Spinner L1 Spin Bike Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

There are many low-impact exercises you can do, and cycling happens to be one of them. In fact, compared to other exercise routines, it will still give you quite the challenge you need to stay fit and healthy. If you are reading this, chances are that you are one of the people that enjoy the use of indoor bikes. Even though group workout sessions at the gym can be exciting and inspiring, sometimes it helps to have your own bike at home so that you feel more motivated to work out whenever you just look at it.

However, the market for bikes is rather large, due to all the variety present; and it might confuse you when you go out shopping for an indoor bike – especially when you do not know what to look for. However, we have done most of the work for you through the review of the Spinner L1 indoor cycling bike, which you can read below.

What to expect

For a long time in the fitness industry, Spinner bikes have been a consistent feature, having given people great fitness experiences for more than 20 years. This is all because of the manufacturer ensuring that the bikes themselves follow the best engineering aspects, and these all come together to give you the best experience.

They have several models within the Lifestyle series of indoor bikes, and this particular one aims to provide you with maximum convenience during your workout sessions. It gives you maximum quality, all at an affordable price and is the best way to start getting into spinning sessions.

Key features

This model, as we mentioned earlier, will offer you plenty of convenience and prevent injuries through upgrading the safety aspects, similar to the other Lifestyle series of bikes. Here are some key features:

Belt drive system

Like the other indoor bikes within the L-series, the L1 also has a belt drive system, which is also the reason why it remains quiet in operation as you use it (unless the resistance levels are high). This is, in fact, the main aspect – the Fusion Drive patented system, which increases the smoothness of your ride while also adding flexibility.

It will then work well with the drive chain operation mechanism, which will give you a road-riding feel that all Spinning bikes are famous for. In addition, you will not need to continuously maintain the system.

Assembly and maintenance

As this uses a belt-driven mechanism, the drive system will not require any extra maintenance. Every part should last you a long time due to the pre-lubrication – you just need to make sure all the bolts are tight enough and that the bike is clean.

In addition, it is not hard to assemble the bike – the manual is very comprehensive and provides you with clear instructions. Some parts will also be pre-assembled when you buy it as well, which eases your job and makes the complete setup easier for you.

Felt brake pads

Due to the use of commercial-style brake pads in this model, it will give you a smooth resistance system that you can easily adjust when you need to. The pedals are also compatible with SPD dual-side technology, which makes it easy for you to use cycling or athletic shoes as you use the bike.

Additionally, the front-end wheels will maximize the ease of portability, and the stabilizer feet will also remove shaking as you use the bike.

Flywheel that maintains stability

The system is comprised of a heavy-duty belt that is resistant to stretching and ensures its long lasting use. In addition, the use of the smooth belt means that the cycling motion is very smooth, allowing you to use the bike at home without generating too much noise to wake up the neighbors.

It also has quite the heavy flywheel that weighs 14 kg, or 31 lbs., but this will also give it a consistent level of momentum.

Seat and handlebars

Even though it is not the most comfortable option you will get, such as the seat options on upright or recumbent bikes, it will still give you the same comfort as that of a mountain bike. You can adjust both the handlebars and seat vertically and horizontally, as it has increments that you can change using the adjustment knob on the frame of the bike.

The knob is also quite accurate and allows you to make smaller changes, thanks to its ‘umbrella’ style approach, while it still protects the inner mechanical parts from your sweat.

However, the knob will not specify the general resistance levels, so that means that you must tighten it to find the correct tension that you can use, and you will know this better as time goes on. You can also adjust the tension as you pedal through – the good news though is that you can use the tension knob as an emergency braking system, as it can stop the flywheel motion instantly when you want to switch your pedaling motion and speed.


There are some solid welding points to aid instability, as well as the bike is comprised of a one-piece frame that is made entirely from steel. Other than the stability, there are also some level adjustment knobs that are present on the bases, both the rear and front ones. That allows you to use the bike for as long as you want without the risk of the bike moving unnecessarily.

Similar to all other Lifestyle series indoor bikes, the L1 assembly is also easy due to the transport wheels, both plastic-made, on the front base area.

As an added bonus, you also get a free Spin TV subscription with the [purchase, which can help you to stay on track with your fitness goals.


  • Very easy to set up and assemble
  • Great customer service
  • Good construction and solid frame for stability
  • Affordable


  • Lacks a digital reading system to monitor your progress


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Final thoughts

The Spinner L1 bike is for you if you are looking for an affordable option to go spinning, as it may be too expensive to sign up to a gym for that reason. It aims to offer you the benefits you get from these cycling sessions without breaking your bank account.