals Dual SFD
Maximum weight capacity (lbs.) 250 300
Race-style seat, only adjustable vertically Race-style seat, adjustable both vertically and laterally


  • Both have infinite resistance levels
  • Use perimeter-weighting on the flywheel systems
  • LCD type display systems with the same metrics – calories, distance, time, speed, RPM

Schwinn IC2 review

Other than the usual features you would expect to see from indoor cycling bikes, such as adjustable seats, different resistance levels and easy-to-adjust handlebars, you additionally get a console that helps you to monitor your performance.

The frame is mainly comprised of steel to give the unit extra durability than others, and it can help keep the bike as steady as possible while you use the bike. The handlebars and seat are both pre-assembled when you purchase the bike, so there are no wobbling movements. If your floor happens to be uneven, the bike also has some adjustable leveling feet at the back area, and this helps to avoid any wobbling.

Like with all other bikes, you need to do all the standard maintenance checks is important to make sure the machine works. The good news is that the bike itself is durable, and can take many months and years of punishment, as long as you are looking after it.

The smooth ride itself is due to the flywheel weighing 31 lbs., although it will not feel as natural because of the lighter end when you are pushing it really hard – in contrast to heavier flywheels.

On the other hand, you can adjust the handlebars vertically, although you cannot move them horizontally. This will apply to the seat though, and the bike can generally accommodate people who are between 4’9” and 6’5” without becoming uncomfortable to use. The adjustments are easy to make as you use it, as you only need to use the knobs and slide the posts to their ideal positions.

The resistance is due to the presence of a wool pad that is on top of the flywheels, and you can turn the knob slightly to change the resistance levels. The wool pad will provide consistent levels of resistance, which prevents variations while you use the bike. Friction is the cause of this resistance though, so it is important to replace the pads as they will break down with time.


  • Easy to assemble, use and store
  • The console helps you stay on track with your workouts
  • Quiet mechanism
  • Has a water bottle holder
  • Low maintenance
  • Has a manufacturer’s warranty – 5 years on the frame, 3 months on wear parts, and 1 year on electronic components


  • Console does not store previous sessions
  • Light flywheel can make high-intensity workouts feel strange
  • Only have strap and toe-cup pedals
  • You cannot adjust the handlebars horizontally


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Schwinn IC3 review

This comes with all the essentials you need for your indoor cycling sessions. As it features a flywheel weighing 40 pounds, it is easy to replicate the experience of an actual road-biking session thanks to the heavy flywheel, and the customized resistance allows you to set the ideal levels of tension for each step of your workout plan. The other strong points include the Shimano pedals that have cages and shoe clips, the adjustable multi-grip handlebars, and the compatibility with the Polar heart rate monitors (which the IC2 lacks).

In terms of display advantages, this comes with an average-sized console, and this keeps track of all the primary metrics you usually look at – such as calories, time, distance, and so on. In addition, you get a media tray where you can place your mobile device – which the IC2 lacks as well. This is an excellent part of its features because it helps you save plenty of money by just adding the app on your tablet or phone.

When it comes to the handlebars, you can adjust them horizontally, and they have more positions for gripping compared to the IC2. If your workout sessions are longer, this becomes an advantage because you can stay comfortable for longer. The good news is that the bike itself is durable, and can take many months and years of punishment, as long as you are looking after it.

All these features combine to make the IC3 ideal for training, especially high-intensity ones. If you happen to have goals relating to burning calories rapidly, increasing the intensity of your cardio training, or toning your lower body, then this bike is a good fit for you.


  • The resistance system is quite good
  • Has a data monitoring console
  • Pedals of high quality
  • Seat and handlebars are easy to adjust
  • High weight capacity
  • Has a leveler for uneven floors
  • Easy to move due to transport wheels


  • Lacks workout programming system
  • Uncomfortable seat (though you can add a gel seat topper)


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Final thoughts

Both of these bikes are great for your exercise work, but it is important for us to pick an overall winner. The IC3 is our pick from this review, based on the advantages of stability, and the flywheel weights that determine the levels of stability during workouts. The IC2, due to its lighter flywheel, will have some issues when you are doing a high-intensity workout, as opposed to the IC3 bikes.