The Best Spd Pedals For Peloton (Everything You Need to Know!)

The design of SPD pedals requires specific kinds of shoes compatible with the allowance left to secure the shoe cleat into the clip. A failure to find brakes that refit your Peloton bike may be detrimental to your indoor bike use. Severe injuries occur every day, as bikers lose balance from a weak pedaling position.

Other times, the cleats may loosen up or even fall off from the pedal. The situation is hazardous, mainly if you have engaged in full speed cycling. A sudden detachment from your pedals could scar your legs or cause a hard fall. Ensuring you wear appropriate shoes to click into the cleats is essential.

After scouring several well-informed analyses on different SPD pedals, here are the seven best SPD Pedals compatible with Peloton bikes.

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Schwinn Triple Linked Pedals

Image for Schwinn Triple

This pair of pedals incorporate a triple link system for easier threading onto the bike. It is an excellent choice if you like riding indoors and outdoors with its versatile toe clip and cleats system. You could also consider it for its reasonable price, all dependent on your budget range.

The Specs

  • The pedals weigh 1 Pound.
  • They accommodate bikes that use nine or 16-inch pedals.
  • The Pedals are compatible with Delta cleats.
  • It has a simple structure that has enabled easy installation onto the bike.

We all like a change of environment once in a while. If you need to change your work out space from indoors to outdoors, the Schwinn pedals should be on your list. The dimensions are generally universal and can fit into most outdoor bicycles on top of the indoors Peloton.

With the diverse fit, you can be sure of more exciting adventures with the pedals, depending on where you choose to cycle. The design doubles up to allow cleats and regular sports shoes on the brakes, allowing you to cycle using any shoe design you like.

Furthermore, the inclusive design from the toe cage includes others who prefer using regular treaded shoes to access cycling while keeping them safe from sudden accidents.

The Merits 

  • The pedals fit proper shoes and Delta cleats, creating diversity.
  • The simple design makes the installation of the brakes easier. You do not need tools during the process.
  • They are compatible with 9/11-inch outdoor bicycle pedals.

The Demerits

  • The pedals occasionally make loud clicking noises.
  • They need constant lubrication to prevent friction.

Final Take

With a design that works to accommodate most outdoor bikes, as well as any shoe designs, the Schwinn SPD pedals are a convenient purchase. You can share the pair with your family members and friends if you like, as the fit is incredibly inclusive.

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Venzo Taiwanese SPD Pedals

Image for Venzo Unisex

Finding pedals that do not cause too much fuss, especially with noise, can be difficult. However, the Venzo SPD pedals from Taiwan have a sealed bearing structure that allows them to turn smoothly.

The Specs

  • The Pedals weigh 1.27 Pounds.
  • They fit Shimano, and Delta cleats well.
  • They have adjusting clips that increase or decrease tension
  • They have a sealed ball bearing system.

Considering the force that you exert on your bike, this brand has outdone itself with the durable metallic alloy applied to the final pedal creation. This way, you can cycle worry-free and give it your best shot, or crank up your pace and accelerate to achieve your goals faster.

Sometimes, the blood flow around your body may cause an increased sensitivity on your feet as well. You may feel extra tension as you continue to cycle that becomes uncomfortable for you. Using the adjustable clips, you can change the force and increase or decrease the grip on your foot.

Your cleats may also come off the clips accidentally and require an immediate clip-out. Adjusting the clamp allows you to remove your foot from the pedal quickly before a severe accident occurs.

The lightweight of the pedals will prevent any unnecessary pressure on your foot or even on the bike’s pedal bar. Your cycling experience does not have to include excess caution as you avoid breaking the bike structure.

The Pros

  • The pedals have a unique indoor cycling-bike design.
  • The Venzo SPD pedals enable perfect foot grip by their adjustable allowance.
  • Their compatibility matches both Delta and Shimano cleats.
  • The metal used to make the pedals is very durable.

