Schwinn ic3 vs. ic4 (Everything You Need to Know!)

Every stationary bike that comes from this company is unique. You should find out how different Schwinn bikes compare for you to choose the right one for your fitness needs.

Our discussion today is aimed at helping you understand the comparison between two popular indoor bikes from this company, namely, Schwinn ic3 and ic4. Though both bikes are great, they are designed with different users in mind. This comparison guide will help you figure out which bike you should purchase for your home gym. Read on!

Schwinn ic3 vs. ic4

For you to get a better understanding of both bikes, we will first introduce you to each of them individually before we start comparing on. Enjoy!

Schwinn ic3

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Are you looking forward to engaging in high-intensity workouts through indoor cycling? You need to choose a bike that will not let you down. This model is a streamlined bike that enables you to keep fit from the comfort of your home.

It not only comes with a friendly price but also gives you access to different features that boost convenience during use.

Most users like the minimalist design of this bike. This means that you get the essential features that you need for indoor cycling. Most of the non-essential components that are found inexpensive bikes are not included in Schwinn ic3.

Any serious trainee will appreciate the basic features included in this indoor bike. This bike gives you the option of adjusting the resistance according to your preference. Make use of the dial that is found underneath the handlebars for you to set the resistance you want.

It is an ideal bike for anyone that weighs less than 300 pounds. Schwinn ic3 allows you to monitor data as you cycle. For instance, you can check your heart rate or calories burnt during cycling. You can even tell the cycling speed and distance covered during your workout. Since this indoor bike is compatible with a chest strap, it can show your pulse.

Schwinn ic3 features a flywheel that causes resistance during riding and a quiet belt drive. One of the features that enhances comfort during indoor cycling is the padded handlebars. They are designed to support different riding poses, such as sitting or even standing.

Changing your riding poses from time to time allows you to activate different body muscles every time you cycle.  Great indoor bikes should have dual SPD pedals. This feature is present in Schwinn ic3, enabling you to pick between shoe clips and toe cages.

If you are planning to cycle for long, you need to choose a bike that has a comfortable seat. This is a feature that is sometimes overlooked when purchasing indoor bikes. Schwinn ic3 has a seat that is not only comfortable but also adjustable.

You can adjust it in different directions.  Adjusting the seat puts you at a powerful riding position. Ensure that your legs are also comfortable enough before you start indoor cycling.

You are bound to sweat a lot while cycling indoor. That is why the manufacturer adds a water bottle to help you stay hydrated as you burn extra calories.

You also get some extra space to secure your phone or MP3 player. The bike also comes with a money-back guarantee that allows you to return it within six weeks after purchase if it does not impress you. If you don’t need additional features like workout programming, then Schwinn ic3 may be an ideal choice.

Schwinn ic4

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If you are working with a precise budget but need a good indoor bike, you can check out Schwinn ic4. This is a unique indoor bike that is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

It gives the flexibility of using it with various fitness apps such as the Peloton app. If you wish to compete with other cyclists, feel free to use Schwinn ic4 with apps such as Zwift or Explore the World. Access such apps from your smart TV, tablet, or smartphone through Bluetooth.

When you purchase this bike, you also get heart rate armband as well as a set of dumbbells for you to conduct upper body workouts. The Bluetooth armband allows you to keep track of your heart rate. The 40-pound drive provides room for different types of trainers.

Whether you would like to try indoor cycling for the first time or are used to it, you will enjoy using this indoor bike. It also helps you challenge your body more due to the availability of 100 levels of magnetic resistance.

Try out different resistance levels until you find one you are comfortable with. For you to benefit from this bike, you should always challenge your body by increasing the resistance every time you ride. All the adjustments to the resistance can be made manually through a dial.

Schwinn ic4 also accommodates cyclists with different riding styles since it offers dual-link pedals. You can either use SPD clips or toe cages, depending on your preference. Ensure you get the right cycling shoes to make your feet as comfortable as possible during indoor cycling.

Though this indoor bike does not come with advanced features such as a built-in screen or speakers, its overall quality impresses a lot of customers. You can easily reposition it thanks to the incorporation of front-mounted wheels.

You also get a holder to place your gadgets such as a phone and tablet as you stream your classes. It also comes with adjustable handlebars and seat for you to find the most comfortable position to ride in.

You should adjust the handlebars in such a way that you can reach them comfortably as you keep your back straight and chest open. Ensure that your shoulders are also relaxed during indoor cycling to avoid straining any part.

Feel free to track your performance by using the available LCD monitor throughout your works outs. This feature enables you to track how long your cycle, the distance you cover, speed as well as how much you burn.

While most of the indoor bikes come with a single water bottle holder, this features two of these so that you never lack enough water during training.

