Stages Sc3 vs Schwinn (Everything You Need to Know!)

When it comes to indoor training what matters most is the technology used and functionality of the stationary exercise bike, the rider needs to reach their objectives, either professionally or on a personal level. Exercise combinations help build resistance, tone the body, and burn calories. And combining the non-cycling workouts helps build power to tackle the toughest terrain.

The Stages Sc3 and the Schwinn indoor cycling bikes are for training individuals who are serious and want to stick to their fitness goals. They come highly recommended, and that’s the reason why they are adopted by professional cyclists. Stages Sc3 has been slapped with some of the most recent technological advancements that will have you interact with a console whose power is rider generated.

Schwinn, on the other hand, provides riders with an Echelon 2 console, which offers actionable feedback that will motivate and put your goals within reach.

The Schwinn IC2

Schwinn Company has equipped riders with both indoor and outdoor cycling bikes, so for the perfect riding experience, you can actually own both. The indoor cycling bike will prepare you for the real world, while the outdoor will not leave any experience of imagination.

As you get up for your early morning workout you are assured of very minimal noise because the bike has incorporated the use of a silent and smooth chain drive system, that has also been made to offer users an outdoor riding sensation. Riders and cyclists who have not trained for a while, and those who work out on a daily basis, always seem to have a lot of energy to dispense, so, how does Schwinn counter this energy.

To achieve stability during the intense workout sessions, the Schwinn bike has been fitted with a 31-pound flywheel. The idea behind the heavy flywheel is to hold the bike firm in its place, no matter the intensity of the exercises, important to remember is that the recommended weight of a flywheel is 30 so the Schwinn flywheel is well within its range.

Results are the real motivation of any workout process, so if they show no improvement, you are encouraged to go harder the next day. The LCD console fitted in the Schwinn bike will inform you of the distance that you have covered, the calories you have burned, and the time and speed taken. In short, it will provide you with the relevant data that you can use to customize your sessions for greater achievements.

Health and body goals are the major determinants of how much time an individual spends in the gym, in that case, if you are using the Schwinn bike there is no limit or discomfort that will deter you from achieving your goals. For one, you get a textured and padded seat, and for enhanced comfort you can customize the handlebars and saddle that will also enable proximity to the console and the pedal.


  • The handlebars are multi-position
  • Made with a sturdy steel frame
  • Features an intuitive console
  • Made with a 31-pound flywheel for stability
  • Can be used at home with different types of users


  • Handlebar a bit wobbly
  • Tends to be noisy when increasing resistance


It is not every other day that you get a cycling bike that will offer you maximum functionality and service and also not dig on your finances. With the Schwinn, you get a blend of technology and professionalism, so it is up to the rider to be punctual and efficient because its benefits are quite obvious.

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Stages Sc3

The sleek Stages Sc3 is a product of pure passion, the first and most important factor as you make a purchase of the mechanical devices, is its warranty. This piece of information will tell you a lot about the product even before you purchase it, the stages therefore, gives you a 10years warranty, yes! and mind you it is unparalleled.

During the workout process, when you want to increase the resistance level of your cycling bike most you will probably look for knobs, well, not for the Stages, because you can easily adjust the macro-level resistance instantaneously. The bike also features a fore and aft seat adjustments that will work with your height, as you try to be close to the console or away to prevent sweat from dripping on your computer.

The fit loc lever has also been fitted in the cycling bike to make sure that you fit in the pedals correctly thus enhancing comfort and productivity. One fact that I find really exciting that also offers peace of mind, is that you don’t have to incur extra costs for lubrication and maintenance services. The poly drive and chain also don’t have to cost you a dime.

Innovation must be Stages third name, the bikes EcoSCRN console is powered when being ridden, the generator that is used to power the computer has been incorporated in the flywheel hub, and the wired connection for the latter has been neatly tucked in the handlebar stem.


  • The hardware used to manufacture the bike is stainless steel
  • Height can be customized via the FitLoc, also features fore/aft adjustments
  • EcoSCRN doesn’t need power from an external source
  • Made with comfortable pedals that have a toe cage
  • Comes with a stages power meter


  • Pricey
  • Does not provide a water bottle holder

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The Stages Sc3 has been adopted by both the professional and novice cyclists, its functionality speaks for itself, and with a 10-year warranty, riders can expect long-time service from the stationary exercise bike. Comfort features abound that can enable your extended workout periods only that you might be forced to break your exercise sessions to hydrate.