The Cons

  • Sometimes, the tension on the clips may loosen up and cause a clip off.
  • The SPD pedals may not fit the Delta or Shimano cleats seamlessly.

Final Take

For indoor cycling bike owners, the Venzo pedals are your go-to purchase. You can incorporate their durable structure and double brand compatibility to an optimized cycling workout. The pedals are also very compatible with Pelotons, which is what you are looking for.

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Spinner NXT Andorran Pedals

Image for Spinner NXT

For your every-day indoor and outdoor cycling, the Sipper pedals from Andorra provide a decent operating experience. The design is well formulated, allowing you to use your sports shoes or cleat fitted shoes to work your Peloton.


  • The pedals have two different models.
  • They weigh 1.25 Pounds.
  • They each have a Cleat allowance that fits two screws.
  • The pedals have clips to lock the cleats on the shoes.

Your sipper NXT pedals provide an exciting work out every time you use them because you can switch between pedaling on your indoor stationary bike, or out with your traditional one.

With the toe cage feature, you can use them even with every-day sneakers, converse, or any other non-cleated shoes. Staying safe is a top priority, which is why a double design was necessary.

One downside is that the pedals do not have an original cleat design on them. Unfortunately, you have to make a separate purchase for that. The absence of this feature should not be a significant issue, however, because the toe cage is still available for use.


  • Pedals have a durable structure.
  • The toe cages can accommodate different shoe sizes.
  • The pedals’ double design allows users with non-cleated shoes to use them without difficulties.


  • The pedals provide a firm grip that could be difficult to unclip.
  • You have to make a separate purchase for the pedal cleats.

Final Take

For users who like cleats and clips grips better, you could think of making that purchase or looking for a different all-inclusive brand of pedals altogether. However, the Spinner pedals are a perfect fit for newbies and experienced SPD users too.

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Wellgo Aluminium SPD Pedals

Image for Wellgo RC-713

If you love vintage bicycles, then the Wellgo SPD pedals will make you happy. Coupled with a structure that also supports Palaton compatibility, you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy the pedals on different bikes.

The Specs

  • The pedals have a Delta, and 9 Degree clicks compatibility.
  • They weigh 14.1 Ounces.
  • The pedals consist of an Aluminium body structure.

The Wellgo SPD pedals give you value for money with their standard design that is the best for any SPD beginner. The durable aluminum that makes up the largest percentage of the pedal surface, you can explore different paces and surges of cycling power until you find what works for you.

You will also find the process of fixing these bike pedals easy and quick to accomplish because the design is user friendly. Another great feature is that the pedal accommodates both a toe cage and Delta/9 Degree clicks.

Subsequently, if you progress from the beginner stage into a more experienced biker, you can switch up the pedal sides and engage your cleats.

The Pros

  • You can find cheap replacements in case of any pedal damages.
  • The pedals are reasonably priced.
  • It accommodates pedals from vintage bicycles.
  • The pedals are easy to install on the bike.

The Cons

  • Clipping out of these pedals may take a bit more time than expected.

Final Take

If you are at the beginner level of SPD pedal use, the Wellgo Pedals will give you good service. The simple toe cage clip lets you slip your foot inside for proper grip, and holds it in position as you cycle. Despite the slight difficulty in clipping out of the pedals, these pedals provide a good start to your cycling journey.

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Sunlite SPD Bike Pedals

Image for Sunlite Track Sport Pedals

The compatibility with Shimano SPD cleats opens up the pedals to a large market of users, because of the easily accessible Brand-Shimano. You could also just slip in your normal sportswear shoes and engage in an intense cycling exercise, stress-free.

The Specs

  • The pedals weigh 15 Ounces.
  • Aluminum is the primary element in the pedals’ structure.
  • The design is double-sided, with clips and a toe cage.

The firm grip that the pedals provide prevents your feet from a back-slide as you cycle at an inclined angle. Whichever way you choose to engage your bike; your feet are stable inside the cage or clips supporting the pedals.

