Sole sb700 vs. sb900 (Everything You Need to Know!)

Are you searching for a stationary bike you can use indoors? Keeping fit should be your priority, and an indoor bike can help you perform cardio workouts.

The market offers a lot of indoor bike brands that can make your search difficult.

You should, however, focus on getting the right bike from a reputable company so that you enjoy great features, a high comfort level, and a reasonable price.

We can simplify things for you by discussing a well-known brand known as Sole. This company has been producing various fitness equipment for years.

It is responsible for creating both Sole sb700 and sb900. Though both indoor bikes perform well, you need to compare these models for you to choose one that can help you fulfill your specific needs.

Though these two bikes look similar, they have some different features and do not cost the same. We will discuss each model separately then look at how they compare. Enjoy!

What is Sole sb700?

 Sole sb700 vs. sb900

If you need a bike for a light commercial or residential setting, this would be an ideal model. It is a practical bike that can help you with intense workouts at home.

The bike has a heavy flywheel, which enhances your pedaling experience. It gives you the same feeling you get when you are riding an outdoor bike.

Whether you are tall or short, you can use this bike comfortably due to the presence of adjustable features. As long as you are between 4 and 6 ft., you will like the efficient ride of this bike.

The maximum capacity of the indoor bike is 300lbs. This means that even bigger frames can ride on it without worries. Since it is a heavy bike, most riders find it sturdy during use.

Sole sb 700 also contains a knob that controls its friction resistance. If you want to modify the cycling intensity, you can use this knob, which is located at the top part of the frame.

Most riders also like the console of this bike, which helps them monitor their progress. This measures RPM while showing you the cycling time, speed, and the distance you cover.

It can also show you how many calories you burn every time you ride on it.  If you get a heart rate strap for this bike, it can help you measure your heart rate.

As long as you are consistent with working out, you can burn a lot of calories from riding this bike and stay motivated.

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What is Sole Sb900?

Sole sb700 vs. sb900

Like the first model, this is an indoor cycling bike that comes with a flywheel, which gives you an excellent performance. It also accommodates people of different sizes and shapes.

This offers room for people with a height between 5 and 6 ft. The maximum weight capacity here is not different since it can stand up to 300lbs.

Unlike the first model, the resistance, in this case, is magnetic to give you a quiet experience. The manufacturer states that you can even ride this bike at night without disturbing your neighbors.

The manufacturer further reduces the noise levels of this bike by including a belt drive.

It also comes with a knob for you to control the tension. You can, therefore, set your bike according to your preferred level of hardness.

If you are searching for a well-constructed stationary bike, you should consider this model. It is made from steel, which not only enhances aesthetic value but also makes it stable for great riding experience.

You can, therefore, focus on your workout without worrying about falling from the bike.

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How does sole sb700 compare to sb900?

From the above, you can tell the similarities and differences of these indoor bikes. Both of them are known to be stable enough, giving you the chance to ride while seated or standing.

You can also pedal hard without shaking. Both bikes can help you engage in intense workouts. They, however, lack levelers, which is a common feature in most bikes.

This means that you should not use them in an unleveled ground. Whether you choose sb700 or sb900, you will not have problems with adjustability.

You can adjust the handlebars of these bikes vertically or horizontally. Sole SB700, however, accommodates a broader range of riders compared to sole sb900.

The type of resistance used in each of these bikes is not the same. While SB 900 contains magnetic resistance, sb700 has friction resistance.

Magnetic resistance makes sb900 quieter and easier to maintain compared to sb700. In sb900, no parts touch each other; thus, you should not experience any noise or wearing out problems.

The pad that is, however, used in sb700 tends to wear out with time. If you choose this model, you should expect to replace it after some time.

When you focus on the pedals of these two bikes, you should note some differences. Sole sb900 has dual pedals that are suitable for SPD shoes. It contains straps and toe cages to secure your SPD shoes.

Sole sb700 on the other has pedals that feature some straps and toe baskets. Before you start riding this bike, you need to slip your shoes into the toe baskets then tighten them to get a firm grip.

When it comes to the price, sole sb900 is more expensive compared to sb700. This is because it contains more premium features compared to sb700.

Despite such differences, you get to enjoy the same level of comfort regardless of the model you choose. They also include the console feature, which can help you track your performance.


You can improve your health by working out through the use of an indoor bike. Sole sb700 and sb900 are two models of interest that can help you achieve this.

After reviewing both bikes, we found out that they don’t differ a lot since some of the features are the same.

SB 900, however, gives you a better riding experience compared to sb700 since it has more efficient features that reduce the noise level, enhance maintenance and stability.

Though you may have to pay more for this bike, it gives you value for your cash.