Wattbike Atom Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

The Wattbike is an indoor cycling bike that is effective for people with weight loss objectives. The cycling bike is prominent for giving accurate measurements of power output in watts, it can, therefore, be adopted for use by virtually everyone and that is from the teenage kids to people who work from home and the Olympic gold medalists.

The development of the Wattbike was driven by the desire to replicate the sensation of riders riding on the road, which later led to the bike being used to identify talent and develop a big number of elite athletes. Since the bike is performance-oriented it offers users an indoor training experience that closely resembles an outdoor road experience.

Gym owners can adopt the wattbike in their gyms, and trainers can also place them at the side of the pitch or at home. Important to note is that a lot of time, research and technology have been invested in the development of the wattbike and it is only normal that upon the first interaction you get the chills on how to effectively use it.

What to expect from the Wattbike

The atom comes with an included watt bike application that is split into two; first is the updating of firmware and the check on settings. The app, therefore, updates the Atoms firmware and this is done every two weeks. Since you will be connected to the atom via the Bluetooth smart, you will always be informed when there is an update.

Users of the Atom are also treated to the Bluetooth FE-C and the ANT +, which enables them to connect to different training applications like the Wattbike hub and the Zwift. The manufacturers have also included the FE-C technology that enables third-party applications to automatically control resistance that simulate gradient changes and climbs.

While using the wattbike, users can adjust resistance through the shifters, which enables a real road like gear change. To power, the atom wattbike users will have to plug it into the main power source via the internal step monitor. And unlike the Wattbike the Atom does not incorporate a head unit, therefore, a majority of the controls are run through a smartphone.

Users who want to engage in workouts, can easily set the ergo mode and choose the resistance that they are comfortable with after which the bike will match their cadence. And for the steep climbs or heel workouts, the incremental step motor can be used to enable simulation.

What information should you expect from the Wattbike?

Some of the popular metrics that you are bound to interact with are the left/right leg balance, the bike will measure the balance of your left and right leg, the power output of both legs will then help you to cycle effectively. You can link your wattbike with a heart rate monitor and it will present to you your heart rate as you work out. The importance of this feature is to help you measure the physiological intensity of the exercise.

As indicated earlier that wattbike is technology-infused and it, therefore, allows you to measure your pedaling technique. Data is collected 100times per second so the wattbike will come up with a graph that is representative of your pedaling technique.

There is also the power or kg option, and here while setting your user profile you will have to give your weight information and the effective performance monitor will help calculate the power to weight ratio, the feature is vital for people who plan on engaging in climbs. There is also the average power metric that will be used to track changes in your performance.

The significance of the power metric is that it will monitor your average power across different sessions and alert you of any impending illness. The Strava users can also track the distance that they have traveled while engaging the wattbike complete with speed.

Key Features of the Wattbike

Resistance systems- with the wattbike atom you get access to two modes of resistance the gear and ergo mode. The gear mode is also the default mode, which gives the sensation of riding a bike and the ergo mode is where the atom will hold you to a target wattage. Users can, therefore, shift between modes via the action button located in the right shifter.

The Polar View- the feature allows you to apply force in each of the pedal strokes as you optimize your techniques with the analysis tools. By using the polar view to train your pedaling efficiency, the power output will improve.

Adjustments- the wattbike is highly adjustable to provide a comfortable platform to its users. There is also the real ride feel technology that replicates the sensation and resistance of riding on the road, which implies that the bike seeks to offer users the most authentic road feel though used indoors.

The atom is made with 22 gears and a 25% gradient range, which lets users push through the toughest of climbs, the above features can be found in the wattbike hub.


  • Sensational pedaling enables a real road-like feel
  • Provides accurate and comprehensive data
  • Users have other options for bikes that is the wattbike pro and trainer
  • Offers dual resistance systems
  • Features an intuitive wattbike hub


  • Comes with a pricey tag
  • Saddle not too comfortable

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Final thought

The wattbike comes in different versions apart from the atom, and we also have the pro and trainer. The trainer offers low to medium resistance while the pro offers medium to high. This, therefore, means that the smaller and novice athletes can use the trainer whereas the powerful and team sports athletes can use the wattbike pro.

Wattbike remains to be a performance bike, it has been scaled by the inclusion of new features, and the reduced prices make it affordable. Though it does not offer a one on one interactive training, it will keep you in the loop by running updates at least after every two weeks, so you can be sure you are getting the best current service.