This bike allows you to enjoy an immersive indoor cycling class any time you want. If you are looking forward to interactive training experience, then Schwinn ic4 is for you. Most users also like it due to the numerous customization options available.

Schwinn ic3 vs. ic4- Features, and differences

Both Schwinn ic3 and ic4 are well-built bikes that are designed for indoor cycling. Though they come from the same supplier, they have the following differences.


Schwinn ic3 makes use of friction resistance. It is equipped with the traditional friction pads that are found in most of the indoor bikes. Though this bike is great, the use of friction resistance makes it hard to maintain. You have to keep on replacing the friction pads from time to time for you to enjoy using Schwinn ic3. It is also not completely silent during use.

Schwinn ic4, on the other hand, is designed with magnetic resistance, which makes it more silent and maintenance-free. This bike also offers up to 100 levels of micro resistance, thus giving you a chance to challenge yourself more every time you want to cycle.

Bluetooth connectivity

If you like competing with other riders, you should choose an indoor bike that can give you an immersive riding experience. While Schwinn ic4 is designed to offer Bluetooth connectivity, Schwinn ic3 does not have this functionality.

Schwinn ic4 is, therefore, a connected bike that you can use with different apps like Peloton. You only need a tablet or smartphone for you to enjoy this functionality.

Apart from this, Schwinn ic4 is more advanced since it comes with Bluetooth Armband, which allows you to monitor your heart rate more effectively.

This feature is not present in Schwinn ic3. Schwinn ic4 comes with a USB port that allows you to charge your smart devices during use. The media holder included in this exercise bike also comes in handy.

Maximum weight

One of the crucial factors that you have to consider as you purchase any exercise bike is its maximum weight capacity. Every bike indicates this to enhance safe driving. The maximum weight of Schwinn ic3 is 300 lbs. while that of Schwinn ic4 is 330 lbs.


Are you trying to create a home gym and are buying an indoor bike as the first equipment? You can save some cash by choosing Schwinn ic4. This is because the bike comes with 3lb dumbbells that you can use to conduct upper body workouts. If you choose Schwinn ic3, you have to buy such dumbbells separately since they are not included in the package.

Water bottle

Indoor cycling leads to excessive sweating, especially when you are cycling at high speed. Experts recommend taking a lot of water during cycling to replace the water you are losing in the process.

Though both Schwinn ic3 and ic4 have water bottle holders, Schwinn ic4 has 2 of them. You can, therefore, carry more water so that you cycle uninterrupted as you remain hydrated.


When you choose Schwinn ic4, you get an extended warranty that covers the frame for ten years. The other parts are covered for at least three years. Schwinn ic3, on the other hand, has a warranty that covers the frame for five years and other components for two years. Getting an indoor bike that has a more extended warranty can give you peace of mind.

Pros – Schwinn ic3

  • Multigrip handlebars are padded
  • It has a comfortable seat that you can easily adjust
  • Contains dual SPD pedals
  • You can monitor different forms of data from it
  • It is pocket friendly


  • It does not have any preset workouts
  • The indoor bike lacks Bluetooth connectivity
  • It does not have a cooling fan
  • Some users reveal that it is noisy
  • You have to keep on replacing the friction pads

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Pros – Schwinn ic4

  • It comes with two water bottle handles
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long term warranty
  • You can pick between SPD clips and toe cages
  • Contains LCD monitor
  • Comes with dumbbells
  • Offers 100 resistance levels


  • It does not come with preset workouts
  • The indoor bike lacks a cooling fan during indoor cycling.

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Conclusion- Schwinn ic3 vs. ic4

Whether you wish to lose some extra weight or tone your body, you can achieve all this through indoor cycling. Indoor cycling gives you a chance to engage your entire body in low impact activity so that you can strengthen your muscles and reduce high-stress levels.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to hit the gym, buying an indoor bike enables you to work out at a convenient time. Look for a suitable bike from a reputable company such as Schwinn. It offers models like ic3 and ic4.

Both Schwinn ic3 and ic4 exercise bikes can help you achieve your fitness goals. Though both of them are well constructed, they have some differing features. Schwinn ic3 is ideal for a beginner who does not need a lot of extra features.

This comes with basic features such as data monitor, variable resistance, belt drive, and the mounted flywheel. Schwinn ic3 is considered to be a traditional cycling bike that is ideal for cyclists who prefer indoor cycling alone.

If you are, however, looking for a great bike with more features, you can choose Schwinn ic4. This allows you to view various workout apps through Bluetooth and uses magnetic resistance.

It is, therefore, easy to maintain and silent. Schwinn ic4 is a modern bike that allows you to compete with other cyclists without necessarily leaving your home. It can give you great value for your cash.