The Merits

  • The pedals go for a retail price while providing impressive specs.
  • The installation process requires little effort because of its simple design.
  • They are compatible with SPD cleats from Shimano-the most popular brand.
  • The design includes a toe cage holder, ideal for use when cleated shoes are unavailable.

The Demerits

  • The cleats are not compatible with mountain bike shoes designed for SPD.

Final Take

The Sunlite pedals are ideal for training but may exert too much pressure on your feet if you do not adjust them well.

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Wellgo SPD-WPD Bike Pedals

Image for Wellgo WPD-E003

With a two-year warranty, the manufacturers of the Wellgo SPD-WPD pedals must have been sure of its durability.

Similar to its sister brand, the Wellgo SPD-WPD has an easy installation process as well as high durability from the metal used to manufacture the pedals. These pedals fit well on speed bikes and serve their purpose with the assured strength they exhibit.

The Specs

  • The pedals can fit into a 9/16 Inch outdoor-bike pedal.
  • They weigh 1.76 Pounds.
  • The pedals have an allowance for a toe cage and SPD cleats.
  • They are made of a durable alloy that strengthens the structures.

If you own a Palaton bike and have Delta cleats, using these pedals may be bitter-sweet for you. On the one hand, they fit well into the bike and lock into the clips. You can be confident about the secure grip they have on the bike pedal structure.

On the other hand, your Delta cleats will not fit into the pedals because they have a different design. So, if you prefer cycling using cleats and clips grip, you might want to consider using the toe cage and normal shoes instead.

While the compatibility on an indoor Peloton is assured, you have to have an outdoor bike with a 9/14-inch pedal spindle. Most bicycles have these dimensions available, but in case yours doesn’t, you may have an unpleasant experience with this particular purchase.

We advise taking your time to do your research and find any viable alternatives when you do not find what you are looking for. For example, if you have SPD cleats, use them in place of the Delta brand.

The Pros

  • The pedals are compatible with high-impact indoor cycling bikes.
  • The installation process on a Palaton is easy.
  • Their dual-compatibility with a toe-cage and SPD cleats enables a wide range of use.
  • The structure is strong and can withstand intense force.

The Cons

  • The pedals do not fit the default Delta cleats that come with Palaton bikes.
  • Easing up the cleats can be difficult because the metallic material is quite heavy.

Final Take

You need SPD cleated shoes as well as a toe clip alternative to be safe with this purchase. While the pedals’ durability is key, we think that other factors like difficulties in clipping out of the pedals and limited accommodation may set this brand a bit behind the rest.

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NAMUCUO Hybrid SPD Pedals

Image for ACC mounting bike pedals

This unique set of pedals is ideal for riders who spend most of their time riding in crowded streets, or in between traffic. With one side of the pedals lacking clips, you can switch up your engagement, depending on where you are riding.

If the pedals are on the Peloton bike indoors, you can safely engage the clipped side and lock in the cleats. However, if you are on high alert on the road, it is best to use the free side that allows your foot to slip out of the pedal and stop promptly.

The Specs

  • It has a clip-strap design on one side of the pedal.
  • The other side has no clips.
  • The Pedals are made of an aluminum alloy.
  • It includes a screw to adjust the clips for a good fit.

Whether you cycle indoors or outside, you could do with extra support from the clips that fit into your cleats. However, if, for any reason, you cannot engage the clips, you have a good alternative with the NAMUCUO Hybrid pedals.

The clipless side may come in handy when you have different shoes like boots or converse shoes on when riding the bicycle. Even though you can ride free of any pedal barriers, it is always safer to engage a toe cage onto your pedals when this clipless side is in use. A common situation that may lead to mandatory use of the clipless side is when your cleats or clips are broken or do not fit well together.

With one extra strap to fit the pedal, you can continue with normal operations even after one of the straps break off. The additional perk sets this brand above the others because you don’t have to worry about replacement purchases after strap damage.

The Merits 

  • The delivery package includes a backup pedal strap.
  • The pedals accommodate normal shoes that don’t have cleats.
  • They accommodate a toe cage if you need to add it to the pedals.
  • The adjusting screw gives a foot allowance for a relaxed fit.

