Spinner L9 Spin Bike Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

If you happen to get into any gym, spinning class, fitness club, or cycle studio, you are likely familiar with seeing an entire group of people pushing their sweat glands and muscles to the limit, as well as an entire section of people using indoor bikes for hours. Chances are, you are one of the people that enjoy the use of indoor bikes. Even though group workout sessions can be exciting and inspiring, sometimes it helps to have your own bike at home so that you feel more motivated to work out whenever you just look at it.

In fact, having your own indoor bike gives you much more freedom to work out any time you want, since you just hop on the bike and do a quick session for thirty minutes. However, this still raises the important point of choosing your home indoor bike carefully, and make sure it fits all your needs. Many bikes will promise you great things, but only a few can live up to your expectations.

We will review the Spinner L9 spin bike and see whether it is worth your money, as well as examining its features and what makes it stand out.

What to expect

Spinner bikes have been around for a long time, and have given plenty of people great experiences for almost 30 years – the manufacturer ensures that the bikes they make have the best engineering aspects to give the best experience to the user.

This particular model aims to give you the best comfort features, which will increase the convenience you experience during your home workout sessions.

Key features

As we mentioned earlier, the manufacturer aims to give you plenty of convenience and comfort through this bike and upgrade safety levels in general to avoid injuries. Here are some features worth noting:

Belt system

Within the Lifestyle series, the Spinner L9 is the top model (and the most recent as well), and features many improvements to the systems that are present in older models. The main aspect is the Fusion Drive patented system, which increases the smoothness of your ride while also adding flexibility – to ensure your ride is silent and smooth.

In addition, you will not need to continuously maintain the system, as the aramid fibers will add flexibility and strength. Thanks to the use of the belt system as well, the operation will remain silent and long lasting, and will not produce too much noise as you move.

As an added bonus, it also includes four spinning DVDs to add to your workout motivation techniques ad help you stay on track, and an automatic subscription to the magazine, Spinning Digital. It is also compatible with a Standard Tablet Mount, in case you have one.


This bike heavily makes use of the belt drive system, which is also the reason why it has a quiet operation mechanism. The system is comprised of a heavy-duty belt that is resistant to stretching and ensures its long lasting use. In addition, the use of the smooth belt means that the cycling motion is very smooth, allowing you to use the bike at home without generating too much noise to wake up the neighbors.

It also has quite the heavy flywheel that weighs 16.3 kg, or 36 lbs., but this will also give it a consistent level of momentum. Your pedaling will also remain stable and constant because it is perimeter weighted – this also means that the stair master effect is diminished significantly particularly in high resistance settings, while also enhancing the road bike feel that the company’s bikes are famous for.

The bars are kept secure through the wedge design of the entire frame, and this also enhances the ease of adjusting different metrics. The knob will not specify the resistance levels, so that means that you must tighten it to find the correct tension that you can work with.

Felt brake pads

Thanks to the commercial-style brake pads, it will give you a smooth resistance system that you can easily adjust when you need to. The pedals are also compatible with SPD dual-side technology, which makes it easy for you to use cycling or athletic shoes as you use the bike.

Additionally, the front-end wheels will maximize the ease of portability, and the stabilizer feet will also remove shaking as you use the bike.

Handlebars and seat

This bike has a well-cushioned seat, which is of a similar build to the ones you would find on a typical race bike. It is not the most comfortable option you will get, such as the seat options on upright or recumbent bikes, but it will still give you the same comfort as that of a mountain bike.

You can adjust both the handlebars and seat vertically and horizontally, as it has increments that you can change using the adjustment knob on the frame of the bike. The knob is also quite accurate and allows you to make smaller changes, thanks to its ‘umbrella’ style approach, while it still protects the inner mechanical parts from your sweat.

Maintenance and assembly

Assembling the bike is not a difficult task, as the user manual is quite comprehensive and gives you step-by-step instructions. In fact, the bike actually comes pre-assembled as some parts will already be in place. It is easy to assemble this entire equipment, and it fits into smaller spaces, which makes it great for an apartment or small home gym. The frame is entirely made from steel, yet remains easy to move, and it is strong enough to accommodate your weight up to 250lbs.

As this uses a belt-driven mechanism, the drive system will not require any extra maintenance. Every part should last you a long time due to the pre-lubrication – you just need to make sure all the bolts are tight enough and that the bike is clean.


  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Compact, and fits well in smaller spaces
  • Smooth and quiet operation


  • The resistance slips sometimes while you use it


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Final thoughts

The L9 spinner bike is what you can count on for all your needs when it comes to getting a reliable bike for your home workout sessions, at an affordable price. It is also quite low maintenance, so it should not stress you out regarding keeping it in working order for a long time.