Where To Buy Indoor Cycling Bikes (Everything You Need to Know!)

While there is nothing quite like the thrill of in store shopping, the convenience that comes with online shopping is a far much valuable commodity. This is the reason we review the reasons why purchasing your indoor cycling bike online is the best way to do it.

Taking you through the process of finding the right site, and the right bike, this guide is more than enough for anyone looking to get into shape with indoor cycling. Read on for more.

Buying an indoor cycling bike online vs. buying one from the store

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The next obvious step in the purchasing process naturally is the decision between online and in store purchase. Since we already made it clear online was the better way to go, let us explain why.

There are many reasons why online shops are a better option when purchasing a sin bike. Among these are the following: online sellers often have lower prices. Since many of these stores like Amazon source these from the manufacturers: chances are they’ll cost less since there is no middle man to gain a profit.

Still on the matter of cost, when purchasing online, you have a better chance of finding a deal or sale that you would with in store purchase. Usually, online stores are more organized in notifying their customers or potential clients of upcoming deals, offers or sales.

Moreover, online stores have more organized systems which allow you to keep tabs on your favorite indoor cycling bike until you decide to purchase it, or however long possible: in accordance to the guideless provided by the website. We could go on and on about all the many ways online shopping for an indoor cycling bike is better than in store purchases.

Unfortunately, unlike in store shopping, you will not get a chance to test out any of the bikes before the purchase: unless you try the very same make elsewhere. This uncertainty can easily be fixed by making the right decision of brand, features and overall the right choice of bike for you.

The budget  

Money is a touchy subject even when purchasing indoor cycling bikes. However, this wouldn’t be the ultimate guide if we didn’t discuss the budget. Online stores often have a wide price range to select from. Often, higher prices are justified by the complexity of the features and quality of the build.

Users can compare this information and set their budgets based on the average price ranges. For example, the weight of the flywheel will influence the cost of ownership heavily.

Sites such as Amazon have user friendly designs where you can cross check features of different models: and even compare prices. Ideally, indoor cycling bike prices start off from even as little as one hundred dollars: on these sites, and they can get to over a thousand dollars.

TIP: When you decide on the budget, set a range instead of a fixed amount. It’s always a good idea to have that wiggle room, especially with the expansive range of bikes and prices on Amazon.

Features of the great online store for indoor cycling bikes

The next hurdle you will encounter is choosing the right online store to make your indoor cycling bike purchase. How do you choose from all the options? Take a look.


The first sign of an online store is a good match for you is if it has a wide variety. This is with respect to brands and prices. Amazon and other major online shops are a good place to start.

These sites offer a market like set up where you can review various options quite simply. On these platforms, it is easy to check for current models, their worth among other details.

Verified sellers

A major concern when purchasing equipment especially, over the internet is the validity of dealers and their products.  Luckily, Amazon can verify sellers, ensuring you can access noncounterfeit and reliable indoor cycling bikes. This is very comforting considering indoor cycling bikes are a pretty major investment: for your health and pocket.

User friendliness

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An indoor cycling bike is not an easy item to purchase, especially online where you must maneuver different websites, browse through products: that whole dance.   To do so successfully, a user friendly interface is paramount. Many websites offer such and are fortunately quite easy to use.


Feedback is important especially when making a major investment into your health. Before you purchase any specific indoor cycling bike model, it is necessary that you see what clients have to say about that particular model. This firsthand feedback is great for clearing the air on performance matters and is even better for managing expectations.

Notably, this not the case for in store purchases where users cannot access first hand reviews of the equipment therein, well except the sales rep.

Where can you buy indoor cycling bikes?

Now that you know the how, here is the where. Some of the most popular and reliable online shops, equipped with the features discussed above include Amazon, among others.

We say this store specifically because of all the popular stores available, Amazon best meets the criteria we have discussed above: for indoor cycling bikes at least.

You can access information on the bike, discuss with other potential or verified users on what each option you are interested in and much more. This website is great for beginners and even expert cyclists who need a suitable indoor cycling bike.

On to the bike

At this point, the only thing left is to check for the bike specifications on the site of choice. This is a similarly intensive process which requires you to review all your options thoroughly. You can see why it is essential to find the right shop.

Some of the factors to consider with an indoor cycling bike purchase include size, resistance levels, strength and resilience, adjustable parts among others.


In conclusion, a lot goes into purchasing a indoor cycling bike. With the information on the guide above, purchasing an indoor cycling bike should be especially easy.