The Demerits

  • The pedals may not fit all SPD clips.
  • You need to add and remove straps onto the pedals, depending on the side in use.

Final Take

The NAMUCUO Hybrid pedals are the most versatile in terms of use. Despite the constant interference when adding a toe cage or a strap, it suits you well if you have other users in mind when making the purchase.

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Attributes Make a Good SPD Pedal-What to Look for Before a Purchase

If you have faced several disappointments in the past when it comes to buying SPD pedals for your Peloton bike, you could have missed out on identifying the vital features. Without an assurance of proper functioning, most products turn out to be mediocre in use.

Here is your recommended SPD pedal checklist. You can use it as an extra guide to decide on the best set of pedals for you.


No doubt that cycling can be intense. While you focus on shedding some calories or simply putting in a good workout, you should not have to worry about doing too much. Ideal SPD pedals should withstand your total body weight while locking your shoes tightly within the toe cage or cleats in use.

Aluminum alloys are often the best choice for pedal manufacturing because they create strong bonds. Besides the durability, Aluminium is relatively light, so it ensures your feet do not succumb to too much pressure while under the toe cage or when securely locked in between the pedals.

Compatibility with Other Cleats

Most Peloton bikes packages contain a complimentary pair of Look Delta Cleats. Consequently, finding SPD pedals that can accommodate both the default Delta brand and at least one other brand is better.

Limiting yourself to single-brand compatibility could be inconvenient for you if you happen to lose your pair of cleats or any other arising complication.

A two-Sided Function

On top of finding pedals with multi-compatibility with different brands of cleats, it is even better if you buy SPDs that have two different accommodative features. The feature includes a top side with cleat openings to lock into biking shoes while the other side has a basic toe gate.

The best thing about such a purchase is that a lot of users can benefit from one pair of SPD pedals. In a family setting, one person may have normal sports shoes while another prefers cleated shoes. Bothe get to use the Peloton bike with their preferred shoe types by using the appropriate side of the pedal. The toe cage design accommodates diverse shoe types, so it is worth considering.

The SPD Pedals Weight

Using pedals that are heavier than you can handle is very tiresome, and could cause some serious injuries to your feet. The toughest scenario to deal with is when a toe cage fails to adjust accordingly and exerts too much force on your foot.

While adjusting the screw and loosening it up sounds easy, additional weight may hinder you from relieving the force and pain you experience. You want to go for a lighter, yet more durable set of pedals.

Ease of Installation 

Considering most delivery services may not offer free installation of the SPD pedals to your Peloton bike, you need to think of a brand that will not give you a hard time with installation. While most times, you only get to find out about the ease or difficulty of installing the pads when you do it, consulting reviews can give a hint of what to avoid.

Ease of Clicking in and Out of Position

Whether you activate the cleats, the pedal adjusters, or a toe cage, the best SPD pedals have a smooth-running system that allows you to ease into and out of position. The characteristic should not, however, contradict the importance of holding a firm grip on your feet.

That is the primary use of SPD pedals, after all. The importance of an easy time moving your foot out of the grip is to avoid accidents by using your foot to stop the bike. Of course, keen attention to this detail affects buyers who would like to use the SPD pedals on their free bikes for commutes or leisure rides.

Compatibility with Outdoor Mountain and Road Bikes

If you love your cycling both indoors and out, you need a pair of SPD pedals that fit well into your other bicycles, apart from the Peloton. Having the liberty to use your pedals wherever you want enhances your riding experience, on top of creating a backup in case one of your bikes breaks down.

Which One Will It Be?

Ultimately, you want to invest in SPD pedals that make your Peloton biking as thrilling as possible. You can do without complicated designs that are likely to slow you down as you cycle.

Aim to purchase SPD pedals that include versatility in their compatibleness, have a defined set of cleats and toe cages that fit, and require minimal manipulation for use.

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