Why Are Schwinn Bikes So Expensive? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Bicycles are built for different functions they can be used for fun, exercise and for professional racing. All in all, whichever way you want to use it, you stand to benefit health-wise. Cycling keeps you fit and burns calories even if that was not your main objective.

In short, cycling is a fun way of keeping fit, so why shouldn’t bikes be expensive and yet it is a low impact exercise for “all ages,” with significant health benefits. Some of the not so obvious gains include the reduction of the chances of developing diabetes, depression, obesity, heart attack, stroke, arthritis, and some forms of cancer.

Schwinn bikes to be precise cater to different age groups and gender; the company has tapped into the diverse market and even provided indoor cycling bikes for both professional and novice trainers.

Features of Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Adaptable to different terrains

Since the 19th century, the Schwinn model of bikes have dominated many markets, and they incorporate special features that are adaptable to different terrains. For example, road bikes can tackle different terrains and still offer an efficient ride. In addition, the Schwinn bike structure is light because of the material used to make it but very strong to offer stability to users when cycling.

Their design makes every ride smooth no matter the type of road that you are on, be it paved, a rural, track or dirt road, its functionality is always above board.

Ergonomic Design

The Schwinn brand designs its bicycles in such a way that it will not encourage fatigue on the cyclists, for example, the padded comfortable seats, some of which are noseless will have you riding for extended hours. Depending on the type of bike that you are using, functionality ranges nevertheless they all work to obliterate too much tension during a ride.

For example, the exercise bikes, come fitted with a 31-pound flywheel complete with resistant adjustment to promote smooth riding and offer a road like experience. The Schwinn IC2, for example, comes fitted with an LCD computer that will show you the distance you have covered, the calories burned and your riding speed.

Schwinn IC2,

And for comfort during training, you have been equipped with an adjustable seat; people with different heights can comfortably use it because it is easy to adjust for proximity to the pedals and the handlebars.  The latter is not fully customizable when compared to other high performing brands but is adjustable to offer comfort.

The incorporated pedals are also fully accommodative for people who wear regular sneakers during training and for the professionals who put on cycling shoes. Two clips have been provided for the latter and straps are to cater to cyclists who put on sneakers. Apart from the features, we have the overall bike, the materials used and its ability to hold up during intense training sessions.

First of all the design of the IC2 is sturdy as the frame is made of steel and weighs about 50 pounds, now when you combine this with the heavy flywheel you get a total of 85 pounds that is the total weight of the fitness machine with a capacity of up to 250 pounds. Other necessary features are that it occupies very little space, so you can place it where it is most convenient.

The bike has transport wheels so you can easily move it to change position or to clean, in addition, it also has the rear levelers that help keep it stable just after you have repositioned it. And mind you it is not very expensive, maybe because it lacks a heart rate monitor but it does have many benefits that cannot be found in some of the high-end stationary exercise bikes.

The Schwinn Mountain bikes

Most of the time that you meet a cyclist there is a 99% chance that they are riding a Schwinn bike, this is so because the bikes are totally reliable, made of lightweight material and fun to hit the trailing road with. The unique features make it adaptable to rough terrains for example; the mountain bike has been fitted with an SRAM rear derailleur, whose purpose is to make shifting easy.

Why are Schwinn bikes so expensive?

With the above feature, a cyclist can make quick gear changes when riding at high speed, the front and rear wheel have been equipped with large disc brakes that are used to stop the bike smoothly. The 29” wheels are the epitome of comfort especially on rocky terrains, and even more important is that  It has been equipped with a full-suspension frame and fork, to enable users to tackle rough terrains but in comfort.

Schwinn outdoor bicycles don’t have many disadvantages; mountain bikes can, therefore, accommodate both the short and tall people. The seat can also be customized for comfort and proximity and lastly, it features comfortable handlebars.


Overall, the company operates two bike lines to enable them to cater to the different classes. They, therefore, run the Signature Series, which utilizes specialty shops to retail their high-end bike models. And the second line retails their discount bikes, which are mostly found on platforms like Walmart, Sears, and K-mart.

Schwinn Company has suffered losses over the years, and at some point, it even closed shop, currently, it is owned by Dorel Industries, which took over from the Zell/Chilmark Fund that had initially bought it after it became bankrupt. Bankruptcy was catalyzed by poor sales and that explains why they later targeted different niche markets.

Some of the company’s models are the Cruisers, Mountain bikes, Comfort or bike path, and the kids, youth and women bikes. All the above models come in different colors and attractive unique designs, for example, check out the Sting-Ray.

Notice the difference in the front and rear wheel, the bike brings back the old school feels with the big Boa tire and the signature V-back handlebars. The chopper frame features a gas tank gusset and the saddle is adjustable, even more, interesting is the fact that it goes for about $180.00.


The Schwinn bikes are expensive as regards the purpose of use; however, they do provide affordable options in their second line that are equally effective in their capacity. So if you want a leisure bike you have the Sting-Ray, other uniquely fashionable designs are the Sting Ray Foot Scooter and the Manta bike among others. Professional Outdoor and indoor training bikes are also available; you just have to find one that suits your goals and budget.