Sole Recumbent Bike Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

Currently, there are two high quality models of the Sole recumbent bike. These are the LCR Sole recumbent bike and the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent bike. One difference between them is that LCR is more suited for commercial use as it has more resistance and a sturdier wheelbase. The R92 bike, on the flip side, is good for household purposes.

The manufacturers of Sole Recumbent have brought in a lot of improvements over the years making these bikes well-equipped and updated as well. For instance, the newer models of the sole recumbent bikes are no longer self-powered compared to the other models.

What should one expect from Sole Recumbent Bikes?

Sole Recumbent bikes come in the already stated different sizes and designs. However, they have common shared features. For instance, they are all sleek and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The bikes are mainly made of sturdy material that is still easily portable. The step-thru design has also greatly helped in the ease of using this brand as it makes getting on and off the equipment really easy.

Sole Recumbent bikes each have additional, distinct features fitted in them so as to make your workout experience all the more enjoyable and easy. Each model and its features will now be further expounded on.

Sole LCR Recumbent Bike review

Sole Recumbent Bike Review

The LCR model is among the top selling, high-end recumbent bikes that are recommended by physicians and gym instructors. It can accommodate a wide range of users from those who are 5 feet 3 inches tall to 6 feet 5 inches users. Shorter users might have to get support from a pillow to have a comfortable experience.

What are the key features of the Sole LCR Bike?

Durability and Practicality

A top line feature of the LCR recumbent bike is that it can provide up to 5 hours of smooth cardio workout every day of the week. LCR bike is also built with heavy steel tubing that makes the bike indestructible while still keeping it movable around the house. Sole LCR is portable due to the two transport wheels in front of the frame and a solid lift handle in the back.

There are also two water bottle holders on the side of its frame and another holder placed under the console to allow you to keep your phone and protein snacks closer to your work outstation.

Comfortable Seat

LCR’s seat is comfortable and easily adjustable and that is through a lever rather than a time consuming knob common on most recumbent bikes. Users within the height range can adjust their seats to their comfortable position.

The backrest is soft, angled and with strong lumbar support to make the bike super comfortable regardless of it being nonadjustable. The seat is also fully cushioned adding more comfort.

Drive Mechanism

This bike offers excellent drive mechanisms that feature a belt drive and 31lb flywheel. This provides a gym quality smooth consistent pedaling motion for users who weigh up to 350 pounds.

LCR also features 1-40 levels of Electro Magnetic System resistance. This system is more accurate and more powerful compared to the common magnetic resistance. It is a high end technology resistance perfect for short intervals.

LCR is also a light commercial machine that can be used in offices and homes under consistent use by multiple users. The bike has the EMS technology and the standard q-factor are other key features that work to simulate a truly natural comfortable paddling pace.


  • MP3/ iPod compatible with sound system
  • Virtually silent performance
  • Comes with a cooling fan


  • Backrest is not adjustable
  • Not compatible with some fitness apps

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Sole R92 Recumbent Bike Review

Sole Recumbent Bike Reviews:

R92 recumbent bike is a midrange comfortable durable machine that can withstand daily workouts for a number of users. The bike has a 300lb user weight capacity. It is cheaper than the LCR model but it still offers quality parts and frames as well. This model is perfect for novice and intermediate level trainees.

What are the key features?


Backrest has been padded with a lumbar support that is comfortable regardless of it being non-adjustable. The pedals are also oversized with comfortable adjustable straps patented 2-degree inward


LCR has many notable features made with advanced formulas. For instance, the handlebar is fixed with pulse sensors. It also comes with a flywheel of 20lb and a drive mechanism belt. Another hallmark feature is that it comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

To add to its pomp, the R92 has 3 water bottle holders.


  • 20 magnetic resistance levels
  • Built in speaker and cooling fan
  • MP3/ iPod compatible
  • Adjustable soft sear and backrest with lumbar support
  • 3 accessory and water bottle holders
    3-year warranty


  • Not compatible with popular fitness apps
  • The backrest is not adjustable

By purchasing the Sole R92 recumbent bicycle, you are sure to have an elite prostrate machine. It gives a one of a kind, low-sway exercise experience that is ideal for seniors or people who are recovering from certain procedures.

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Final Words

Both Sole LCR and Sole R92 are top of the line recumbent stationary bicycles with solid frames and substantial flywheels. They also have additional features to make your workout comfortable and enjoyable. For instance, the delicately padded seat and the pedal plan enable the users to enjoy the intensity of exercise in an agreeable situated situation without any unnecessary strains or damages

Furthermore, they are sold at reasonable costs considering the cutting edge technology they employ. If you are looking for a durable stationary bike that is guaranteed to give you a full workout at the comfort of your home, you will not go wrong with Sole Recumbent bikes. These cardio machines will give you long stretches of exercises without any pains.